Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 5

False Profits

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1996 on UPN
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Stardate: 50074.3
discovers a pair of Ferengi, who arrived in the Delta Quadrant via the Barzan Wormhole, masquerading as gods to a primitive culture. The crew must find a way to put an end to this exploitation, while trying to use the same wormhole to get them home.


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  • A Neelix Comedy

    Following up on TNG's "The Price" (which conveniently deposits some comic relief into the Delta Quadrant) VOY does a Ferengi comedy with Neelix thrown into the mix as a Ferengi impersonator in a planet-based episode held back from the second season.

    As something new and exciting, "Prophets" fails miserably. Falling back on the tropes long established by Star Trek and comedy in general, there's the classic combination of a dimwitted leader and his dimmerwitted companion, the old story idea foreigners being mistaken by a primitive people as Gods, and Neelix stumbling over himself trying to be something he's not and getting in over his head in the process. Yet Cliff Bole is well aware that combining the Ferengi and Neelix is never going to lead to serious drama and presents it as a Shakespearian farce, fully embracing its nature, As such, Bole turns the episode into a fine piece of fluff.

    Guest star Dan Shor reprises the main Ferengi, Arridor, making the character dumb enough to be funny but smart enough to be dangerous. He's joined by Leslie Jordan as his sidekick, a role that was originally played by an extra in "The Price". Really, they're just in the story to be Star Trek's version of Abbot and Costello... or maybe Gilligan and the Skipper, and they do their bit fine.

    Unfortunately, there's no getting around a "Gilligan's Island" ending, with the writers simultaneously sweeping the guest stars under the rug while taking away Voyager's way home. (If you've never seen the episode, and I just blindsided you with a spoiler, I apologize. I was assuming you have a half a brain and had already figured out how the episode would have to end before it The wrap up is, of course, a necessary evil, but even so, it's poorly written with Voyager's crew looking inept. Fortunately, the end is so predictable, audiences have time to prepare themselves for the suckyness before it happens.

    As for the whole thing, it does what it sets out to do, being a harmless Ferengi comedy filler episode.

  • False Profits

    False Profits was a superb episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character development, a great story, and raised interesting questions. The story touched upon our own Ancient Alien Theories and gave another Voyager perspective on this type of happening. I liked the characters, the story and the over all production of this episode. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!moreless
  • A writing disaster. An interesting story ruined by ridiculous plot devices.

    Actual conversation between co-writers George A. Brozak and Joe Menosky:

    George: "Well, the Ferengi are on board Voyager. The ship is about to pass through the wormhole, and that'll be the end of the series. Joe, what are we going to do ??"

    Joe: "Can we have them overpower the security detail ?"

    George: "That's ridiculous. Two fat, unarmed Ferengi overpowering a full starfleet security team with phasers ?"

    Joe: "Ok, ok. You're right. Let's have Janeway/Tuvok, on the brink of total victory, inexplicably decide to assign just one confused looking rookie to the Ferengi. That way, they can surprise him and get their shuttle back."

    George: "Sounds good. But wouldn't the crew notice two Ferengi dressed like Prince running through the halls ? And how would they even know where their shuttle was ?? It's not like there's signs in the corridors that say 'FERENGI SHUTTLE THIS WAY'"

    Joe: "SHUT UP, George. They get the shuttle back and blast their way out."

    George: "Wouldn't Voyager just beam them out ?"

    Joe: "There's interference."

    George: "Well, couldn't they just tractor beam the ship ?"


    George: "right. Sorry Joe."

    Joe: "Best episode ever !"moreless
  • Another honorably made Star Trek episode that deserves the creators to get all Nobel Piece Prize awards for the best created Star Trek series.

    I liked the fact that their were Ferengi in this episode because whats a Star Trek series without the Ferengi guest starring in a few episodes. Ferengi always make my laugh till I drop I always start laughing when their laughing at a way to get more Profit LOL!. Captain Janeway should have had Seven guards escorting the Ferengi to their secured quarters else they would have not gotten away. I loved the whole episode down to the last scene. I loved the storyline and the storyboard. And my favorite part was when Neelix disguised as the Grand Proxy entered the room and those two Ferengi with that surprised look on their faces LOL!.moreless
  • Voyager’s sensors detects evidence of an unstable wormhole. The sensors also detect a replicator from the alpha quadrant. That is being used on a nearby planet. An away team beams down to the area of the planet where the replicator seems to be.moreless

    Voyager’s sensors detects evidence of an unstable wormhole. The sensors also detect a replicator from the alpha quadrant. That is being used on a nearby planet. An away team beams down to the area of the planet where the replicator seems to be. Remember the two Ferengi that went through a wormhole in space on Star Trek: TNG. They are now claiming to be gods. The “Voyager” has found a way to make it back to the alpha quadrant. Janeway captures the Ferengi, but before she can make it through the wormhole. The Ferengi leave through the wormhole.moreless

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