Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 1995 on UPN

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  • The story runs deeper than you know

    B'Elanna Torres finds herself in a variation of the Dark Crystal story, being separated in two by the Vidiians, the creepy aliens first introduced in "Phage". While it gives Roxann Dawson a double role and lets her explore diverse character traits much like William Shatner does in "The Enemy Within", the plot itself is a clunker. Taking place largely in the cave set, it turns into a "great escape" story with the two halves of Torres ultimately having to team up to find their way out. Dawson is so good at playing and differentiating the two parts, it's easy to forget the two roles are played by the same actress, but as with most Star Trek "escape" stories, the episode relies too heavily on the characters sitting around talking rather than having them exploring, discovering, and doing. Still, the episode has its moments (including Brian Markinson in a double role that allows the Vidiians to do some creepy face grafting), and it ends with an ambitious conclusion.

    "Faces" was nominated for an Emmy for makeup. The second season does a follow-up to the episode with "Lifesigns".

  • Double the trouble, Double the fun

    Spoiler Alert

    B'Elanna is one of the characters Star Trek got right, right off the bat, intriguing, fun to watch, and perfectly acted by Roxann Dawson.

    B'Elanna is split into two beings, one fully human and one fully Klignon. Her Klignon is what you'd expect, rough, raw, strong, unhinged but I was put off by her wimpy, crybaby, weakling human form. I realize they had to do this for contrast, but c'mon humans by and large are strong, intelligent, and resilient survivors.

    Still the entire episode has high stakes, great drama and action and one of the most disturbing deaths, that of Lt. Durst, to occur in the Star Trek universe. I was sick to my stomach watching this and I could not turn away.

    This is perhaps my favorite episode of the 1st season. Personally, I find that Ronann/B'Elanna makes a great looking Klignon. She's a beautiful looking human of course, but I honestly think she's even more attractive in her half-Klignon half-Human B'Elanna form.
  • Faces


    Faces was a superb episode of Star Trek Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development especially for Torres. Encountering theVidiians again was fun and creepy this time around as they were playing mad scientist with many different species trying to find a way to solve the phage problem. What they did to Torres was crazy and provided a lot of insight into her character. I enjoyed watching both of her engage with each other. In the end it is uncertain what will happen now and I certainly look forward to watching more Star Trek Voyager to find out!!!!!!!

  • Star Trek needs more obscenities.

    This could have been such an excellent episode, if only there was cursing in Star Trek. Oh sure, sometimes a Klingon spits out a rare foreign vulgarity, and Starfleet has been known to use d*mn here and there if they are feeling slightly fiesty, but it is missing a good f-word here and there.

    If Klingon BLanna had cursed out that alien, I would have been all colors of amused. Klingons are supposed to be violent & vulgar warriors, dammit. She was practically polite! This was as bad as Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles is without any violence: pretty damn lame.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde episode with outstanding idea, that at times is drawn out.

    Some episodes of Star Trek have original and brilliant ideas (hope I am right in that this has not been done in Star Trek before). We have the race-mixed B'Elanna Torres split into two women, one human and one Klingon as the crazy Vidiians think her Klingon DNA might hold some answers to the possible cure to the Phage. She was captured along with Tom and 'a crewman' named Durst.

    Though I give this episode 8,5 which I reserve for episode I like, this one is a bit different. I receives high score due to the originality, and due to the outstanding performance of Roxann Dawson. She manages to portray these two totally different sides of her character in a believable way, without completely overdoing it. The Klingon part is a bit over the top, but in a way the Klingons are over the top, so it is difficult to fault Roxann for that.

    What I disliked about the episode was almost every scene that didn't have B'Elanna Torres in it. They find themselves AGAIN in caves, and again they seem to be so surprised that the tunnel system is strange, even after encountering the Vidiians not so long ago. The introduction of the poor unknown that is taken with them is all to familiar in Star Trek, and almost laughable. Voyager creators should have done something similar as Battlestar Galactica, and count the number of people on the crew, and allow us to keep track of how many are killed during their voyage home. Each time a crew man dies now, there is not replacement so hopefully we will not see much more of such obvious "bring the crewman down to the planet so we can have someone dies there"

    Above average episode, with very original and exciting idea.
  • Another example of how Star Trek uses science fiction as an allegory on our own human foibles.

