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Suggested Streamlined Viewing of Voyager OR The way not to hate this show!

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    Presented below is a suggested order to watch Star Trek Voyager so that you might view the series in one easy pseudo-season ( as a Trek season is typically 26 eps ) if, like me, you were not impressed with Voyager but have enjoyed Trek in the past and have thought about watching this series this is an easy way to get through it without too much muss-n-fuss. Please note that these episodes have been chosen for overall story arc relevance or specific character development only:

    1 - "Caretaker" Part 1 ( Season 1/Episode 1 )
    2 - "Caretaker" Part 2 ( Season 1/Episode 2 )
    3 - "Alliances" ( Season 2/Episode 14 )
    4 - "Deadlock" ( Season 2/Episode 21 )
    5 - "Darkling" ( Season 3/Episode 18 )
    6 - "Before and After" ( Season 3/Episode 21 )
    7 - "Worst Case Scenario" ( Season 3/Episode 25 )
    8 - "Scorpion" Part 1 ( Season 3/Episode 26 )
    9 - "Scorpion" Part 2 ( Season 4/Episode 1 )
    10- "Message in a Bottle" ( Season 4/Episode 14 )
    11- "Living Witness" ( Season 4/Episode 23 )
    12- "Timeless" ( Season 5/Episode 6 )
    13- "Latent Image" ( Season 5/Episode 11 )
    14- "Dark Frontier" Part 1 ( Season 5/Episode 15 )
    15- "Dark Frontier" Part 2 ( Season 5/Episode 16 )
    16- "Someone to Watch Over Me" ( Season 5/Episode 22 )
    17- "Relativity" ( Season 5/Episode 24 )
    18- "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" ( Season 6/Episode 4 )
    19- "Blink of an Eye" ( Season 6/Episode 12 )
    20- "Collective" ( Season 6/Episode 16 )
    21- "Child's Play" ( Season 6/Episode 19 )
    22- "Life Line" ( Season 6/Episode 24 )
    23- "Unimatrix Zero" Part 1 ( Season 6/Episode 26 )
    24- "Unimatrix Zero" Part 2 ( Season 7/Episode 1 )
    25- "Imperfection" ( Season 7/Episode 2 )
    26- "Shattered" ( Season 7/Episode 11 )

    I do not recommend it, but if you really would like to see the last story of the series, "Endgame" ( Season 7/Episodes 25 & 26 ), please feel free to. Though as it is derivative of the episode "Timeless" you might just be wasting your time (no pun intended).

    To be fair I must point out that Alice Krige reprises her role for the series finale, as the Borg Queen, which might be the only reason to watch"Endgame"as she is much creepier than Susanna Thompson. Thompson played the Queen throughout her other appearances in the Voyager series. This is the only time since the TNG film "First Contact" Krige takes on the role.

    Still, leaving off with "Shattered" is how I wish I had ended it, there are a few okay Doctor episodes after Episode 11 but all-in-all you'll have the gist of Voyager with this ONE Pseudo-SEASON of the series without any of the OH SO MANY times the rest of us smacked our forehead in dumbfounded frustration or profound sadness over what the Producers tried to pawn off as Star Trek.

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    Addendum: I've already had a direct comment or two stating that I've missing some good eps and I cannot deny it. I have in fact dropped off more than a few fun episodes like "Body and Soul" where The Doctor and Seven merge and wackiness ensues or "Critical Care" where The Doctor is Holo-napped to work in a hospital where the more productive get care and the less get to suffer (not a bad bit of social satire), lets not forget the very powerful "Memorial" where the crew tries to solve a mysterious plague of PTSD from a battle that didn't seem to have happened to anyone on-board.

    And yes "Thirty Days" shows why Paris was demoted, yet just like "Extreme Risk" where we learn the origin of the Delta Flyer, in the end (in my opinion at least) while these, and a few other, episodes have some merit to them they're superfluous to the streamlined viewing opportunity I have provided here.

    As for those who think that "Equinox" should have been on the list, I simply have to say it really had no bearing on the further episodes (despite my fervent hope that it would) and while an interesting two-parter, in the end all it really does is make you wish that we had followed that USS Equinox's travels not Voyager because it would have been a hell-of-a-lot more interesting at the very least.

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