Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 9

Flesh And Blood (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2000 on UPN

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  • Flesh And Blood (1)


    Flesh And Blood (1) was a superb episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode. The story was awesome, the actors were great, and the space scenes were amazing. The drama, intrigue, along with character and plot development made this a fun episode to watch with some familiar alien faces and some familiar moraldilemmas. I look forward to watching the next episode to see how everything plays out!!!!!!!

  • photonic freedom fighters or just holographic hypocrites?


    The concept of this episode shows the consequence of giving the Hirogen holographic technology, further exploring non organic lifeforms' rights. At what point do holograms stop being just tools for simulation and entertainment and start being sentient lives which deserve rights?

    Janeway continues to struggle with her preconceptions and sides with the Hirogen, though she does not try to destroy the holograms. The doctor, however, has an irrational emotional response to their plight. After being abducted by them, the Bajoran leader (a typical bigoted fanatic we have come to expect from their portrayal on DS9) tries to convince the Doctor that they are being subjugated since they only exist in the capacity to serve the organics, and that they may be killed, altered, or deactivated despite their wishes. They then proceed to deactivate and alter the Doctor against his wishes! Hypocrites. He protests for a short time and is returned to Voyager, then decides to betray his crew and put them in danger, an act that is doubtful since he is a Federation creation and it is unlikely they would not have some kind of programming to prevent such behavior, and also considering that he is a doctor. How he could possibly continue to feel that he has been treated unfairly by the Voyager crew? He does not realize that everyone has to answer to someone, and is not truly free.

    At the end of this part, B'elanna is abducted due to the Doctor's knack for blurting out sensitive information (I'm surprised he didn't tell them all about his mobile emitter and how easy it is to use).

  • The Hirogen make their final appearance in Voyager in this two part episode, and the doctor is put in the position of choosing between helping the holograms and betraying Voyager, or letting Voyager and the Hirogen destroy them knowing they are alive

    This 2 part episode marks the last appearance of the Hirogen in Star Trek Voyager.

    When we last saw them, Voyager had provided them with Holographic technology to simulate hunting, naturally they have abused it and modified the systems to make smarter more cunning adaptive holograms. however now they have become sentient and have disabled their safety protocols killed their hunters and escaped on a vessel equiped with holographic technology.

    Janeway works with the Hirogen to hunt down and deactivate them, meanwhile the Doctor becomes sympathetic towards their cause.
    The result is the Doctor putting Voyager on the line and defecting over to the Holoship to help the Holograms evade the Hirogen and find a new home.
    But things are not as simple as that, and the Hirogen are never cooperative.

    End Synopsis.

    This episode has an intriguing array of Holographic targets modelled after Alpha Quadrant species, you will see the Breen, Bajorans, Romulans/Vulcans Starfleet officers and a Cardassian who actually develops a friendship with B'elanna Torres even despite her past having fought the Cardassians while in the Maquis.
    theres even a few Borg holograms, it's an odd site to see all these different species onscreen in the same room when they would be most likely shooting eachother if they were the real flesh and blood counterparts.

    The Doctor is the main character for this episode more or less, and i believe it's the first actual time he has mutinied against voyager and joined another cause.

    the writing was well executed and the acting was solid it's an excellent episode, just like every other episode in Season 7 is.
  • Two Hirogen men move through the jungle looking for their prey. They are attacked by Starfleet crewman with phasers. Janeway receives a distress call from the Hirogen. They set course for the area of the distress call.

    Two Hirogen men move through the jungle looking for their prey. They are attacked by Starfleet crewman with phasers. Janeway receives a distress call from the Hirogen. They set course for the area of the distress call. When Voyager arrives they find a mysterious vessel. The vessel is used as a training site for young Hirogen. An away team beams aboard the vessel to find a Klingon weapon. How did it get there? It seems this vessel is a big holodeck. The holodeck characters have become real. They want revenge. They convince The Doctor to join them and he does. I rate this episode a 9.6
  • Holograms revolt, crew of Voyager is shocked, even after decades of hologram-related incidents.

    Finally! Holograms get pissed and say no to being hunted for sport. Never in Trek history have holograms had the ability to truly fight back. Before it was only the occasional take-over of ship systems that could be defeated. But now, now they have holo-equipped ships, emitters to beam down and make a surface habitable for them. I was expecting them at some point to create reinforcements, but that may have made the crew's fight a little harder. All in all, it was truly enjoyable time to watch the Federation unite with the hirogens against a group of rebel holograms.
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