Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 1995 on UPN

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  • A good old medical drama

    Boy, when you're creating a Star Trek episode, it takes guts to remakes "Spock's Brain", but that's basically what this one is, with Neelix's lungs serving as the McGuffin. This time, the writers get it largely right, turning it into a medical drama that gives Robert Picardo an opportunity to show off his stuff. Stepping into his first "Doctor" episode, Picardo has plenty of sardonic wit, but he hasn't developed too much more for the character, leaving plenty of improvement for future episodes. Fortunately, starting simple before growing throughout the series works for a hologram who was just "born", giving him an interesting arc. In the meantime, Picardo needs help carrying "Phage", and he gets it. Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and Jennifer Lien (Kes) step into the roles of a paraplegic and his loved one respectively and turn this into arguably their best episode together. Lien has already established Kes as assertive but polite by this point, and it works especially well within the context of this plot. Phillips meanwhile, gets plenty of opportunities to develop the Talaxian, with Neelix experiencing a broad range of activities, from setting up makeshift kitchen to exploring a planet to waking up on a medical table unable to move. He uses the spectrum to add depth to his character, allowing us to draw closer to him.

    In the B story, Janeway hunts down Neelix's lungs, thankfully not running into any miniskirted girls in the process. It's pretty standard fare for the most part, but it does lead to an unexpected conclusion and gives us the first real display of how protective the captain is of her crew.

    The organ harvesting Vidiians return for several more episodes, beginning with "Faces" later in the first season, but "Phage" provides a strong and memorable foundation.

  • bedside manners and nasty aliens

    in this episode we meet the grotesque looking Vidilians, the nasty race of aliens that kill others for their organs

    all you need to know is that this episode is entertaining enough, thanks to Neelix and his interactions with the Holographic Doctor who has a hilarious cranky bedside manner

    it's alright, not exhilarating or classic but not an epic waste of time as we humans in our current century have moral dilemmas to conquer when it comes to organ donation, stem cell research, etc etc
  • Phage


    Phage was a superb episode of Star Trek Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it has a classic feel to it and I'm sure will be a much remembered episode full of character development. It was fun to see Nelix's new kitchen in the Captain's private dining chambers. I also thought it was cool how Captain Janeway let Nelix go on the mission. After what happens the crew pursue an alien ship and finally meet the ones who took some thing vital from Nelix. It was definitely not what I as a viewer thought would happen, and it was great to see the reaction of the Captain as she learned a horrible truth about the aliens. This was a thought provoking episode and I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek Voyager!!!!!!!

  • Entertaining and somewhat suspenseful episode. Full of good humor and Starfleet protocols.

    Most of the episodes where the doctor has a big part are the more enjoyable ones. He has such a great expressions, distaste for his predicament and general lack of skills for interaction. And at the opposite we have Kes who seems to see beauty in every corner and is well liked by all. When together in the medical bay the sparks just fly.

    We are introduced to a strange and ugly race plagued by the page. This race, though very unpleasant to watch or even listen to, is a bit of a master stroke from the creators. Mostly because at every turn they make us question so many things. Do they have rights to harvest organs from other races in order to preserve their own race? Can Kathryn kill them to retrieve organs they have stolen?

    I've always considered Star Trek fantastic due to the fact that such questions are explored. Next Generation did a lot of this, while Deep Space Nine forgot such philosophy or at least swapped it out for ongoing storyline. But this episode of Voyager seems to remember the roots of how new emotions, new questions and challenging dilemmas should be what the creators of Star Trek have always explored. Who doesn't remember Kirk kissing green alien woman,... and all the questions that could be pondered just by that simple scene. It was provocative and it was good television.

    While loving their commitment to old Star Trek, I dearly hate the caves. The beaming down into a cave, that always is conveniently just the right height for humans, which always has many corridors to get lost in and always has enemies hiding out around the corner, just gets old. It is cheap and easy, both on the budget and on the mind of the story writers. They should challenge themselves more!

    This was a good episode though. The story went on without hiccups and one couldn't help but be excited about what would come next. After the initial cave thing hit had unexpected turns, with some clever twists at the end.
  • Another great early Voyager episode. Very thought provoking as well…

    Another great early Voyager episode. Very thought provoking as well…

    On an away mission, someone steals Neelix's lungs. Back aboard Voyager, the Doctor fashions a pair of halographic lungs for him but if they can't get the real ones back, he'll spend his life immobilized.

