Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2001 on UPN
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Stardate: 54704.5
When Q's son becomes reckless and uncontrollable, Q places him in Captain Janeway's care for a week.

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  • Q2

    Q2 was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a fun and interesting story, some action, drama, and intrigue. Q brought his son to stay with Captain Janeway and it was fun to watch her help Q2 go through a quest of growth and development under Janeway's supervision. There were some really great scenes and dialogue. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • As the series is about to end…a Q episode is dished up…

    As the series is about to end…a Q episode is dished up…

    We haven't seen Q around Voyager since the 3rd season. When last we saw him, he and his wife decided to use their "magic" to make a baby. Now, the little tyke is grown up as a rebellious teenager.

    In a bow to never following logic when it comes to the Q, the writers have Q asking Janeway to help with the kid. After stripping the kid of his powers, Janeway gives him chores and assignments. Naturally, he cheats like any other kid. He pleads for a second chance but is pretty soon taking the family car (a shuttle) out for a spin with his fellow teen, Icheb. There is a catastrophe encounter with an alien and Icheb may not survive unless Q/Jr. goes back and back and finds out about the weapons used on Icheb so the doctor can heal him.

    Well, Jr. does the right thing and accepts responsibility for his actions. This is enough for Q/Dad who had set the whole situation up in order to prove his son's Q-ness. Periodically, we find ourselves asking what did he need Janeway for and why is he bothering Voyager for something he could do and does do himself?

    Such is one of the continual problems whenever the magical Q appear on the scene. There isn't anything they can't do so why are they bothering mere mortals with their problems? And, because of their magical abilities, any suspense created can always be resolved by a blink of the eyes, a twitch of the nose, a snap of the fingers, or whatever visualization the magically inclined use to invoke their powers these days. That means there's no suspense.

    There is some interesting casting here with John de Lancie's real life son (Keegan) being cast as Q2. The young actor really pulls it off however a teenager playing a teenager isn't that much of a stretch. And, overall the idea of teenage rebellion hasn't been done on Voyager. Lets' face it, Icheb is boring. At least Q2 brought some needed variation to the ship.

    And one final interesting point. At the end, Janeway asks Q if he would magically transport them back to Alpha Quadrant. It's about time. She'd been tempted by that in the previous Q encounters but never simply came out and asked him to work his magic. Well, for the sake of the remaining episodes of the series, Q declines.

    Overall, I liked this better than the two earlier Q stories and rate it slightly higher than those two story lines mainly because presenting teenage rebellion (Q or not) is something they should have done a long time ago.moreless
  • Q is Q.

    Wow, I am really surprised to see Q on Star Trek Voyager. I think that if the writers had something better in store they would have used it. Either way, I was glad to see Q in this series. It was actually a break from the normal storylines that have been seen on Voyager. I liked the fact that he was in a little bit of a piackle in terms of his situation. He wasn't his normal smart witted self and actually needed Janeway's help. This was a good episode and had good writing and a good story. It was nice. Thank you.moreless
  • Q's son is a brat and Q comes to Janeway to sraighten him out. Q2 plunges Voyager into perilous situations, until Q removes his powers, rendering him moral, just as Q was mortal in an episode of the Next Generation. Q2 learns sacrifice and selflessness.moreless

    Q entrusts Q2, his teenage son, with Janeway to learn humanity and self sacrifice. After many false starts, Q2 is stripped of his powers and must learn to function as a human. He uses Icheb for his assignments, a fact not lost on Janeway. Believing his father does not love him, he steals a shuttle and seriosly injures Icheb. No treatment can save Icheb, and Q2 offers his own life to save him. Then he learns it was really a ruse by Q to see if the boy had the right stuff, and Icheb is restored to good health. The Q continuum agrees Q2 can stay a Q provided Q accompanies him and controls him. As a result of Janeway's help, Q cuts several years off her journey home.moreless
  • Guess who is paying Voyager a visit? It is Q and his son Q (Q2). Q2 was and infant over four year ago. Now he is and adolescence. He surely acts like a teen. He is totally irresponsible. Q wants to leave Q2 with Janeway so he can learn about humanity.moreless

    Guess who is paying Voyager a visit? It is Q and his son Q (Q2). Q2 was and infant over four year ago. Now he is and adolescence. He surely acts like a teen. He is totally irresponsible. Q wants to leave Q2 with Janeway so he can learn about humanity. The young Q2 wants to play. He even provokes the Borg to chase after Voyager. The elder Q is not amused. He scolds his son. The Continuum wants Q to straighten the boy out. Q2 is very rebellious. Janeway teaches the boy that you have to earn people's respect. I give this episode a 9.5moreless
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Robert Picardo

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