Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 20

Favorite Son

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 1997 on UPN
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Stardate: 50732.4
Harry Kim experiences strong senses of deja vu in an unknown region of space. He soon learns that he is native to this region and that he is Taresian, not human.

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  • Favorite Son

    Favorite Son was a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I enjoyed watching this episode because it was the space version of the classic Greek myth of the Sirens. Ensign Kim started having strange instincts and found out the disturbing reason why. The story was fun, there were new alien species and space battle scenes which were short but cool. This didn't really have to much to do with over all story lines but there was some minor character development. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!moreless
  • Harry discovers that he is not Human and in fact a member of the Teresian race.

    This probably season three's worst episode. It's watchable, but a bit too silly.

    When Voyager encounteres the Teresian people, they claim that Harry is a part of their species, who reproduce by spreading embryos into other species.

    Harry leaves Voyager, but soon discovers that it is all a deception. A very average outing for the otherwise entertaining series.

    Thankfully, this is the last of three fairly dull episodes, the previous two being 'Darkling' and 'Rise'.

    The next three, 'Before and After', 'Real Life' and 'Distant Origin' are all great episodes.moreless
  • “Voyager” encounters a Nasari ship on the way home. Nasari would like to welcome “Voyager” to their region of space. Harry Kim says the ship is going to fire and starts firing the phasers.moreless

    “Voyager” encounters a Nasari ship on the way home. Nasari would like to welcome “Voyager” to their region of space. Harry Kim says the ship is going to fire and starts firing the phasers. Janeway relieves Harry Kim from duty and says he better have a good explanation. Harry says the ship powered up its weapons. The sensors did not show this. Tuvok takes some time to investigate. He finds Harry is telling the truth. Harry then convinces Janeway to go to a star system that looks familiar to him. The Taresians say they have been waiting for Harry.moreless
  • Poor Harry Kim, his love life takes two major hits in this season alone…

    First, there was "Alter Ego" where he was smitten by a holodeck character (who did turn out to be real). Even still, things must be really frustrating if even a programmed character ignores you.

    Then, there is this monstrosity. A truly boring episode which does more damage to a character than anything else. Taresia is a planet populated by beautiful women. Kim feels like he's been there before. The Taresians tell him that he was one of them, fathered by one of their "husbands" carrying their genes to distant planets so that the resulting children will grow up and return to Taresia to continue the process. Getting close to his "home," has activated Kim's genetic memory.

    It seems like a rather circuitous process for reproduction and no one seems to question the total lack of logic involved. In fact, Kim is intrigued enough (or maybe just horny enough) to stay behind for awhile and even consider remaining there and taking three of the beautiful women as his "wives."

    Naturally, the whole thing is a colossal trick. The women don't just mate with the men, they take the life out of them. It's a rather rapid process too. Not like they wait until they're old and gray so they can get their Social Security…

    Janeway seeks help from some local aliens who don't care much for the Taresians or their tactics. She rescues Kim and resumes course.

    I don't think they've done Harry Kim much justice with this story. Of all the males on Voyager, he is one the picked and targeted. How does that thought help sooth his ego after "Alter Ego?"moreless
  • It's not so bad for a filler episode.

    At a 6.6 overall rating, this falls into the basement of Voyager episodes (still safely about the Threshold mark) - but it really doesn't deserve such a stigma. Yes, the fights between Harry and the groups of scantily-clad women are ridiculous and reminiscent of gimmicky original series episodes (Harry Mudd, anyone ?). But the story is intriguing, far more than Harry's love affair in Alter Ego or Janeway... doing nothing in Sacred Ground. Plus, there ARE lots of scantily-clad women running around. It's silly, but fun, and isn't quite as blatant of a rip-off of other series' episodes as Blood Fever.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: The shield around the planet is initially identified as a polaron grid; however, when Chakotay is walking with Janeway, he refers to it as a tachyon grid.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Kim: Is she going to be all right?
      The Doctor: Yes... another patient snatched from the jaws of death.

    • Kim: Being likeable is fine, but sometimes I wish I could be more bold and confident with women. More like you.
      Paris: Like me? (Harry nods) You might want to reconsider that Harry, there could be prison time involved. Actually since I've been on Voyager, I've tried to be more like you.
      Kim: That'll be the day.
      Paris: I'm serious! You're my role model.

    • Tuvok: (To Harry) Perhaps you are experiencing a paradoxical state dependant associative phenomenon?
      Janeway: Deja vu.

    • Janeway: We'll have to consider every possible explanation.
      Kim: Believe me, I have been. Space-time anomalies, alien telepathy, alternate realities... the list gets weirder as it goes on.

    • Chakotay: What's your next trick, Harry? Pulling a shuttle out of a hat?

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