Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 12

Heroes And Demons

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 1995 on UPN

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  • A popular episode

    VOY does its first malfunctioning holodeck story with a Beowulf fantasy that winds its way into a breakthrough episode for the Doctor... who doesn't even appear until about one quarter into the episode!

    Written by TNG vet Naren Shankar (who conceived the story over a dinner with Brannon Braga), "Heroes" has many humorous touches, and gives Robert Picardo a chance to show off his comedic talents. (It's sort of VOY's equivalent of TNG's "Qpid" but less of an ensemble The use of the Doctor in the holodeck works particularly well, because we not only get to see him outside of sickbay for the first time, we get to see him step out of his programmed occupation. (Both of these serve as the template for his future development). And as a holographic character himself, it makes his interactions with the characters in the "holonovel" especially interesting, because these, after all, are his own people. They are just as real to him as Janeway is to Chakotay.

    With these elements and the unique medieval look and style that the Beowulf brings to Star Trek, the result is one of the most popular VOY episodes from the first season, and one that earned an Emmy nomination for its Cinematography. (Incredibly, everything was shot on indoors on stages, including a forest which could easily pass for the real thing). Even composer Dennis McCarthy cuts loose, conjuring up a memorable score that's more melodic than the norm, earning an Emmy nomination as well.

    For the Doctor and Star Trek it's quite a trip.

  • Heroes And Demons


    Heroes And Demons was a great episode of Star Trek Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the holographic Doctor experiences a lot of character growth and earns his place among the crew. It was cool for him to choose a name and I like how he dealt with the holodeck characters. This was a great story giving insight into Ensign Harry Kim who likes to play Beowulf in his down time. I thought the story was great and the new life form discovered was also very cool. Captain Janeway is impressed with the Doctor's work and gives him praise. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek Voyager to see what happens next!!!!!

  • The doctor is let out of the sickbay for a wonderful episode.

    After loosing three crew members in the holodeck the doctor is sent in for rescue. It is often the strangest characters that I enjoy the most. Data in Next Generation, Odo in DS9 and the Doctor in Voyager. Here we start to see just how brilliant actor Robert Picardo is, as he manages to show us many other sides to the doctor than the regular irritable one.

    And on top of one of my favorite characters being the center of the story, we also have most of it happen on the holodeck, another favorites of mine when it comes to Star Trek episodes.

    The romance was genuine and somewhat beautiful, seeing one "computer program" fall in love with another "computer program". And we can just see how the doctor is growing, how he will never be the same.

    The set was a bit of a dissapointment, with the stereo typical vikings and somewhat underdeveloped holodeck story arch. (being Scandinavian I am always a bit touchy when it comes to Vikings...). This can however be forgiven when it comes to the holodeck stories. After all, they are created more often then not by the crew themselves. Therefore, badly written stories, stereotypes and strange twists can all just be the results of 'bad' holo writers.

    We are now on episode 12 of the first series and on our second strange lifeforms. What is becoming apparent with the writers of Voyager so far, is that they are not going the untraveled road. Keeping in the safe zone, they use the caves, anomalies, crime solving riddles and life forms to the fullest. Lets hope that their courage will increase as we get further. Lets hope that we will see something daring and new!
  • The “Voyager” on its way home finds a protostar. Janeway has the crew take samples for possible use in the power converter. Torres transports the material into a two transporter containment fields, but one of the transporter fields fails.

    The “Voyager” on its way home finds a protostar. Janeway has the crew take samples for possible use in the power converter. Torres transports the material into a two transporter containment fields, but one of the transporter fields fails. She does get the containment field to finally work. Meanwhile Harry Kim has not reported for duty. Kim is nowhere to be found on the ship. His last whereabouts was the holodeck. So Tuvok and Chakotay go in the holodeck to find Kim and they disappear. The Doctor goes on the holodeck mission taking on a new name.
  • On his first "away" mission, the Doctor must go to the holodeck to save Harry, Chakotay and Tuvok from a photonic alien.

    After "losing" three crewmembers, Captain Janeway (not wanting to lose any more people) sends the Doctor to the holodeck to try to find them. It doesn't take long for the Doctor to figure out that one of the aliens takes the place of Grendel, the monster of a poem called "Beowulf" in a holonovel that Harry was running. He also finds the alien has been converting the crewmates into energy. Also in this episode the Doctor temporarily chooses the name Schweitzer, though he later decides not to keep it.

    This is a great episode that begins the development of the Doctor's character.