Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 1996 on UPN

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  • It's Janeway and Chakotay trapped on a desert island.. sort of

    This "Janeway and Chakotay trapped on a desert island" story (with a planet in place of a desert) is a character based episode with Chakotay trying to turn the situation into his own Kirk-like Nexus while Janeway has difficulty accepting the situation.

    With location shooting at the Angeles National Forest (and a spider monkey guest starring as an alien), it's basically a vehicle for a romance story. There are two problems with this idea. A: The writer knows she can't actually have the two do anything more than touch and hold hands, because she knows they're eventually going to be rescued by the ship and return to business as usual. B: The audience knows the two can't actually do anything more than touch and hold hands, because they're eventually going to be rescued by the ship and return to business as usual before the end. Within these confines, the story works okay, with a few good moments; but it would work better if there was another element, perhaps a sequel to "Tattoo", with a Lost flashback sequence interwoven into the narrative that explores more of Chakotay's youth. As is, there's quite a bit of filler instead.

    The B story fares better, with Tuvok facing a near mutiny when nearly everyone on board disagrees with his decision to give up on Janeway and Chakotay. It's rare in Star Trek to see a character like Ensign Kim speak up and vocally undermine the captain right on the bridge. Unfortunately, the whole thing ends too predictable, though it's the only one way it can end.

  • "Looks like some kind of primate!"

    Thank God she's a scientist!
  • A resolution was definitely made...

    6.5 produce a truly dull and uninspiring episode. This is the kind of episode that would fit right into a first season, as all the Star Trek iterations are known for their fair batch of season one stinkers. It is not just the glaring fact that there is ZERO doubt in the minds of the viewers that Janeway and Chakotay will not be permanently abandoned, but it is also the way that the time they spent stranded was devoid of any interesting moments or situations in and of itself that help drag it right down.

    The fact that a monkey is introduced as a possible answer to the contagion, but then is completely not utilized as such begs the question of why even introduce it in the first place. The "research" that Janeway carries out throughout the episode is uninspiring and devoid of any detail that might possible spark interest in the viewer; it would have been an improvement to bring in dubious science to mull over than leave it the way it was presented. At least incorrect or out of this world propositions would give you something to think about or even laugh at. Instead seeing Janeway set-up and tear down traps and carry on about their lack of results serves to annoy and even distance the viewer further from what he is watching (and supposed to be being entertained by!). Discussions over the essential need for a bathtub and the possibility of building and boat and painting the house are just more that could be listed as faults, but I do not want to bore you a second time with what must have been dull the first time.

    What can be posited to be this episodes one saving grace is INTERACTION; more specifically this episode should be viewed as one about interaction between the characters, both on and off the ship as it is the only aspect that actually sparks some interest in the viewer. As was mentioned above, the actual plot of being stranded on the planet is uninspiring, but so is the plot on Voyager of being in danger and fighting the Viddian's. What is instead interesting in both of these plot's is the interaction between the characters that make them up. On the planet it was definitely a shock to see how the writers tamed down Chakotay and made him a supplicating and meek character that seems to be totally at odds with what the core of his character must have been up until the time that he joined Voyager. All the confidence, ambition and leadership that would have been essential in his role as a Maquis leader and guerrilla fighter is missing; missing to such a degree that he comes off as a characatiure of a non-command personality. Even the rare spark of opposition to question orders that we have seen from him since he became the second officer is lacking. Instead Janeway's command and air of authority diminishing from leaving Voyager, it actually seems to grow stronger.

