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Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 04, 1995 on UPN
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Stardate: 49005.3
A young Kazon trying to earn his name and place among his people kidnaps and tries to kill Chakotay.

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  • Father figure

    This episode just made me fantasize about how Chakotay would make a good baby daddy if we decided to have kids one day....
  • Initiations

    Initiations was a good episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I enjoyed watching this episode because there was action, character growth, and some good intrigue. Commander Chakotay was trying to honor his fathers spirit when a young Kazon doing something similar attacked him. This all lead down a some what predictable road though it was still fun to watch, especially as Captain Janeway herself was on the moon to find Chakotay. I thought the Kazon's have a very peculiar way, but it suits them. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!moreless
  • Made me want to go and watch DS9 instead.

    Chakotay is attacked by a young Kazon but ends up saving his life on several occasion. There is not much more to the storyline and even though I am not ready to label this as a particularly bad episode, it wasn't very good either. Good nature characters can never be that interesting and therefore any episode which shows Starfleet in such heighten light is doomed. [spoiler] That Chakotay is willing to die at the end just to save the boys honor is somewhat an overkill. Come on - it must hurt like hell to be killed, and I'm sure that even if the doctor can revive you that it doesn't do you any good! Makes me puke!

    What saved the episode was of course Aron Eisenberg as Kar (or Nog as we know him from DS9). His over acting is always fun along with his constant anger. He is enjoyable and it did a lot for this episode.

    The Kazon seem to be Klingons of this Galaxy, almost to a fault. It is hard to understand that people that dress in 'left over' clothes have mastered space travels. Even for all my irritation of Chakotay's endless good will, and the rather thin storyline, they managed to make this an alright episode to watch.moreless
  • Nog As Kazon

    Very average or middle of the road episode in which nothing pivitol or groundbreaking develops in the story line, of the episode itself, as well as the story of Voyager as a whole.

    I have never found the Chakotay heritage aspect of Voyager that interesting (the soul guide in a previous episode or the solitary "connecting" ritual performed in this episode) so right off the bat the story failed to generate much grabbing force for me. This personal preference aside, the actual kidnapping of Chakotay and him serving as "mentor" to the young Kazon just didn't seem that interesting or unique either. Very slow paced and "one-man army" in allowing a boy and one Starfleet officer to escape from the crew of a fair sized ship and battle minded race such as a the Kazon and very predictable Voyager saves the day ending. Would have been intersting if Chakotay had been kidnapped and somehow that story line was developed over the course of a couple of episodes with some kind of major story chaning event taking place.

    Highlight of the episode is the unmistakable Nog taking on the role as the Kazon youth as well as the final showdown moment where he turns on the Kazon war hero to earn his name; it is kind of decided in the viewer's mind until that point that he is going to go along with the plan to fake Chakotay's death instead.moreless
  • Janeway has granted Chakotay permission to use a shuttlecraft to perform a solitary Indian ritual to commemorating his father’s death. While Chakotay is performing the ritual he is rudely interrupted by a Kazon ship.moreless

    Janeway has granted Chakotay permission to use a shuttlecraft to perform a solitary Indian ritual to commemorating his father’s death. While Chakotay is performing the ritual he is rudely interrupted by a Kazon ship. The Kazon ship is attacking Chakotay’s shuttlecraft. It seems Chakotay is inside Kazon-Ogla space. The attacker could have asked Chakotay to leave, but instead fires upon Chakotay’s shuttlecraft. Chakotay does destroy the Kazon ship. He beams aboard it’s one lone passenger. Now another Kazon ship shows up and abducts Chakotay’s shuttlecraft. The “Voyager” crew is now looking for Chakotay, but will they find him.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: Chakotay's medicine bundle was with him on the shuttle, and presumably still aboard when the shuttle was destroyed. However, at the end of the episode, he has it as if nothing had happened to the shuttle. He could have had it replicated but it seems unlikely.

    • Goof: The new TR-590 Tricorder X and the redesigned type 2 phaser appear for the first time in this episode, although how Voyager was able to procure these newer models when it was cut off from the Federation was never explained.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Chakotay: (to Kar) What's so different about us? Aside from the fact that I keep saving your life and you keep threatening to kill me.

    • Kar: You should have let me die.
      Chakotay: I'm not in the habit of killing children.

    • Janeway: Neelix, you said you wanted more to do? Well, now's your chance. I want you on the bridge with Mr. Paris in case we run into any Kazon ships.
      Neelix: (standing at attention) Don't worry, Captain! You can count on me to keep those nefarious Kazon at bay!
      Janeway: (struggling not to smile) Dismissed.

    • Chakotay: It may mean something to you to die a violent death, but I'd like to get out of this without killing or being killed.
      Kar: You'd rather die in your sleep a wrinkled old man?
      Chakotay: Sounds about right.

    • Chakotay: I guess if he had killed me, my uniform would've made you all a fine trophy.
      Razik: Your uniform may yet decorate our wall. You may not think you're at war with us, Federation Commander Chakotay, but everything you are is a threat to us. The Kazon fought long and hard for their independence from uniforms like yours.
      Chakotay: Uniforms maybe, but not like mine.
      Razik: Your uniforms, your laws, your technology. You are not welcome here.

    • Janeway: And now, Mister Neelix, please, join me on the Bridge.
      Neelix: Yes, sir... er, ma'am. Captain.

    • Chakotay: Look son, my starship is only a few light years away.
      Kar: I am not your son, Federation. I am your executioner.

    • Chakotay: My people taught me a man does not own land. He doesn't own anything but the courage and loyalty in his heart.

  • NOTES (3)