Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1995 on UPN

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  • Neelix and Paris bond

    With Neelix's jealousy and possessive issues the most grating part of the character in the first two seasons, this episode brings good and bad news. The good is that the issues are finally put to bed. The bad is that it takes an episode all about them to do so.

    Neelix shares the A story with Paris, with the two crashing a shuttlecraft and discovering a new lifeform, while the rest of the crew get the B story about the search for their missing people. Along the way, the writer tosses in some inside jokes, having the characters mention longtime backstage terms "planet hell" and "technobabble" and finds a way to work in the plot of Three Men and a Baby (1987). (Sadly, we don't get to hear Neelix and Paris sing "Goodnight, Sweetheart, well it's time to go").

    The episode stays true to the roots of Star Trek, showing respect for all lifeforms, and it's better for Neelix and Paris to look after an alien baby than to turn into aliens and give birth to one. (The word "Parturition" actually means "the act of giving birth"). Besides, the director of Three Men and a Baby is supposedly a Star Trek fan, and he probably enjoyed contributing to the franchise, if only in a small, indirect way.

  • #teamParis

    C'mon people, lets face it, in real life Kes would have kissed Neelix goodbye to hook up with sexypants Tom Paris the moment she landed on that ship. Aslo, in real life, he wouldn't have been hot for her, she's super dull, cute enough but dull! I don't know who to blame, Jennifier Lien, the writers, the producers? Why didn't they give her a personality? Talent? Humor? Mystery? Passion? Something! They gave her super weak, underdeveloped telekinetic abilities and made her a nurse. Seriously. The show got it right later on when they paired Tom with B'Elana.
  • Ehh What's The Purpose

    The need for this story arc is just silly. Neelix and Paris having a testosterone party over Kes. Who cares, she's ANNOYING just let Neelix have her for pity's sake. Then to strand them on a planet where they have to take care of an alien baby and that bringing them closer together is just silly. Belch....
  • Parturition


    Parturition was a fair episode of Star Trek: Voyager because it was a littleunnecessary and outdrawn as Paris and Neelix get into a fight over Kes. The episode wasn't terrible and there was character growth and development. The cool thing about the episode were the aliens that Neelix and Paris saw. I wish we could have seen more of them and learned about them. It was cool to have this little rivalry thing under the bridge and now we can move on and hope it doesn't flair up again. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!

  • An obligatory 'feel good' episode.

    Finally, after over a season of Neelix's growing jealousy towards Tom Paris, a fight breaks out between the two over Kes. When Tom and Neelix are then required to pilot a shuttlecraft to the surface of a nearby planet together, they are forced to work our thier differences. This episode was obviously engineered to resolve this conflict via the time honored 'it is difficult to hate someone when you have to rely on them' plot. Not much in the way of an important storyline per se, but it does finally address the issues between the two characters, hopefully allowing a new begining between the characters.
  • Kes is getting flight instructions from Paris. Kes does pretty well. Paris is falling for Kes. He lets his friend Harry Kim know this. Paris and Kim go to the mess hall who should be there, none other than Kes.

    Kes is getting flight instructions from Paris. Kes does pretty well. Paris is falling for Kes. He lets his friend Harry Kim know this. Paris and Kim go to the mess hall and who should be there, none other than Kes. Neelix senses Paris is attracted to Kes, So Neelix provokes an attack on Paris. Janeway has both of them in her office. She want them both to work it out. Janeway send both Paris and Neelix on an away mission. The mission is to a planet dubbed Planet Hell. The atmosphere of the planet is barely breathable.
  • Another clunker episode from Season 2 that gets worse as it unfolds.

    Another clunker episode from Season 2 that gets worse as it unfolds.

    Neelix continues to be jealous of Tom Paris and Kes. He attacks Paris in the mess hall and they have a food fight.

    Now, let's get real. Tom Paris. Handsome. Adventurous. Neelix. A lizard. Who do you think Kes would like?

    Janeway, who is usually much more in tune with the conflicts within her crew can't get a straight answer about the fight. Supporting a new hairdo, she simply tells them to handle it and sends them on a shuttle mission together. Naturally, the shuttle crashes stranding the two combatants together. They encounter an alien hatchling which they proceed to "adopt." This is somewhat cute and sugary. An insulin injection might be required as they set aside their differences and work together to help the unfortunate alien. Needless to say, they also resolve their differences with Tom admitting he likes Kes but has too much respect for Neelix to act upon it. Yeah, right.