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Favourite Star Trek Series??

What is Your Favourite Star Trek Series?

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    [1]Nov 30, 2010
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    I want to know what is your favourite star trek series.

    Star Trek Voyager is my favourite. It was the first Star Trek series I saw and I have been hooked ever since. The Next Generation is second best for me.

    The Original and Enterprise I have not seen much of and they are not my favourites.

    Deep Space Nine is on at awkward times here in Ireland and the UK so I don't see much of it.

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    [2]Nov 30, 2010
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    This one. I just liked the feel the best and was most attached to most of the characters. But Next Generation is a close second.
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    [3]Nov 30, 2010
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    As with any Treker I love them all. But if I had to choose 1 of the new series, as I list Star Trek Original seperate and alone. It would be Voyager. I watched them all as they aired (new series that is), from Next Gen to Enterprise and found each of them to be the best things ever made. But Voyager for some reason tops them all. I think Janeway (Being the most Kirk-like captain of any of the shows) is the reason I found it the most appealing. Her attitude, actions and overall personality just rang true and sincere. Ithink her range and balance of Diplomacy with rule bending anger as the situation/need arose was what made Voyager the most exciting of all the series to me. Though again, I did worship them all with appropriate

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    [4]Dec 1, 2010
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    It's curious, though, because I suppose, Niall, that if you ask this question at a Voyager forum, most people are probably going to say Voyager. On the whole, though, I don't think Voyager is probably the most liked series, at least based on what I've seen. My guess is that either TOS or TNG are the most well-liked on the whole.
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    [5]Dec 5, 2010
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    I think if you create a poll for a favourite Star trek series on a Voyager forum people will obviously pick Voyager but The Next Generation was my first Star Trek series and I'll always love it the best.

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    [6]Jul 19, 2011
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    [7]Jul 22, 2011
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    I've actually answered this at the DS9 forum, as well, so my answer won't be predicated by the forum. My favorite was without question DS9, followed by Voyager. Both had more depth, which was a product of being able to having over-arcing story lines, as opposed to the usual one episode stories of TNG and TOS. I've never watched Enterprise, though I do plan to do so eventually. But getting back to DS9, I loved how they mixed politics, religion, war and peace, and Starfleet vs non Starfleet characters, as well as many other philosophical issues into most of their stories. Yes, you had the occasional clunker, but they did something new with the series. Voyager did so, as well, but the fact that they were constantly on the move meant that we all knew eventually they'd leave a particular problem behind, like the Kazon and the Vidians from the early seasons.

    My biggest quibble with all of the series is that all too often seemingly impossible problems would develop, only to be overcome using techno-babble laced Deus ex Machina solutions. When you know that every warp core overload caused by a completely unknown race of space faring creatures will be successfuly prevented by reversing the containment field's polarity, or flooding the field with tachyons, etc., it's hard to take them seriously. I prefer character interaction, with people changing and growing, and I never felt like I got that with TOS or TNG (except maybe Data, since that was an over arcing storyline from that series). We definitely got that with DS9 and Voyager.

    DS9 and Voyager were also darker in nature, which was something the series needed. Having the plucky crew overcome all obstacles seemed to mean more when you knew what they were up against to achieve it. Voyager was all alone out there, and couldn't just refit at a stabase every time they got the hell blown out of them, and they couldn't just replicate everything they wanted or needed. All too often they attempted to scrounge for food, or fuel, and didn't get what they needed by the closing credits, which was much more realistic in a lot of ways than any of the other series. So, while I preferred DS9, I can see a strong case for Voyager being right up there beside it at the top of the Star Trek heap!
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    [8]Aug 9, 2011
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    Personally, I think I liked The Next Generation the most, once it found its legs. I know for sure I liked Patrick Stewart as captain the most of all of them. He had a presence that worked beautifully for the part. I also liked most of the crew on the Next Generation as well, with the exception of Tasha. I never cared for her. Worf made a much better security chief than she ever did. I'd say seasons two through five were probably its best.

    Voyager I'd say was probably my second favorite (and this is excluding Enterprise because I only saw two episodes of that... and what I did see I didn't like). Unfortunately, with Voyager, it was a very split show for me. The characters I liked, I really liked, such as B'Elanna, Harry, and Tom. The doctor grew into his own later on, which was good, but I never cared for Tuvok, Kes, Chakotay, or the captain. She always struck me as sounding like a Munchkin, and it's just very very hard to envision someone like that having the command presence needed on a ship like Voyager. I still say I think Harry and B'Elanna would have made more sense as a couple and would have made for more interesting story/character conflicts because of their differences. Tom and B'Elanna were just a little TOO similar. I've said this a couple of times, and I still feel the chemistry between Kim and Torres was better. Tom and B'Elanna seemed forced to me, and always will.

    Even though it started the whole franchise, the Original Series is a bit dated these days and it shows in the effects, though Spock will always to me pretty much symbolize the good parts of it. Yeah, the acting is a tad...overdone in spots, but the stories still stand up pretty well, even after fifty years...

    I'm afraid I have to put DS-9 at the bottom because to me, it was slow, cumbersome, and far too political to be interesting most of the time. It also suffered from having a male lead that, in my opinion, portrayed anger fine but just couldn't keep from over-acting the more sensitive emotions. They just didn't ring true for me (which is odd, because I thought Avery Brooks did a great job in Spenser for Hire, but oh well). There were only a few episodes of this show I liked, and most had to do with Kira. I liked Leeta, but unfortunately most of her storylines were silly, so her character didn't really get much use. Quark was ok, and Odo was all right, most of the time, but they just didn't make me care for their characters or what happened to them. And why couldn't they have had Nicole De Boer playing Dax from the start, instead of wasting five years or so with Terry Farrel? I'm sorry, Jadzia just did nothing for me whatsoever. She didn't seem to have any emotional depth or dimension to her at all.

    I know the original question only asked which one was the favorite, but I thought I'd put in my ranking of the others as well, and part of the there ya have it

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