Star Trek: Voyager

Season 6 Episode 11

Fair Haven

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2000 on UPN

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  • Janeway in love…

    Janeway in love…

    Paris has created an idyllic community (Fair Haven) on the halodeck. It would seem that everyone on board likes the program. One of the characters, Michael Sullivan, a bartender, catches Janeway's fancy. Offline, she adjusts the character by making him more outspoken, better read, and a few inches taller. She also deletes the character of his wife. Voyager is about to enter a region of intense turbulence and possible radiation. Neelix suggests that the "Fair Haven" program on the holodeck be left open to all and always available for the morale of the crew. Janeway agrees.

    Janeway uses the program a lot and is clearly smitten with the Sullivan character. However, she soon becomes cold to him (he snores) and that considering that the program continues to run all the time, others are aware that Sullivan is looking for his new girlfriend "Katy." They all know it's Janeway.

    The story sidesteps the question of sex on the holodeck. Janeway is asked about this but dismisses the discussion in such a way that we can only presume such an event did really take place.

    In a conversation with the Doctor, he tells her that her that she should always consider a "holodeck-lover" giving her command responsibilities but that the character should be allowed to evolve, meaning Janeway shouldn't intrude to change the character all the time.

    The final encounter with the space turbulence renders the Fair Haven program a fraction of its former self. Nevertheless, the Sullivan character remains and Janeway tells the computer to not let him change him in the future.

    Ultimately, I like this story. I like Janeway having a love interest. I like that she tries to manipulate that person to something better for her. I like that she decides to not manipulate that person to her idea of perfection.
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