Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 23


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 09, 2001 on UPN

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  • Homestead


    Homestead was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a very good story, some great development for Neelix, and some awesome space scenes. This was an important episode as Voyager loses another one of it's crew members, but the circumstances are much happier this time. The end was very touching and it will be sad to continue on the last few episodes without Neelix. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Goodbye Nelix,

    Neelix was always some of my favorite characters. he had his comedic moments that really made me enjoy watching voyager. With him the episodes were better and funnier than others. He was always liked to say that he is thankful what voyager did fot him.

    De reason that i give this a 8,9 and a tearjerker because he was one of my favorite characters. This episode let my cry and i still love watching it.

    Goodbye Nelix Goodbye
  • The crew discover a band of Talaxians, and Neelix is overjoyed at meeting some of his people. He had not realized how much he missed them He helps them put in safety measures, and decides to stay with his people, and a chance for love.

    Neelix was my least favorite character, but this episode changed my mind. He found happiness with other Talaxians and overcame his deepest fears, having come to believe before he was a coward. He cannot say goodbye to the fellow kinsmen, and Janeway appoints him Ambassador for the Delta Quadrant, now that sustained communications with the Alpha quadrant are available. The departure scene was touching with each officer and crewman forming a line along the corridor to bid him goodby. Neelix always teased Tuvok about dancing before they reached Earth. As Tuvok wished him leave, he did a little jig with his feet, as Zephraim Cochran had done many years ago, and then said "Live Long and Prosper", the only emotional response you could expect from a Vulcan. IT was touching.
  • Neelix is hosting a party celebrating First Contact Day. It is the anniversary of the First Contact from a species known as Vulcan. Chakotay comes into the party with news for Neelix. Chakotay has found Talaxian lifesigns a few light-years away.

    Neelix is hosting a party celebrating First Contact Day. It is the anniversary of the First Contact from a species known as Vulcan. Chakotay comes into the party with news for Neelix. Chakotay has found Talaxian lifesigns a few light-years away. Janeway decides to send Voyager to where the lifesigns originated. When Voyager arrives, the Talaxian lifesigns are coming from an asteroid field in front of the ship. Since Voyager is too big, Paris, Harry Kim, Tuvok and Neelix take the Delta Flyer in for a closer look. They are attack by mine charges, but do find the Talaxian people. I rate this episode a 9.4
  • Farewell Neelix.

    **Some spoilers below, beware**

    Neelix was never a favorite character for me, but he had his comedic moments none the less. His episodes were better than others, and he was the constant mirror that Janeway, the human crew and the even the rest of the Federation non-human members used to test and confirm the ideals that they lived by.
    He was always fond of saying how much the Voyager crew gave to him, how generous they were to him. He would stand up for the crew against other races that misjudged them, or misunderstood their beliefs. As annoying as his character seemed to be, at the very least he was a stand up guy.
    The reason I give this a 10 is a solid story, and the emotional content that it creates. The whole story of Neelix helping his fellow Talaxians in dire need, and ultimately his decision to stay behind is not surprising, but is bittersweet. He has guided and helped the Voyager crew and is very much part of the family, and yet it is completely understandable that he would wish to stay with his fellow Talaxians.

    This episode has the usual high quality CGI, aliens, peril and tension, but it is that very emotional farewell that grabs you and you can't help but feel a lump in your throat as you see the honour guard for his departure and especially when the stoic Tuvok wishes him a fond farewell and a symbolic "dance step" as Neelix wished to see him dance one day.

    A heartfelt episode. One of the best of many.

    (An interesting phenomenon happens with this episode. After you’ve seen the series in it’s entirety, the next time you see this particular episode, it gains another emotional note. You realize that this episode is only 3 away from the series finale, and you feel a bit sadder that Neelix didn’t make it to Earth, his being so close, now as seen in hindsight. You gotta know Neelix would have LOVED Earth and the Alpha quadrant! Perhaps, if ever a Voyager movie: A visit from the Delta Quadrant Ambassador?)
  • Actually, I wasn't entirely surprised by the choice Neelix made ...

    I mean, what was left for Neelix on the ship? Kes was gone, Naomi (who wasn't even in the final episode!) was growing up very quickly and didn't really need him as much as she once did...

    And Neelix had fallen in love with Dexa and Brax.

    With all that said, I would'ave like to have seen Neelix bring Dexa & Brax aboard Voyager permanently... and continuing the journey to the Alpha Quadrant like he'd originally planned to do with Kes.

    Then again, with the way Dexa stood on the matter, that wouldn't have happened; she wanted to be with other Talaxian's... and not with a bunch of aliens, and in essence, strangers.

    No, Voyager may not have been the perfect place to raise a child, but Samantha did it with Naomi, and B'Elanna was willing to... and so was Seven, and the rest of the crew to help her, with the Borg kids...

    So Brax wouldn't have been alone...
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