Star Trek: Voyager

Season 6 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2000 on UPN

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  • All my grandfathers and granduncles also fought in WWII and I agree with MeMoiMeee on that this took a lot of them and that there is always the "what if we wouldn't have had to go through this?". But...

    Especially after seeing the next few episodes I also gotta go with filler, because that's what it is! None of the crew seems to really be effected – in fact, they collectively enjoy a violent "sport" the very next episode. Of cause, that's certainly only because of poor decision making on officials side (probably the creative consultant). But that only makes me confirm my believe, that a 45-minute-episode of a SiFi-series isn't the time or place to elaborate such a matter.

    One the conclusion I gotta go with BadgerBorg it is very Janeway – and in my opinion the perfect solution – though I found it very not Chakotay. I mean he is described – or recently developed – as an antropologist. Making him vote for effectively destroying the memorial seems inconsistent. At least they could have made a connection with Chakotys experiences from "Nemesis". But as complained before: There is a lack of creative consulting.
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