Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 5

Non Sequitur

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 1995 on UPN

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  • Kim wakes up on Earth in his hot girlfriend's arms... and tries to get back to Voyager?

    After all these years, Nomad's catch phrase (which is Latin for "does not follow") serves as the title for a good Voyager episode that takes it literally.

    This Earth-based story steps outside of the usual Voyager formula and sets for a memorable Harry Kim story that makes good use of Paramount's New York street back lot.

    Waking up in an alternate reality, Kim gets a good look at "What if?" as if he never was able to join Voyager for the ill-fated mission. They try to do the "It's a Wonderful Life" thing where Paris and the guy taking Kim's place on the ship are worse off due to the new timeline, because the writers need a reason for Kim to try to change things back. (Really, the show should have just made this a Paris episode. He could discover he's in a new reality where he's turned down the Voyager assignment and is in prison, forcing him to go on the run and try to set things right. He could still hook up with Harry, who Paris was unable to save at DS9, and the end could basically be the same).

    In a way, "Non Sequitur" a small scale version of TNG's finale, "All Good with the aliens, like Q, explaining the nature of what's going on in the middle rather than the end, and Kim, with no proof of what's going on, having to rely on his closest friends to help him set things right. That includes his girlfriend, Libby, played by Jennifer Gatti. Last seen in TNG's "Birthright" as Worf's romantic interest, Gatti plays it much the same here, giving Libby a sweetness and innocence while the writers find creative ways to show her half naked throughout the episode. Libby even gets in on the action, blocking an exit to stop Starfleet Security from chasing Kim, which you would think wouldn't work considering she weighs about 100 pounds. Fortunately for her, the security personnel seem to be Star Trek's equivalent of the Keystone Cops, bumbling their way through the whole episode.

    Like first season's "Emanations", it's a bit surprising that this ambitious episode isn't a two parter, letting it dig deeper into the plot and spread out the cost of the unique environment. As a standalone episode, however, it works fine (making good use of some stock Starfleet shots from the movies) and is one of the more fun episodes of the season.

  • We'll always have Paris (get it?)

    Harry has a life in this reality, which puts him back on Earth with hot fiance, sexy apartment and bright future ahead. So, he wants to go back to not having a life and being a low ranking ensign in the Delta Quadrant. Huh. These types of episodes where everyone except one person knows the "truth," are so cruel to actors having to perform all these cliched scenes: "But I"m not supposed to be here!" "This isn't right?" etc etc etc
  • Leave Him There

    Oh Harry how your episodes are dull and ridiculous. We don;t care about your longing for home. we don;t care about your lonely heart and we don't care to hear you whine anymore. Grow up for chrissake your a Starfleet Officer and need to stop whining about everything.

    This is another one of those "Back to Earth" episodes that just stink to high heaven. Star Trek needs to just stop doing this and never ever strand people back on earth in another time or reality. It's lazy mans writing and just shoddy work altogether.
  • Non Sequitur


    Non Sequitur was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode which focused on Ensign Harry Kim. There was a lot of character development as we saw a glimpse into what Harry's life was like back home. The story of this episode is not necessarily unique however it was well played here and I enjoy psychological thriller mysteries. It was interesting to see the other version of Paris. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!!!

  • Due to an accident on board a shuttle he was piloting, Harry finds himself in an alternate future, one which shows just what he left behind when Voyager got lost so far out in space. In essence he's left with a choice: Should he stay, or try to get back?

    This was an excellent episode. Not only did it focus primarily on one of the most underused and underdeveloped characters of the show, it showed just what exactly Harry had left behind when Voyager got lost. The situation gave him a choice, and his answer showed his character: although he could have had his life back the way it may possibly would have been if he'd never been assigned to Voyager, he couldn't just abandon his friends and his ship to wander somewhere out in the Delta quadrant. Though no one in that reality would know, he himself would have had to live with the knowledge he'd abandoned them all, and his real post.
    I also liked the way that he seemed able to get through to that reality's Tom Paris, just like he'd been able to make friends with him in his own reality. I have a feeling the two of them would have been friends in any reality once they'd met.
    Getting to see Jennifer Gatti in the role of Libby was just another side bonus. I'd liked her in her guest role as Ba'el on Deep Space Nine, and wish they could have brought her in as a regular somehow, but... Voyager left a lot of unfulfilled wishes. At least with this episode, we got to see a lot deeper into Harry in some ways than we did in many of the others.
  • What if???

    'Non-Sequitur' is primarily a Harry Kim episode. It involves Harry being in a shuttle accident and being 'transported' into an alternate reality, one in which he was never on baord Voyager, but instead joined the Engineering Corps back on Earth. What I found really interesting about this episode is the attitude of the alternate Tom Paris. Is this what would have really happened to him had he not served on Voyager? Would he really have ended up as a bitter drunk who spends his days shooting pool and hanging out with 'questionable' people? I will admit however, that it was good to see him have a change of heart towards the end of the episode to help Harry return to his proper reality.

    I also found it helpful to see Harry as something other than the whinging ensign. Seeing the life he would have led makes him more real somehow. Before this episode, he came off as mostly one dimensional. All you knew about him was that he was very close to his parents, so it was good to see another side of him.

    The concept of 'Non-Sequitur' was well grounded and the episode was executed brilliantly. I love all alternate reality Star Trek shows, so I might be a bit bias in saying so, but I really do like this episode.
  • BRILLIANT! ....but would you have gone back????

    your lost on the other side of the quadrant, everyone at home thinks you're dead, you have NO way of telling them you're alive, you are looking at a 70 year journey through unknown space with the only inhabitants known to the federation being the Borg, the odds of making it home are very low


    due to an anomoly in the space time continuem you are back on earth in an alternate reality, you have your job, family, beautiful fiance, everything is perfect, yet kim wants to get back gotta ask yourself if that was you ...would you have returned?

    It was only when i watched this epiosde again recently that i started thinking that part of me would have probably wanted to stay in that reality

    the main reasons kim seems to want to get back is Tom Paris - who would have been fine anyway and Danny Bird who from the sounds of things was a bully (5:21 Juggernaught)

    i dunno ...all i do know is this episode is brilliant! and Garrett Wang must have been smiling when he got the script for this one
  • Harry Kim wakes up in the 24th Century San Francisco. How could this be? He was just on a shuttlecraft. He is glad to see Libby, his girlfriend. He asks Libby what is today’s date.

    Harry Kim wakes up in the 24th Century San Francisco. How could this be? He was just on a shuttlecraft. He is glad to see Libby, his girlfriend. He asks Libby what is today’s date. He surprise to find out it is the last date he remembered, but where is “the voyager”. He finds that he is actually an engineer for a new runabout ship design. He insists he is a member of “the Voyager Crew”. He is informed he never was part of the Voyager crew. He is trying to find his way back to his reality.
  • An interesting diversion to the series, however that's about all it is.

    In this episode, we find Harry Kim mysteriously transported back to earth in the present, where it turns out he never served on Voyager. Is this a simulation? An alien plot? A dream? Although this was a simple filler episode in my opinion, it does give a glimpse of Kim's life before Voyager, as well as well as how Tom Paris' life could have turned out had he not been on Voyager. As this is a Kim-centric episode, we do get to see how he handles himself in a strange and confusing situation - with Starfleet's professional bearing. This episode could easily be skipped, however it does allow a little more character development for Kim.
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