Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 22

Real Life

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1997 on UPN

Episode Recap

On the holodeck, a mom calls for her two children Jeffery and Belle to go downstairs to say goodbye to their father who is on his way to work. The Doctor comes down the stairs and says his individual goodbyes to his perfect holographic family as he goes to work. The Doctor then appears in sick bay with Kes.

**Opening Credits**

Voyager is an hour away from a science station. When they arrive at the coordinates they only find debri. It seems that the science station along with the 60 scientist on board have been destroyed. While investigating what has happened, Harry detects some plasma particles that are coming from subspace. They follow the trial of particles.

In sickbay B'Elanna is running a diagnostic on the Doctor and gives him a clean bill of health. The Doctor mentions his family to B'Elanna and invites her and Kes to dinner.

In the holodeck, B'Elanna, Kes, The Doctor and his family are eating dinner. The Doctor's wife mentions she took a course in continental cuisine to replicate different meals for Kenneth (The Doctors name with his family). Kes mentions they only call him doctor. In the middle of the meal, B'Elanna freezes the program. The Doctor asks why and B'Elanna tells the doctor that his family is to nice and sweet and is very unrealistic as to how real families behave and interact with each other. B'Elanna offers to make the modifications to make his family more realistic and not so perfect.

On the bridge Tom reports to the Captain that the particles they have been following are starting to disappear. Just then Harry and Commander Chakotay detect a subspace desruption. The bridge starts to shake and a giant anomaly appears infront of Voyager.


The Captian gives the order to ready weapons to try and disperse it, but before they can, it disappears.
Captain Janeway decides to stay and study the phenomenon because this is something that no one has ever seen before. The anomaly is highly charged with plasma and Commander Chakotay recommends that maybe they could try and use it on the ship. The Captain decides to set senors to scan subspace so they may predict when another anomaly may appear.

In sickbay, the Doctor tells Kes that he gave B'Elanna the good ahead to make the modifications on his family so he could go through the full experience of a real family. Kes asks the Doctor if he thinks he's ready for it and the Doctor replies that he feels he is fully capable of handling whatever might occur. The Doctor then transports himself to the holodeck.

On the holodeck, the Doctor arrives home only to find loud music blasting in the background and a not so tidy home. His wife is on her way out to a speak at the embassy and reminds him its his night to cook, his daughter, Belle, is going nuts because she's going to be late for practice, and his son, Jeffery is listening to very loud Klingon music that everyone finds irritating. Just then there is a knock at the door and there are two teenage Klingon boys at the door who claim to be Jefferey's friends. The Doctor tells them they have to go because his son is doing his homework, but his son invites them to come up to his room, and they do, all the while his daughter is throwing a temper tanturm in the background.


Tom finds B'Elanna in the mess hall, reading a Klingon romance novel. B'Elanna mentions the Doctors family to Tom and tells him she's got to "give him credit" because he's "sticking with it." Just then the mess hall starts to shake and another anomaly appears outside the window. Captain Janeway calls all senior officers to the bridge.

On the bridge the Captain asks Tom to send a probe into the anomaly. The probe is launched and it starts sending Voyager all kinds of readings about the anomaly. Chakotay asks if its possible to transfer some of the plasma from the anomaly to the ship, B'Elanna is hesitant and skeptical about doing so. Before anything else is said or done, the anomaly dissipates. Chakotay asks where the probe went and Harry informs him its disappeared but still sending out readings. The readins show that the probe has gone somewhere that is neither in space nor subspace. The Captain sends Tom to sickbay so the Doctor can give him something to protech him from radiation so that he can take a shuttle into the next anomaly to get some plasma.

In sickbay the Doctor gives Tom some medication to temporarly protect him from any radiation. The Doctor comments to Paris that he must of been one of those children that took risks and caused his parents grief. Tom then asks the Doctor about his family. The Doctor tells Tom he has come up with a way to solve all his family problems.

In the holodeck the Doctor his wife and daughter are waiting for Jefferey for a family meeting. When the Doctor's son finally gets to the meeting, the Doctor passes around some new rules and schedules he wants his family to follow. The Doctors wife and daughter are upset that the he rearranged their lecture and competion meets for different days and Jeffery is upset that the Doctor is imposing the rule of no Klingon friends. Jeffery and the Doctors wife storm off but Belle reluctantly agrees to do as her father asks so he can feel better about his efforts of being a good father.

In the shuttlecraft Tom is experiencing lots of turbulance. Once the anomaly dissipates, Tom starts to collect plasma but another anomaly forms infront of the shuttle. The Captain orders Tom to return to the ship but before Tom can leave he gets pulled into the anomaly and it disperses once again with Tom still trapped inside.


Harry tries to filter out all the interference to try and pick up Tom's signal. Tom relies to the ship that he does not know where he is, but there are more anomaly's where he is now.

In sickbay the Doctor is finding it difficult to work. He asks Kes to assist him. He then admits to Kes he is having problems at home and that he can't get them off his mind. Kes tells the Doctor he should go home since sickbays is not busy and spend some time with his family. The Doctor transfers his program over to the holodeck.

On the holodeck the Doctor walks into his home to find his son and his two Klingon friends talking and handling a knife. The Doctor confronts the boys about the knife's usage being for a Klingon ritual of voilence to become a warrior. The Doctor demands to know who was going to use the knife. When no one answers him, the Doctor asks the two teenaged Klingons to leave. Jefferey beings yelling at his father that he has ruined everything. The Doctor confronts his son if he was going to use the knife. Jeffery tells him he finds the Klingon customs very honorable, but when the Doctor tells his son these things are wrong he tells his father he'll leave home and then he goes to his room. The Doctor then gets a message from his wife that Belle has been involved in an accident.

Still on the holodeck but in what seems to be a hospital, Belle is on a bed and the Doctor covers her with a blanket. The Doctors wife walks in and he tells her that he and another doctor have done all they can do for Belle but there's nothing else that can be done and she will die. The doctors wife wont accept the news and goes out to find the other doctor. Belle wakes up and asks her father whats happened to her. His daughters questions are to overwhelming for him, so the Doctor ends the program.


Kes finds the Doctor back in sickbay and asks about his family. The Doctor informs her that he's going to stop the program because he feels he's gotten everything he needed out of the program.

On the bridge Tom concludes he's somewhere between space and subspace and that is why Voyager can't find him. Tom believes the way for him to get out is the same way he got in. Tom flies the shuttle into one of the anomaly's that is about ready to erupt into space. An electrical burst causes Tom to fly out of his seat and onto the floor. Tom climbs back into his seat. Not to long after a piece of debri hits the shuttlecraft. Voyager is finally able to get the shuttlecraft onto the ship and they transport Tom directly to sickbay.

In sickbay the Doctor treats Tom's injury's all the while lecturing him about his risk taking and how it may affect others. The Doctor pauses for a moment and apologizes to Tom for the way he reacted. The Doctor confides in Tom about his daughter Belles condition and that she is going to die so he shut down the program. Tom explains to the Doctor that with a family comes both good times and bad ones but those things makes them grow closer and stronger, a real family.

Back in the holodeck the doctor restarts the program. He goes over to his daughter and holds her hand and tells her she is very sick and is going die. She asks her father to stay with her. The Doctors wife and son walk in and Jefferey hugs his dad. He then goes over to Belle and hands her a small blankie with pink trimming. They all comfort Belle. Belle tells them she's sleepy and the Doctor tells her its ok to sleep. She then closes her eyes. The Doctor scans for life signs but she has died. His wife starts to cry and the Doctor, his wife and Jeffery embrace in a hug.