Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 22

Real Life

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1997 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • The plasma eddy Tom's shuttlecraft is pulled into reuses the CGI footage used for the Badlands in the show's pilot episode "Caretaker".

    • Goof: When B'Elanna and Kes visit the Doctor's family, B'Elanna freezes the program. However, a few moments later, the background shows the the fire still burning.

  • Quotes

    • B'Elanna: (when the Doctor's idealized family gets to be too much for her) If you think that this is giving you an accurate impression of being in a family, you are sadly mistaken!
      The Doctor: I don't understand.
      Kes: They're kind of perfect.
      B'Elanna: They ARE perfect, ridiculously perfect. No one has a family like this, this is a fantasy! You're not going to learn anything with these... lollipops!

    • Paris: (reading from "Women Warriors at the River of Blood") "Rorg turned his fierce eye upon her and B'Nea felt her heart begin to quicken even as her hand went to her dagger. She had intended to plunge it into his throat, but something about him made her hesitate..." B'Elanna, is this a Klingon romance novel?
      B'Elanna: Klingons do have what you might call a romantic side. It's a bit more vigorous than most.
      Paris: I think I'll read it. Maybe it'll give me some ideas about how to make your heart quicken.
      B'Elanna: Its not a technical manual, Tom.
      Paris: Well that depends on what you mean by "technical."
      B'Elanna: To an engineer, that means specialising in particular systems.
      Paris: I think that definition works.
      B'Elanna: Well I can't promise I won't put a dagger in your throat.

    • The Doctor: If I know you, you'll push it to the limit. You enjoy flirting with danger.
      Paris: You know me too well.
      The Doctor: You were undoubtedly one of those children who had to climb the highest tree, scale the tallest cliff.
      Paris: That was me.

    • The Doctor: You're in fine physical shape Lieutenant. You may go ahead and engage in this reckless activity.

    • The Doctor: Your hard head has protected you again, Lieutenant.

    • Paris: I guess all of us would avoid that kind of pain if we could. But most people don't have that choice.
      The Doctor: Well fortunately, I do.
      Paris: Is it so fortunate? You created that program so that you could experience what its like to have a family. The good times and the bad. You can't have one without the other.
      The Doctor: I fail to see why not?
      Paris: Think about what's happened to us here on Voyager, everyone left people behind and everyone suffered a loss. But look how it's brought us all closer together. We've found support here and friendship and we've become a family, in part because of the pain we share. If you turn your back on this program you'll always be stuck at this point. You'll never have the chance to say goodbye to your daughter or to be there for your wife and son when they need you. And you'll be cheating yourself of the chance to have their love and support. In the long run, you'll miss the whole point of what it means to have a family.

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