Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 8

Future's End (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1996 on UPN

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  • A Fun One

    Like a cross between Star Trek IV and Back to the Future, "Future's End" is a fun, fast paced time travel romp that finds something for each character to do while we see our Star Trek heroes run amok in contemporary time. (It even includes Doc Brown like explanation, with Braxton pulling out a piece of chalk to map out what's going on with the timeline). But whereas Star Trek IV and Back to the Future put their stamp on the 1980s, "Future's End" tackles the 1990s, with a plot developed around (and sci fictitiously explaining) the computer revolution.

    Sparing no expense, "Part 1" is a CGI feast filled with Los Angeles location work. (Jim Henson once noted his Muppets are always more dynamic and interesting when they're in real, familiar locations as opposed to stage sets because the more fictitious the character the more helpful it is to ground the drama in an identifiable setting, such when the Muppets visit New York in Muppets Take Manhattan. The same seems to hold true for Star Trek).

    For fans back in the 1990s, "Future's End" was quite a treat; but for fans of the 1990s in today's time, it's even better, with a chance to see primitive computers, huge-ass cell phones, and news footage UFOs from a time before youtube and the explosion of social media changed the direction of hobbies, technology and entertainment. (Remember when soap operas dominated daytime television? So does this

    Like Star Trek IV, "Future" breaks up the plot into substories, with the planet-based A and B stories going the teams of Janeway/Chakotay and Paris/Tuvok; meanwhile the ship-based C story uses the remainder of the regulars to give everyone something to do. All the plots develop around memorable guest performances, with Allan G. Royal playing a 29th century time traveler, Sarah Silverman playing a spunky 90s girl, and Ed Begley Jr. playing episode's antagonist. With the focus on fun, each actor gets a chance to step out of the usual Star Trek box and ham it up.

    It's all a delightful setup and one of VOY's best episodes; as well as a chance for Janeway to break out another new hair style!

  • When the Sol system is destroyed in the 29th century by a temporal explosion, Captain Braxton heads back to 24th century Delta Quadrant to get rid of the Starship Voyager, because the only piece of evidence from the explosion was Voyager's secondary hull.

    "Future's End" is Voyager's "Best Of Both Worlds". The episode opens in a nice fashion with the gypsy in 1960's Nevada, and then goes forward to 2373.

    It's surprising that this episode was not included on the "Star Trek Fan Collection Time Travel" DVD set, since this has got to be the top time travel episode Star Trek has ever done. This episode keeps you in suspense from beginning to end. Even the comedic parts are really good. I remember seeing this episode when it first aired in 1996, and years later when it was released on VHS I got both parts, since I love seeing Tom Paris and Tuvok driving around in the 1960's camping van, and the flyby of Voyager was extermely awesome. Even the home footage was really good. Hopefully CBS-Paramount will re-release this episode in Hi-Definition soon. This is one episode that every one needs to see.
  • Future's End (1)


    Future's End (1) was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had an awesome story involving time travel, action packed scenes, and suspenseful drama as well as character and plot development. Voyager is taken back to the mid 1990's Earth and they have quite a task ahead of them. It was fun to see some of Sarah Silverman's early work in this episode. This is the type of time travel story I enjoy. The writing, acting, directing and editing were perfect for this episode. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!!!

  • A nice look.

    Normally, when I see any kind of episode where they travel back in time, I usually am very critical. This is not the case so much as I have really taken a liking to this episode. The story was better than I thought it would be and I really thought that the acting was good. The writing was great and it made for a very entertaining show. My favorite part of the show had to be where they are walking around in the past in Los Angeles. It looks modern for us, but it is a whole new world to them. Of course Tom Parris wouldn't be so shocked as he is more familiar with that time, being a white boy and all. Thank you.
  • Experts always said the computer era happened ahead of time .....Voyager offers an explanation

    in 1994 we were playing 2-Dimensional games on the super nintendo and sega genesis/mega drive .... 12 months later the first version of internet explorer was released to the general public ...and within a few years technology advanced so quickly that it took everyone by suprise, with technology doubling every 18 months we advanced so much in 5 years in what experts said should have taken us 25!

    but what if there was Alien interference? This Voyager episode does just that! a tree hugging hippy from the 60's gets his hands on some futuristic technology and launches the computer era way ahead of its time, bring in voyager, the 29th century, a sexy programmer and Burrito's! its a hell of a ride!

    could watch over and over
  • Decent for a time travel episode.

