Star Trek: Voyager

Season 6 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2000 on UPN

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  • Memorial


    Memorial was a good episode of Star Trek: Voyager but definitely not the most memorable. I enjoyed watching this episode because the story was good, and the acting was great, but it was pretty much just a filler episode with out much of the stuff I really like about this show. Over all though it was still ok to watch and there were some good parts with character interaction. I look forward to watching the next episode for sure!!!

  • "Filler episode" my large behind. Words said by a clueless individual should not cloud a person's mind.

    War is hell and it's not a natural thing that the human psyche relates to - or a Talaxian. Whatever.

    The moral of the story is clear.

    My grandfather who is now dead is finally at peace. His young life was totally destroyed by World War II.

    So watch this episode and see the message or don't and remain blind. The message remains the same; as humans we keep trying to kill each other like crazy but the affect of killing messes up the human mind. Why do we continue to do something like this is puzzling - why do we continue to do actions that seems internally wrong?

    If you can answer that question, maybe you'll win the Nobel Prize.

    War sucks and no one can deny that. So kiss my pacifist ass.

    My grandfather's life after the age of 18 was a tragedy. A young man's life was completely altered because he had to kill other human beings.

    His life after WWII was sad and dismal.

    Any further questions?
  • A good idea gone bad…

    A good idea gone bad…

    Let's cut to the chase on this story… 300 years ago an evacuation of some colonists by a military group went bad and they slaughtered the colonists.

    A memorial was erected to the event. It sends out synaptic waves that put the memory of the event in the minds innocent space travelers passing by.

    The idea of a memorial is pretty good. However, putting memories of the event in others as if they PARTICIPATED in the event is ludicrous. If there should be any inclusion in the event it should be on the part of the victims, not the perpetrators. Feel their pain, not the possible guilt of the ones who caused the massacre. That's where the real horror lies. Nevertheless, Janeway decides the memorial should be repaired and preserved. She's rather insistent about this siding with Neelix as opposed to her senior officers. A warning buoy will be placed no doubt to tell future travels to simply ignore the horrors they are experiencing. Who does Janeway think she's kidding? We don't need to experience something to know that it's bad. We need to know about it. That's good enough.
  • Chakotay, Paris, Kim, & Neelix return from a two week away mission. Their mission was to scan planets and gather dilithium ore. When they return they start having strange visions. Paris is watching television that was replicated for him by Torres.

    Chakotay, Paris, Kim, & Neelix return from a two week away mission. Their mission was to scan planets and gather dilithium ore. When they return they start having strange visions. Paris is watching television that was replicated for him by Torres. He all of the sudden sees a battle on television. He sees himself and tries to change the channel. He realizes he is dreaming. Kim begins having hallucination in a Jefferies Tube. Chakotay has bad dreams. Neelix panics in the mess hall. They all go The Doctor. He says they have new memories. The whole crew has memories. I rate this episode a 9.1
  • All my grandfathers and granduncles also fought in WWII and I agree with MeMoiMeee on that this took a lot of them and that there is always the "what if we wouldn't have had to go through this?". But...

    Especially after seeing the next few episodes I also gotta go with filler, because that's what it is! None of the crew seems to really be effected – in fact, they collectively enjoy a violent "sport" the very next episode. Of cause, that's certainly only because of poor decision making on officials side (probably the creative consultant). But that only makes me confirm my believe, that a 45-minute-episode of a SiFi-series isn't the time or place to elaborate such a matter.

    One the conclusion I gotta go with BadgerBorg it is very Janeway – and in my opinion the perfect solution – though I found it very not Chakotay. I mean he is described – or recently developed – as an antropologist. Making him vote for effectively destroying the memorial seems inconsistent. At least they could have made a connection with Chakotys experiences from "Nemesis". But as complained before: There is a lack of creative consulting.
  • This has been done before, and better....

    It might have been better if they didn't give us the answer in the show's title, to preserve some surprise. But I doubt it.

    Similar things have been done in other shows and much better (for example in the Farscape Episode "Different Destinations"). After the initial shock of Tom Paris waking up after he appears on TV this episode went no where. Obvious solutions, - such as the Doctor supressing memory engrams - were not mentioned or were side stepped. The denouement, - the repair of the memorial - is completely in character for Janeway, as is the touch of leaving a bouy in space to mark the location, but it doesn't really give a feeling of closure. What about the rest of the crew & their distressing, residual memories? Never was the need for a ship's counsellor so evident.

    At the heart of this episode is the continuing Voyager conundrum, - which characters/actors can carry a story line and which ones can at best only ever be supporting characters.

    Those that can include Janeway, Seven, Tuvok & the Doctor.

    Those that can't are Chakotay, Neelix, & Kim.

    Those that can (on a good day with good writing) are Torres & Paris.

    The appearance of the episodes in this season with Barclay & Troi in them only reaffirm that all of the central cast or characters just aren't strong enough to support story lines on their own. Having the Delta Flyer's crew consisting of Chakotay, Neelix, Kim & Paris meant that this episode was always going to struggle to fly.
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