Star Trek: Voyager

Season 6 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2000 on UPN

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  • A good idea gone bad…

    A good idea gone bad…

    Let's cut to the chase on this story… 300 years ago an evacuation of some colonists by a military group went bad and they slaughtered the colonists.

    A memorial was erected to the event. It sends out synaptic waves that put the memory of the event in the minds innocent space travelers passing by.

    The idea of a memorial is pretty good. However, putting memories of the event in others as if they PARTICIPATED in the event is ludicrous. If there should be any inclusion in the event it should be on the part of the victims, not the perpetrators. Feel their pain, not the possible guilt of the ones who caused the massacre. That's where the real horror lies. Nevertheless, Janeway decides the memorial should be repaired and preserved. She's rather insistent about this siding with Neelix as opposed to her senior officers. A warning buoy will be placed no doubt to tell future travels to simply ignore the horrors they are experiencing. Who does Janeway think she's kidding? We don't need to experience something to know that it's bad. We need to know about it. That's good enough.
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