    Voyager really loved the time travel/paradox episodes in season 1, then moved in a different direction for seasons 2 and 3. Well, time travel is back with a vengeance to end season 2 and begin the third. It's probably best not to get too nitpicky with this one... There's typically some glaring continuity issues with any time travel-based storyline. 'Future's End' is enjoyable and not quite to the point of absurdity, so it gets decent marks.

    One thing I can't ignore though... Braxton's ship is technologically superior to Voyager by 500 years... and they manage to easily disable his weaponry ? That's like the Enterprise vs. a Steamboat.
  • The “Voyager” is traveling through space, when a time ship from the 29th century which has been traveling in the space -time rift appears. The ship is showing a Federation signature. The “Voyager” is being fired upon by this time ship.

    The “Voyager” is traveling through space, when a time ship from the 29th century which has been traveling in the space -time rift appears. The ship is showing a Federation signature. The “Voyager” is being fired upon by this time ship. Janeway demands an explanation. Captain Braxton hails her and tells her that he must destroy “Voyager”. Janeway finds a way to disable the time ships weapons. A rift again opens and the time ship and Voyager are caught in the rift. It seems Henry Starling from the 20th Century is the cause of all this.
  • time travel.

    Voyager and a 29th century ship are sent back to the 20th century. Janeway,Chakoty ,Tom ,and Tuvoc go down to earth in order to stop Baraxton. The ship is first seen in orbtit by a girl named Rain. Braxton is helpng a astonomer which technolicigal genius Named Starling. they trie to stop him for going forward in time to destroy voyager. They must go down to the earth's surface to rescue The crew but consequently are seen and the ship is caught on tape by an ammature filmer. This is putm on tv and said that the air force will investigate. nelix becomes aware of soap opreas and him and kess enjoy watching them. while trying to stop braxton he takes over voyager and finds out it is from the 23rd century not the 29th and says that he has the upper hand.
  • A really awesome 2 part episode.

    Time travel is a good thing in star trek, it makes your imagination go wild. The crew of the enterprise are brought back to 1996. That means the futuristic starfleet crew are going to deal with the primitive earthlings. This is always an exciting plotline. The writers did one heck of a job doing this 2 part episode. It was exciting, done in complete star trek fashion. Action and adventure is fun to watch, this episode is full of that. Ed Begley Jr. does a good job playing one cynical arrogant earthling. He represents the things that drives a man completely insane.
  • Not the most original attempt, but not quite painful to watch.

    I think the Federation-visits-our-century storyline is rather overdone, as well as the paradox, past-is-future dilemas. There are better examples of this great storyline concept elsewhere in the Star Trek bests. In addition, the secondary characters gave some examples of just plain bad acting. The only thing I really liked was the fact that the doctor is now free to roam about the ship. He is one of the best characters and deserves the chance for more personal development.
  • Among of the best episodes of voyager

    This episode was well written, ensign kim commanding voyager, a change from the stanard voyager + delta quadrant scenes.

    All the graphics and sound were excellently designed, epically the brief moments we see voyager flying through the atmosphere of earth.

    I believe the way the episode concludes was just excellent, the doctor captured and voyager being revealed to on public television to the 20th century.

    Certainly at the time left me waiting for more.
  • Everyone loves a time tavel episode!

    Time travel done right has produced some of the most enjoyable Star Trek episodes and this one is no exception. The cast selection for the away mission was excellent and the absolute best was Tuvock – looking like a straight pimp! Tim Russ admits in later interviews that this episode was a fun to shoot and a nice break from the routine of the show.

    We also see Harry Kim in the “Big Chair” as Janeway says it … and he does a good job but makes Voyager appear on the news as a UFO but that was expected.

    It was also nice to see Ed Begley Jr step into a Star Trek role seamlessly as he portrayed the scientist that used the 29th century time ship to make advances in the 20th century.

    The special effects were also outstanding, especially as we see the ship fly through Los Angeles through the night sky.

    Overall this is a very exciting episode taking a break from their journey through the Delta quadrant and being in the Alpha quadrant on earth in the wrong time.
  • Quite possibly my favourite Voyager episode.

    I have got to admit that I'm a sucker for any and all Star Trek episodes that use time travel. This episode is no exception. I love this episode. I brought season 3 on DVD just so I could get this episode and its conclusion.

    I liked this episode because there were different people doing different things. My favorite though was how Neelix and Kes were watching TV and they became addicted to the soap operas of the day. Paris and Tuvok were so funny with how Paris tried to fit in and used the wrong lingo. Tuvok was just plain funny. This episode certainly is one of the best episodes I've ever seen.
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