Star Trek: Voyager

Season 4 Episode 14

Message In A Bottle

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1998 on UPN

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  • Message In A Bottle


    Message In A Bottle was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of action, suspense, and intrigue. I thought the story was awesome and the Doctor really did an awesome job! The other EMH program from the Prometheus was funny and annoying. It was cool to see Romulans. What the Doctor accomplished almost brought the Captain to tears. This was a nice refreshing episode for viewers and the crew members of Voyager. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • One of (if not THE) best Voyager episodes.

    Personally, I think this had to be one of the better Voyager episodes. A worthwhile storyline, plenty of Humour, and enough action to satisfy.

    In addition to the above, it was nice to see an episode that wasn't directly based on Voyager too. Unlike your typical Voyager episode, in Message in a Bottle, we got to see a little bit of 'home' and what was going on back in the Alpha Quadrant.

    The episode focused around a new ship, and your typical Romulan plot. In addition, we also got to see other Federation starships (which was rare in Voyager). From a Nebula, to an Akira, to (two) Defiant's, along with some Romulan Warbirds.

    All round, this was a great episode, and will remain one of my favourites for years to come.
  • Really good episode! A must see inmho.

    General: After so many time lost in the Delta Quadrant, there is a possibility to send a message home and tell them we are alive. (Forget that Romulan Captain on First Season, he didn't make it, apparently)

    I really love the episodes based on the Doctor character. Well, now on 7of9 too, sorry ;-)But this one is the best. The episode is well plotted and with a great dosis of humour, mainly concerning the duet between the two holographic doctors aboard of the Prometheus. It also introduce us to a new nasty species that will have the Voyager's crew hands very busy in the future. Watch it and you won't regret.
  • One of the best Voyager episodes....

    Since being lost in space nearly four years ago, the USS Voyager is always looking for a way home and sending out an SOS. One day, Seven Of Nine discovers a code that is coming from a Federation ship called the Prometheus to the Alpha Quadrant (home). When they cannot send a transmission, the Voyager crew finds out that they are able to send the Doctor's program over to the ship to send the message to Starfleet that Voyager is OK but lost. However, when the Doctor shows up on the Prometheus he finds it crawling with Romulans and it is up to him to save the day - him and the EMH Doctor of the Prometheus that is.

    The Doctor, played by Robert Picardo, is my favorite character from Star Trek: Voyager and that may have something to do with the fact that I consider "Message In A Bottle" to be one of the best episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Picardo is great in the episode but it also simply has a great story - the good visuals help out too. Andy Dick guest stars as the Prometheus' EMH Doctor - but do not let that scare you away. Yes, Andy Dick is annoying (although good in many NewsRadio episodes) but he is not too bad here. "Message In A Bottle" is exciting, well written, and has great acting from Picardo but it also features an important hope-giving milestone for the Voyager crew.
  • Turns out to be a pivotal episode…

    Turns out to be a pivotal episode…

    Voyager discovers an ancient relay network which allows communication to the Alpha Quadrant. Using this network, they spot a Federation starship and attempt to communicate with it. However, the communication fails although they figure they could send the Doctor's program through to the ship.

    When the Doctor gets there, he finds that the Starfleet crew is dead and the Romulans are in control of the ship. However, still functioning on the ship is a more advance Starfleet medical hologram (EMH-2) played by Andy Dick. Andy Dick is a great comedian and the interplay between him and the Doctor to regain control of the starship, defeat the Romulans, and complete the Doctor's mission is priceless. It's well done and not over the top at all. Humor also isn't lacking back in the Delta Quadrant. The network may be ancient but it is now claimed by the Hirogens (who will shortly figure in several future episodes). They cut Voyager's link to the network. Janeway tries diplomacy but it doesn't work so Seven sends a stun-signal through the network knocking out an interfering Hirogen. It's a very funny scene.

    Also, Tom Paris is quickly bored tending to sickbay while the Doctor is away. He asks Harry to write a new hologram program for him. Harry tries but the hologram can only start reciting Grey's Anatomy. This is only marginally funny. Needless to say, the Doctor completes his mission and returns to Voyager to give them the good news. They are no longer alone in their attempts to get home. It's a turning point in the series.

    I only have two problem of a technical/logistical nature with this episode, each of which I try and repress and don't consider fatal. One is the ongoing concept that the Doctor can only exist in one computer system at time. He's a program. He could exist on both the Prometheus and Voyager at the same time in the same way any software can run in more than one place. There may be a sync problem between the two programs at some point but I'm sure that's something that would be manageable. Secondly, Janeway describes the Prometheus as being in Deep Space, yet they are within minutes of the Romulan border. Overall, this is an episode you will enjoy watching more than once.
  • Ground Breaking Episode!

    well this is it...after 4 years of everyone thinking the voyager crew are dead they finally have the chance to make contact with the alpha quadrant and let everyone know they are alive and well!! the families, the friends, the lovers, can you imagine everyone's relief finding out that someone they thought they had lost was actually alive!....well the Doctor is the man to deliver the message, however as he beams to the federation ship he discovers a small problem ....the crew are dead and the ship has been taken over by Romulans!

    there's nobody onboard able to help him...but wait...this ship also has an EMH ....get ready because this is one of the best voyager eps ever written!

    its a wild ride!
  • Seven locates an alien relay station that reaches all the way to the Alpha Quadrant. Using the relay station, Seven locates a Starfleet vessel on the edge of Alpha Quadrant. Janeway has an idea, she sends a message to the vessel.

    Seven locates an alien relay station that reaches all the way to the Alpha Quadrant. Using the relay station, Seven locates a Starfleet vessel on the edge of Alpha Quadrant. Janeway has an idea, she sends a message to the vessel. The message does not make it. It bounces back. It is possible to send a holographic data transmission and it will go a long way without bouncing back. It works. They send The Doctor to the other vessel. Now aboard the U.S.S. Prometheus, The Doctor finds all of the Starfleet crew are dead. The Romulans have hijacked the ship.
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