Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1996 on UPN

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  • Columbo-style Star Trek

    Using Neelix's investigative journalism as a frame, this episode picks up the threads of Crewman Jonas and Lieutenant Paris left by previous episodes and turns into a Columbo-style crime puzzle with a twist.

    Essentially broken into a Neelix A story and a Paris B story, it's not really a "whodunnit" so much as a "howcatchem", ultimately ending with a fight reminiscent of TOS. Featuring plenty of heart, action and suspense, not to mention a resolution to the dangling threads from previous episodes, "Investigations" is one of the more notable offerings of the season. Curiously, however, the A and B story eventually become concurrent attempts to solve the mystery, minimizing the scope of the episode and the stakes for Paris and Neelix. (After all, only one has to truly Does it all add up to a good episode? Yes. But it leaves a lot of potential on the table. Having Neelix unknowingly stumble across a secret plot and a secret attempt to thwart it is a good start, but if this were used as the sole plot of the episode, it would allow time for more roadblocks to overcome (from good and bad guys), more mystery, and a more powerful conclusion, all revealed through the lens of Neelix's TV show. Meanwhile, future episodes could establish Paris as a double agent on board the Kazon vessel, which seems like where this episode is going. What we get instead is a half-baked version of both ideas sandwiched together to give Neelix some action and quickly clean up character issues with Paris the writers wish they hadn't introduced.

    Despite its flaws, "Investigations" is actually a fine episode, but it's probably most noteworthy for including an appearance by Abdullah bin al-Hussein, who would go on to be the King of Jordan. (He's the guy talking to Harry Kim in the teaser before Neelix approaches).

  • Investigations


    Investigations was a superb episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story with character and plot development. This episode kind of wrapped up the Kazon spy plot which was nice to finally have it brought to attention. There was some great suspense, action and intrigue. I particularly enjoyed Neelix's new show for the Voyager crew, " A Briefing with Neelix", which was fun to watch. Though some parts were a bit predictable it was still a fun entertaining episode. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!

  • Predictable, but finally that conniving weasel gets what he deserves.

    Considering Paris was a major character, I think it was fairly apparent that he wasn't actually going anywhere. It's about time that Michael Jonas (did he have a name before ? I just knew him as "that idiot") was unmasked. Seriously, what was he thinking anyway ? Did he have a crush on Seska ? She's carrying someone else's baby, dude. I never quite got his motivation for turning into a Kazon spy. Neelix is still driving me crazy. His character is way too one-dimensional. All in all, this was a pretty good episode. It advances the overall plot and wraps up a loose end that'd been hanging around for too long.
  • Neelix is trying to keep the “Voyager” crew spirits high. He creates his on daily TV program. The program consists of news, Neelix’s dishes, senior officers segments, and crew interviews. Neelix hears that Tom Paris may be leaving the ship.

    Neelix is trying to keep the “Voyager” crew spirits high. He creates his on daily TV program. The program consists of news, Neelix’s dishes, senior officers segments, and crew interviews. Neelix hears that Tom Paris may be leaving the ship. He asks Janeway if it is true. She informs Neelix that Paris will be joining a Talxian convoy. As Paris departs, Neelix does a tribute to his friend. Later, “Voyager" is being hailed by the Talaxian ship. It seems as if Paris has been kidnapped by the Kazon. Neelix thinks something is going on, so he investigates.
  • A little bit of intrigue and espionage for Voyager.

    In this episode, Paris leaves the ship under the guise of dissatisfaction, but is actualy sent to spy on the Kazon and flush out the mole on Voyager. This is an average episode, not bad, not great. Paris' dissatisfaction has been built up over a few episodes to this point, but it should have been done more blatantly. The focus was not on his insubordinate attitude until this episode, so if you weren't paying attention in the previous episodes, Paris' departure may have come as a surprise. Neelix is great as the aspiring journalist and talkshow host, assuming his 'show' continues, I could see it playing a part in the series as a way for information being disseminated not just to the crew, but also to the viewing audience. After watching DS9, TNG, and Enterprise, I have high hopes for this series, but it has yet to deliver. However, again, this episode does give a taste of the possibilities.
  • Paris leaves the ship to workj on a Talaxian convoy, only to be kidnapped by the Kazon-Nistrim; Jonas causes an accident in engineering as part of a Kazon plan to commandeer the ship.

    This episode rather light-heartedly concludes (finally!) the Michael Jonas story arc. The plot that has been lingering since "Alliances" was originally weak to begin with: why would Janeway and Tuvok be willing to wait to months before finding the spy? There are only 150 people on board, how hard could it be to find him? And how were they to know the Kazon would be stupid enough to leave him in a room with accessible computers without first searching him for any technology he might have brought with him? And finally, how could secretly sending information to the Kazon possibly benefit even the most anti-Starfleet crew member on board?
    However, teleplaywright Jeri Taylor threw in a charming little storyline involving Neelix and his new daily events program, aptly titled "A briefing with Neelix" and develops his journalistic skills and delivers a touching goodbye speech for Lieutennant Paris' sad - albeit obviously not permanent - departure at the end of Act II. Overall, not an entirely enjoyable episode, but still worth watching.