Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 1996 on UPN
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Stardate: 49578.2
When Tuvok crashes on a moon, he discovers three small children who believe they are about to die.

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  • Innocence

    Innocence was a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it focused a little more on Tuvok as we discover he crash landed upon a moon or planet where he finds 3 children who claim their going to die. There was a lot of character development and moral questions raised in this episode. It was funny to watch Tuvok try to teach the children according to his Vulcan traditions and values. The title was truly pulled off in some of these scenes. The story behind what was really happening was pretty cool. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!moreless
  • Much more interesting and unpredictable than I expected.

    After the first couple minutes, I figured I knew what this episode was about. Tuvok finds kids, protects kids from evil monster, kids love Tuvok, kids go home, the end. I'm glad it turned out differently. My only real issue was the quick "everyone's happy and sorry" resolution at the end. I thought Janeway abandoned her federation morals a bit quickly, and got forgiveness too easily from a private, angry species. Season 2 really hit a nice stride near the end; I'm hoping it continues into season 3. I also kind of hope Neelix dies. Then Kes will be single...moreless
  • Very good episode for Tuvok, to show his ways of being a Vulcan, and understanding a new culture in the Star Trek world.

    Tuvok crashed on a moon, and he finds 3 kids, who have been left for dead. Tuvok calms them down and protects them, and shows him some Vulcan ways along the ride. And there was only 1 plot twist, it was pretty good. It turns out that in reality, those 3 kids were left for dead, but its actually because they are old. And it's the culture's way of having them go in the after life. It was strange, but i liked it alot. And I don't think it was a bad episode at all. Watch it, Tuvok is impressive in this one.moreless
  • here we see Tuvok alone, for the most part, and we see him evolve as both a character and a person/Vulcan.

    First of all, I really think that Tim Russ has a wonderful singing voice for an actor. Either you can sing or you can act, there are very few that can pull off both.

    It's interesting to think how the Drayans can pull off their agin process. Too bad they don't go deeper into that at some point in any of the series. Who knows, maybe there will be a Star Trek: Delta Quadrant Missions series or something (hahaha... genius I am not..)

    Tuvok is usually portrayed as a cold Vulcan, and I suppose for the most part that he is, but here we see that he does care for his children, and misses his family, and that he is a wonderful father. He spent time singing to his children, playing music for them if they couldn't sleep.

    I wish there were more episodes that allowed for character developement like this one. They're always so few and far between.moreless
  • Tuvok and Ensign Bennet crash land on an uninhabited moon. Bennet has suffered massive damage to his spinal column. Tuvok lacks the medical supplies to save him. The “Voyager” is unable to help due to communication interference.moreless

    Tuvok and Ensign Bennet crash land on an uninhabited moon. Bennet has suffered massive damage to his spinal column. Tuvok lacks the medical supplies to save him. The “Voyager” is unable to help due to communication interference. Tuvok see a child hiding in the bushes. The child is frightened. The child tells the other children it is okay to come out. The children are frightened their parents have died and so have some of their friends. Meanwhile, on “Voyager” a first contact is occurring with the Drayon people. They are so anxious to get this over with.moreless
Marnie McPhail

Marnie McPhail

First Prelate Alcia

Guest Star

Tiffany Taubman

Tiffany Taubman


Guest Star

Richard Garon

Richard Garon

Ensign Bennet

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: It is odd that for the overwhelming majority of the episode, the "children" don't seem to remember their entire lives until this point, or why it's time for them to die. Only in the last scene on the moon does Tressa say that Tuvok reminds her of her grandson.

    • Nitpick: If these people mature by growing smaller and younger looking, it makes one wonder how they are born.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Tuvok: I cannot protect you from the natural conclusion of life... nor would I try. Vulcans consider death to be the completion of a journey. There is nothing to fear.

    • Ensign Bennett: All this time, I thought I was so lucky... no family back home... nobody to miss. Now it seems kind of sad not to leave anybody behind...

    • The Doctor: Ah, visitors. Welcome to sickbay. I'm the chief medical officer.
      Janeway: This is first Prelate Alcia of Drayon two.
      The Doctor: It's an honour to meet you. We don't often recieve such distinguished guests here - unless there has been some sort of accident... Uh, I... I'm sure nothing unfortunate will happen to you on your visit here. But if it did, you can rest assured you will find yourself in very capable hands.

    • Janeway: When I was a science officer I always envied the captain's priviledge of making first contact with new races.
      Chakotay: I envied it so much I almost got shipped back to the academy for remedial training. On my first assignment, we were sent to make first contact with the Tarkanons. I studied all the information we had about them, and pestered the captain into letting me be part of the diplomatic team. When we came face to face with the Tarkanon delegation, I very proudly made the traditional gesture for hello, not realising that males and females of their race use different styles of movement, and I was actually propositioning the ambassador.

    • Tressa: What were you doing to him?
      Tuvok: I put a stasis field around his body to protect it, until I can take it back to my ship.
      Tressa: Why?
      Tuvok: Some cultures, like Mr. Bennet's, consider an appropriate burial to be a sign of respect.

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