Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1996 on UPN

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  • Paris leaves the ship to workj on a Talaxian convoy, only to be kidnapped by the Kazon-Nistrim; Jonas causes an accident in engineering as part of a Kazon plan to commandeer the ship.

    This episode rather light-heartedly concludes (finally!) the Michael Jonas story arc. The plot that has been lingering since "Alliances" was originally weak to begin with: why would Janeway and Tuvok be willing to wait to months before finding the spy? There are only 150 people on board, how hard could it be to find him? And how were they to know the Kazon would be stupid enough to leave him in a room with accessible computers without first searching him for any technology he might have brought with him? And finally, how could secretly sending information to the Kazon possibly benefit even the most anti-Starfleet crew member on board?
    However, teleplaywright Jeri Taylor threw in a charming little storyline involving Neelix and his new daily events program, aptly titled "A briefing with Neelix" and develops his journalistic skills and delivers a touching goodbye speech for Lieutennant Paris' sad - albeit obviously not permanent - departure at the end of Act II. Overall, not an entirely enjoyable episode, but still worth watching.