Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2001 on UPN

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  • A powerful tear-jerker episode, with some great character development for B'Elanna

    This is one of science fiction's greatest strong points: the viewer is engaged in a fictional universe so when an episode like this comes along, they are forced to explore social/philosophical issues without even knowing it. And by setting up a similar situation and allowing the viewer to see and experience things first hand the results are usually more successful than being directly 'told' how they should think without really understanding why. Going back into B'Elanna's past as a child really allowed the viewer to experience what B'Elanna did, and I certainly felt for her every step of the way. Her experiences as a child were so awful that she had started to associate anything Klingon with the feelings of being alone, being an outcast and being betrayed- due to her father & the others. It's no coincidence that after her major development in this episode she begins to respect & embrace aspects of Klingon culture two episodes later in "Prophecy". This episode is a great mirror for society, often the young, white middle-class male doesn't understand what it is like to be singled out and made to feel like an outcast. Both Tom and B'Elanna's father play this part. B'Elanna's Dad tries to compare her being teased about being Klingon to him being called 'John Snore-ez' for falling asleep during class. Although he means well, B'Elanna tells him "it's not the same" and she's right. Tom's starry-eyed idealism is also met with the same annoyance: she tells him "that's easy for you to say, you're human". John and Tom's apparent lack of compassion for B'Elanna during the episode made me somewhat angry and made me feel for B'Elanna even more, which was no doubt the writers' intentions. They tried to comfort her but they just couldn't understand why she was so worked up about it .The 'message' of this episode could be seen as being about racism, discrimination or lack of compassion for others on a broader scale, either way hopefully this episode has made an impact on some people, I certainly enjoyed it
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