Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 Episode 4

In The Flesh

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on UPN
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Stardate: 52136.4
The crew of Voyager discover a simulation of Starfleet Headquarters being run by Species 8472, being used as a training ground in preparation for an assault on the Alpha Quadrant.

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  • What am I missing here?

    The storyline starts off interesting, but fades away into the typical, hippie "Star Trek" motif of "let's all be friends, it was all just a big misunderstanding!"

    That, and the guest stars all suck. Yes, even Ray Walston. I'm not a fan of his, I don't see why everyone is so gay for Ray Walston.

    And even the Voyager actors weren't entirely at their best. Of course Mulgrew, Ryan, Picardo and Dawnson give strong performances as always, but everyone else seemed really bored. And with a plot this dumb, who can blame them.moreless
  • In The Flesh

    In The Flesh was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development in this entertaining story. Chakotay and Tuvok have discovered aliens posing as federation in a huge charade that is actually a training program for species 8472 to invade the alpha quadrant! This episode was awesome, the story was perfectly written, the actors were perfect in their roles, and it was awesome to see species 8472 again. I enjoyed watching Janeway interact with the leader of the species 8472 simulation station who looked like Boothby the groundskeeper at the academy. The story played out well, though it ended with out exactly wrapping everything up. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Loved the episode, but some interesting thoughts....

    This episode marks a tale about how resistive species 8472 is to intimidation. They build simulations all over their part of the galaxy...which brings up a great point: The Delta Quadrant - how does every species somehow know and accepts that they're in a part of their galaxy designated "Delta" by some far off Alliance of planets? That and how many years something is. Their own "year" would define their own measurement of time for 1 revolution around their own star. Some alien species from the other side of the galaxy (other side of the super-massive black hole at the center). It's funny more people don't comment on this. Would make for a boring series if every alien encounter was spent swapping how time is kept, how to discuss this region of space and the name for the region they're headed towards, etc...moreless
  • Chakotay is on a surveillance mission of an alien structure. Chakotay finds something odd, a replica of Starfleet Headquarters. Chakotay takes pictures of what he finds. Chakotay runs into Boothby. How could this be?moreless

    Chakotay is on a surveillance mission of an alien structure. Chakotay finds something odd, a replica of Starfleet Headquarters. Chakotay takes pictures of what he finds. Chakotay runs into Boothby. How could this be? Boothby is on earth at Starfleet Headquarters. Tuvok comes to escort Chakotay back to Voyager. They are stopped by Starfleet Security. Tuvok does the Vulcan pinch on the fake security officer. Tuvok and Chakotay beam to Voyager. The alien is beamed to sick bay. Janeway discovers the alien is a member of the Species 8472. Species 8472 are able to make themselves look humans. Oh boy.moreless
  • Species 8472 is back!

    I've always liked species 8472 and this episode makes no exception to that.

    The episode starts good by beginning on what looks like Earth. And until a good end in the episode you don't really know who the 'humans' are. Although the man who was changing purple was a little hint.

    The rest of the episode is very good, some might think Janeway was stupid by giving 8472 the only weapon they had against them, but in my opinion this was the only thing she could do. What if she engaged species 8472 and they attacked Earth? Earth would have no defences (especially just after the dominion war) and Earth still wouldn’t know about the weapons Janeway gave to them.

    By giving the weapons she made a possible peace between their two species possible.

    So far for my opinion about her decision.

    If you like Voyager you will really like this episode. (wow I think this is my longest review till now :P over 160 words.)

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

The Doctor

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran

Robert Beltran

Commander Chakotay

Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson

Lt. B'Elanna Torres

Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips


Tim Russ

Tim Russ

Lt. Commander Tuvok

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Trivia: Boothby (or other members of species 8472) should not know about the provisional rank insignia worn by former Maquis members. When Chakotay is there making his survey, he risks being discovered.

    • Trivia: Unbeknownst to Voyager, an invasion of shape shifting aliens from outside the Alpha Quadrant had already infiltrated Starfleet Headquarters two years previously: The Founders from the Gamma Quadrant's Dominion. This was shown in the ST: Deep Space Nine episodes "Homefront (1)" and "Paradise Lost (2)".

    • Nitpick: When Voyager first approaches the station, Captain Janeway orders Tuvok to charge weapons. Then, a few moments later, Seven reports that the station is charging weapons, to which Janeway replies, "Do the same."

    • Nitpick: Chakotay mentions he left Starfleet in 2368 to join the Maquis; however, according to the Deep Space Nine two-part episode "The Maquis", they didn't form until 2370. It's possible that there was a precursor organization that was later incorporated into the Maquis a few years later, however.

    • Trivia: Directive 010: "Before engaging alien species in battle, any and all attempts to make first contact, and achieve non-military resolution must be made."

    • Trivia: This episode marks the second time that a simulation features Ferengi officers in Starfleet. The first is The Next Generation's "Future Imperfect".

    • Ray Walston reprises his role as groundskeeper Boothby from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The First Duty".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Kim: I've always wondered what it would be like to date an alien.
      Chakotay: I'll take notes.

    • The Doctor: (when the human "Ensign" reverts to his natural Species 8472 form) Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    • 8472 Boothby: There's a drone sitting at this very table. Look at her; all gussied up to make her look like a human being.
      Seven: I am no longer part of the Collective.
      8472 Boothby: Once a Borg... always a Borg.

    • 8472 Boothby: Targ manure! 'United Federation of Planets'... 'tolerance for all species'... the 'Prime Directive'... targ manure, every word of it!
      Tuvok: Your metaphor is colorful but inaccurate.
      8472 Boothby: Vulcan logic; add that to the list.

    • 8472 Boothby: Captain Janeway.
      Janeway: (sarcastically) Mr. Boothby. Nice to see you. Enjoying the Delta Quadrant?
      8472 Boothby: Don't get sassy with me, young lady! This recreation may be Starfleet but our weapons are far more sophisticated. I can destroy your vessel with a single command. Run along, now.
      Janeway: I'm not going anywhere; not until you return my First Officer and give me a damn good explanation for what you're doing in our galaxy!

    • (Kim is pacing around the shuttle)
      Paris: Take it easy, Harry, we didn't build the Delta Flyer to withstand such extensive pacing.

    • 8472 Bullock: Enough! We must not negotiate with these creatures!
      8472 Boothby: Sit down, Admiral.
      8472 Bullock: (surprised) Sir?
      8472 Boothby: I said sit down, or I'll knock you right on your human butt!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Janeway: Just be home before midnight!

      This is a reference to Cinderella, in which a young maid attends a ball but must be home by midnight, when her horse and carriage will revert back to a pumpkin and mice.