    Janeway and the crew give chase to the organ stealing aliens and the stakes continue to rise as the hunt and evasion is on. Eventually they capture them. These are Vidiians who will figure occasionally as Voyager moves through the Delta Quadrant. They are a race plagued by a disease called the Phage which destroys their body organs. To survive, they harvest body parts of others. In this introduction, they are somewhat sympathetic and Janeway does sympathize with them but simply can't accept the way they steal body parts in order to live. And, since one of them already has Neelix's lungs, she can't bring herself to kill him in order to get them back. This is a true moral dilemma and has been around since the days of "Coma." The story resolves itself pretty easily since the Vidiians know how to transplant a lung from Kes to Neelix and thus solve his immediate problem. I guess no one thought that Kes only lives 9 years and so this might not be a long term solution for Neelix.

    Two character developments occur in this story. First, Neelix warns Kes that Tom Paris can't be trusted and he doesn't like him. His jealousy will continue for several future episodes. Second, Kes will become an assistant to the doctor; a function she'll continue going forward. Overall, enjoyable with rising stakes and the introduction of some pretty disgusting villains.
  • This episode is superb. I liked the part when they launched the low powered phaser and it bounced off the bulk heads and they found the alien ship. What kind of specimens were the aliens?. This episode is well written and it has a good storyboard.

    On a scale of 1 to 50 I rate this episode 50.0%. I also liked the part when Kes donated one of her lungs to Neelix. And the holographic protections of the Voyager that was clever ,their must have been 15 holographic protections of the Voyager. And the part when Neelix set up a galley in the dining hall that was funny.
  • The “Voyager” has found a planetoid believed to have amounts of raw dilithium. An away team beams onto the planetoid to find the raw dilithuim. All they find is caves with rock formations. Neelix is inside one of these caves and goes into shock.

    The “Voyager” has found a planetoid believed to have amounts of raw dilithium. An away team beams onto the planetoid to find the raw dilithuim. All they find is caves with rock formations. Neelix is inside one of these caves and goes into shock. It seems as if something has stolen his lungs. He is beamed directly to sick bay. The doctor can’t give Neelix real lungs, so he creates holographic lungs. They will work fine as long as Neelix does not move. Now Captain Janeway is searching for the aliens who did this to Neelix
  • Saving Nelix....and Kes and the Doctors assisant

    I think Nelix's emotions show very much in this episode. He thinks that he may have to stay in the machine with the artificial lungs. He is very emotional and doesn't want to be alone. A lot of feelings come out while he is in the sick bay. He does not want to live in there the rest of his life. It would be ashame if Nelix did die. He is an excellent cook and a great ship morale officer. Kes will be a good assistant to the Doctor. I think she is willing to learn as much as she can possibly is her short life aboard voyager.
  • Neelix has his lungs stolen by dying survivors from a race called Vidiians. They stole it to try and find a cure for a virus known as the Phage

    Interesting episode. Neelix has his lungs stolen from two aliens from a race called the Vidiians. These two are what's left of them so far because a virus known as the Phage is killing them off. In desperation and ala Dr. Frankenstein they begin stealing live organs to find a cure.

    It was a interesting episode. Neelix is paralyzed and has a hard time as can be imagined from coping in the situation.
    Meanwhile Kes begins to bond more and more with the holographic Doctor. The Doctor and Paris enable holographic lungs to keep Neelix alive temporarily.

    This episode is really about love and desperation. Kes donates one of her lungs so Neelix her longtime companion can live. A very well acted episode.
  • Neelix doesn't die...the first disappointment.

    Another episode that helps sets the functions of the accredited characters. Here we are first introduced to the Vidiians and Kess as an assistant to the Doctor. Neelix is put into a critical condition. It is still at a point that Neelix hasn't reached Jar-Jar annoying but any fan who watches the first Season DVD set (or any of the seasons that we have to put up with him) sees him die and wishes he stayed that way. This episode is not nearly as disappointing as the one where he does die but Seven decides to bring him back...but I digress. This is the first time we are introduced to the Vidiians and won't be the last time Voyager encounters them. This episode helps set up some of the dangers besides the Kazon that the crew will face.
  • While away on a rogue planet searching for dilithium to power the ship's engines, Neelix is attacked and his lungs are surgically removed.

    This is probably the best regular episode of Voyager up to date. We are introduced to a great new villain, whom, unlike even the Borg, you feel sorry for despite them almost killing one of your favourite characters. Both the Doctor and Neelix are faced with new dilemmas, and almost crack under the pressure. We get a first look at what would later become the mess hall, and we hear of some of the things the crew must do to adapt to life in a part of the galaxy where there are no other starfleet ships, no admirals, no starbases, and no colonies. There is also an interesting special effects shot during Act 3 that almost to itself makes the episode interesting to watch. In the end, all is well thanks to the "villain's" compassion, and the writers try to give Kes a new dimension by assigning her to train with the Doctor.