Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 9

Future's End (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1996 on UPN
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Stardate: 50312.5
Voyager must find a way to stop Starling, before his attempted use of the timeship destroys Earth's Solar System. Meanwhile, while trying to rescue Paris and Tuvok, Torres and Chakotay are captured by a militia cell who believe that they are from the government.

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  • A fine conclusion

    Tying everything up in a predictable fashion, "Part II" is a charming followup to "Part 1" retaining the same production values and sense of fun. With a plethora of effects and ample location shooting (including a car chase and an exploding semi that you're more likely to see in Knight Rider than Star Trek), the second part shuffles the deck to create new character combinations, putting Janeway back on the ship and giving the Earthbound adventures to Paris/Rain, Tuvok/Doctor, and Chakotay/Torres. (The latter story, which introduces Earth radicals, pops up out of nowhere and is obviously just there to fill time; but with so few VOY episodes that include Earth at all, it's a hoot to see the show's characters on our planet in any way).

    As with Part 1, however, it's Ed Begley Henry Starling character that drives the story, and the episode is richer for it. Unlike too many antagonists who spend their time and energy on plots and actions that make no sense from their own standpoint (created by a writer merely to provide an obstacle for the protagonists) it's easy to see here where Starling's coming from: here he is, a 20th Century man who has discovered a piece of 29th technology, and time travelers from the 24th Century have arrived to take it from him, explaining that he'll cause irreparable damage if he journeys a thousand years into the future. Occam's razor casts suspicion on this claim; it seems more likely that the people of Voyager want the technology for themselves. (And indeed, they do end up keeping what they can, giving the Doctor a landmark acquisition that factors into almost every future episode). If Voyager really wants to save the world, shouldn't the crew be searching for whales?

    All kidding aside, "Future's End" is a landmark episode that scored the second best ratings of the season (bested only by the season opener) and remains a perennial favorite among fans.

  • A two part episode

    so that the Doctor could no longer be confined to sick bay.
  • Future's End (2)

    Future's End (2) was another perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as the various crew members of Voyager embarked upon their missions in order to set things right. It was interesting to see how the story played out and I liked the interaction between Rain and Paris as they were more or less forced upon each other. Starling has put himself in the middle of a critical situation and in the end he ends up paying for it dearly. Time is not to be messed with! I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!!!

  • Great episode, but...

    While I enjoyed the episode, the conclusion almost ruined it for me. It is obvious that temporal mechanics is not a strong point for the writer of this episode. The last 5 minutes were so full of holes in the story line that I was only barely able to overlook the end and appreciate the story. Yes, yes, there were quite a few holes in the general story line as well, but I can live with those. Without completely spoiling the story for whomever hasn't seen it yet, I can only say that I have seen other StarTrek episodes such as Voyagers "Time and Again" that have thought through the temporal causality paradoxes in a more logical fashion.moreless
  • Conclusion. Janeway is looking for options to save humanity from a space-time disaster. She tries to beam the time ship aboard voyager. Henry Starling blocks the attempt by placing a signal distortion field around the time ship.moreless

    Conclusion. Janeway is looking for options to save humanity from a space-time disaster. She tries to beam the time ship aboard voyager. Henry Starling blocks the attempt by placing a signal distortion field around the time ship. Chakotay takes a shuttlecraft down to planet earth. Chakotay tries to beam Starling aboard the shuttlecraft, but is unsuccessful. Janeway is aboard Voyager. She tries beaming Starling aboard the Voyager. She succeeds. Starling manages to escape by mean of teleporter capabilities originating from his lab. Starling wants to use the time ship to keep stealing technology from the 29th Century.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Nitpick: When Starling is beamed out of his limo and The Doctor runs off, he leaves the front passenger door open. Then Dunbar is shown driving off without ever closing the door.

    • Nitpick: Rain says that the Doctor was hit "a bunch of times" while fighting Dunbar in Starling's car, but she had already left and had run some distance away before that, so she couldn't have seen the fight from that distance and through the car's tinted windows.

    • Goof: As Starling prepares to launch the timeship from the bay behind his office, there is a shot of the exterior of the ship. In the background of this shot, there is a white wall on the right. This wall carries the company name and logo. However the name is misspelled here as Chronowerks, instead of Chronowerx as is shown on the outside of the building and behind Starling and Janeway when they were in the office.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Porter: Lasers! A black man and some bald guy. (The doctor enters the room and both men shoot at him, but the bullets pass through him) God in heaven help us.
      The Doctor: Divine intervention is unlikely. Suffice it to say, I'm making a house call.

    • Chakotay: Only you, B'Elanna, could start a brawl in astro-theory 101. (Laughs)

    • Starling: Give me Janeway's psychological profile.
      The Doctor: I'm a doctor, not a database.

    • The Doctor: (To Starling) If my history is accurate, Southern California in the late 20th century had no shortage of psychotherapists, competent and otherwise. I suggest you find one.

    • Rain: Agent Tuvok, what's up?
      Tuvok: up.
      Rain: (Looking at breakfast) Chili burritos, footlong hotdogs, and goliath gulps? This isn't a breakfast, this is an afternoon at dodger stadium.
      Tuvok: And that is a non-sequitor. Would you please hand me a burrito?

    • Paris: Tuvok, has anyone ever told you that you're a real freakasaurus?

    • Rain Robinson: ...and YOU, Mr. Leisure Suit...
      The Doctor: Now THERE'S a name I never considered.

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