Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1995 on UPN
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Stardate: 49068.5
After Neelix and Paris come to blows over Kes, they find themselves trapped together on a planet dubbed "Planet Hell" and become the unwilling parents of an infant alien. They must set their differences aside and work together in order to save the infant's life, while Voyager's search mission is delayed by an alien attack.


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    • Paris: Lock onto us, Voyager. If you hear muffled screams, consider that a request for a beam-out.

    • Neelix: (to Paris) We lost communication with Voyager thirty seconds ago. You don't have to impress me with your technobabble.

    • Neelix: I feel I owe you an apology.
      Paris: No, you don't.
      Neelix: I had no right to push that pasta in your lap.
      Paris: Well, think of it this way. You saved me from having to eat it. Nothing personal, but I just don't have an affinity for hair in my food.

    • Neelix: Look, I don't know how it is in your quadrant, but in mine we don't abandon a newborn... thing.
      Paris: Fine, fine. You made your point. I officially designate you it's godfather.

    • Neelix: This creature is our responsibility.
      Paris: Ours?!
      Neelix: Look, the moment we came in here it became our responsibility.
      Paris: And you expect to take care of this thing until, what? It graduates from high school... college....?

    • Kes: On my homeworld it's so much simpler. You choose a mate for life. There's no distrust, no jealousy, no envy, no betrayal.
      The Doctor: Hmmm. Your world must have very dry literature.

    • Neelix: I'll kill you!
      Paris: It's too late. I'm betting your hair pasta already did the trick.

    • Kes: Neelix and Tom Paris had a physical... fight... over me.
      The Doctor: How delightful.
      Kes: Delightful?!
      The Doctor: You should consider it a high compliment. Throughout history men have fought over the love of a woman. Why, I can quote you autopsy reports from as far back as 1538.
      Kes: That's not funny!
      The Doctor: It's not meant to be. You've always been interested in autopsies.

    • Paris: I think I'm in trouble.
      Kim: What's new?
      Paris: I think I'm in love.
      Kim: What's new?
      Paris: With Kes.
      Kim: Kes?!

    • The Doctor: I'm a doctor, not a voyeur.

    • Janeway: Set a course for Planet Hell, Commander.

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