    All of us have a certain personality aspect that we don't like. Our "bad side". Something we constantly wrestle with. In Torres' case it's her Klingon half and her volatile temper and impetuous nature that she says gets her in trouble. So when aliens split her in half to her human side and her Klingon side the two must interact to save themselves. The now fully human Torres realizes what she's like without her "Klingon personality" and how different she is. This episode is a great example of how Star Wars uses science fiction to make a interesting point. Awesome! Great episode.
  • The away team consisting of Paris, Torres, and Lt. Durst fails to return to “Voyager. So Chakotay, Kim, and Tuvok beam down to the planet where the first away team was working.

    The away team consisting of Paris, Torres, and Lt. Durst fails to return to “Voyager. So Chakotay, Kim, and Tuvok beam down to the planet where the first away team was working. Chakotay locates their life signs, the trouble is they are behind a force field. On the other side of the force field, we find a all Klingon Torres. It seems as if someone took Torres’s Klingon DNA and made a new Torres. We later find that the Human side of Torres is alive. Now Paris and Kim are working in slave camps. Who did all this? The Vidiians.
  • A superb episode of Voyager!

    This episode of Voyager is really great. B'ellana is at her best in this episode and I just really love this show. This episode had really good acting, a great, interesting, and compelling story, and of course what evry voyager has... science fiction. I loved this episode and this episode is exactly why I watch Voyager!
  • Great episode.

    We see the two sides of b'llana torres, literally. This is a good examination of the person beneath that klingon. It's kinda like a look at a person who came from two races, one side is the gentle and rational ,the other very rebellious and violent. In star trek, this things can be viewed in another angle that's not possible in a non sci fi show. it's a very nice episode, the story focuses on b'llana. we get to know her much deeper in this episode, it's really fun to watch, this is a great episode. it's really a good.
  • The Vidiians are back to their organ stealing ways as they capture Torres, Paris and another crew member for their experiments.

    Definitely one the more memorable episodes from the first season. We get to see how Roxann Dawson looks like without her Klingon face and man she is hot!!!! The Vidiians are back a second time to start trouble and steal organs to find a cure for the Phage.

    It was interesting to see Torres and her earthling and Klingon counterpart in action. The Klingon was more aggressive but not as smart, the human counterpart was smarter but not as physicall strong as the Klingon. Of course this was an easy episode for the writers to do because obviously both counterparts would have to work together to take care of the Vidiians.

    Chakotay himself is turned into a mutant for a bit but lucky for him it's not permanent. Overally it was a great episode but I'd definitely classify this as a Torres episode. She comes to grips with her Klingon heritages and accepts it.
  • I think that this episode brings new light to B'Elanna's character, and to the developing friendship/attraction between B'Elanna and Tom...

    Did the Talaxian that B'Elanna & Tom met in the prison ever have a name...? Was there one for him in the script? I don't know, which is why I'm asking. Also, with Captain Janeway rescuing the away team, why couldn't she make the attempt to rescue some of the other prisoners... especially the Talaxian?

    Chakotay saw the conditions that Tom & B'Elanna had been living -and working- in... he could have convinced Janeway to mount even a bigger rescue mission. Or Neelix could have, when he'd learned of the Talaxian's existance.

    But that's just my opinion.

    But then, I'm also thinking that had he been freed, the Talaxian could have joined the Voyager crew...

    That's what Alternate Universe's are for, eh? :)
  • One of my alltime favorites.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. Roxann Dawson does a great job of portraying both sides of B'Elanna. I think it portrays the inner struggle we all face in one way or another. Also we get to learn more about B'Elanna's past and Paris is shown to be more than just a sarcastic rebel.