    On Voyager itself it is interesting to see how easily and quickly the rest of the crew, especially the senior staff and commanders, are able to justify to themselves that they have the right to question the new Captain's orders and how any rebellious actions they take would in fact be the right ones to carry out. There seems to be no moral deliberation on any of their parts concerning whether they are justified in displaying such subordinate behaviour towards their new commander. The fact that they are emotionally upset at over losing their Captain and second in command seems to be all the moral justification they need and all the information anybody in the position of command would need in deciding how they should continue the rest of their journey. There could have been a real drama played out if the writers had decided to focus more on the morality of the issue and had Tuvok had stuck to what was clearly the more logical course of action here and had not given into the crew, but even though this angle is not played out to the degree it could have, we are still treated to great interactions and with what we are shown. One note to highlight is that if you have not found Harry Kim to be an annoying character up till this point, it is almost guaranteed that you will after watching this episode. His confrontation with Tuvok on the bridge is a definite high point of the episode and one that will generate feelings toward the Kim character in the viewer, be it positive or negative.
  • Resolutions


    Resolutions was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a very interesting story which had Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay stranded on a planet due to a deadly bug bite. This episode asked many important questions about what we would do in a similar situation. It was neat to explore possible romance for Janeway and Chakotay kind of reminding me of the tension between Jack and Sam from Stargate SG1. My favorite thing about this episode is how Captain Janeway kept it classy. Chakotay is really a great man for what he did for Janeway and for his "Ancient Story" which was kinda perfect. I think the writers and producers did this episode perfectly and at the right spot near the end of this season. It shows how people are full of love and need to share it with others. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty good, but I still don't get the monkey.

    "Resolutions" was an entertaining episode, but didn't really provide much Voyager insight other than that the Vidians still can't be trusted. It was nice to finally see a minor character from earlier make a return (Dr. Pel), albeit a very brief one. It's ok ! Not every episode has to be completely self-contained. The Janeway-Chakotay situation was awkward and I wasn't looking forward to them getting cozy (thankfully, they did not). As for the monkey... why ? It didn't really lead anywhere, and I don't think Janeway needed the monkey to let her know the MASSIVE, Impossible-to-miss storm was on the way. It seemed like an afterthought thrown in to make the episode less depressing.
  • ''Chakotay are you there?'' ....''no i left an hour ago'' still gets me every time!

    well if voyager is consistent about one thing its Plot errors in the form of contradiction, and this ep is another example of 'go with the flow' storylines that do whatever they want (this episode is packed with them)

    Janeway orders Tuvok to take command of voyager and leave her and Chuckles on a planet forever (so much for the 'never leave a crewman behind' rule)

    So we know theres no real threat and this is Janeway and Chakotay bonding episode, its quite good, theres some funny comedy moments, they start to get close and it would have happened eventually between them

    This was a good episode at the time, there had been some chemistry between them and the odd bit of flirting, and back in 1996 there was the whole 'will they or wont they' thing going on which the writers had fun with in this episode

    however the episode isn't as good to watch now looking back, because nothing ever happened with them and the creative direction from season six onwards was so messed up (chakotay and seven - omg) so its kind of a frustrating episode to look back on

    enjoyable tho
  • Chakotay and Janeway are bitten by an insect on an away mission. The insect infects them with an incurable virus. The Doctor can't treat them. So, Chakotay and Janeway will have to stay on the planet.

    Chakotay and Janeway are bitten by an insect on an away mission. The insect infects them with an incurable virus. The Doctor can't treat them. So, Chakotay and Janeway will have to stay on the planet. Janeway gives her farewell speech and leaves Tuvok in command. Tuvok beams down some items they will need to survive on the planet. Janeway while on the planet catches the insect that bit her in a trap. She thinks she will be able to find out how to cure the virus. A storm comes in and destroys her specimens and traps. It may be too late. I rate this episode a 9.4
  • it resembles on of those sud-american series.

    A boooorring episode. Commander Chakotay and Janeway are infected by some virus and have to stay on the surface of a planet, apparently forever. And ofcourse they start to show a amount of afection towards each other. Tuvak remains captain of the voyager. Dispite Janeway's order not to contact the Vidiians for a cure, Tuvak almost falls in a trap. Luckilly Dr. Denara Pel still succedes in sending the cure for Janeway and Chakotay's virus. Just when Janeway and Chakotay are trying to sort out their feelings, the Voyager returns for them. To summarize the episode.. resembles on of those sud-american series.
  • A truly unique episode that could only have been pulled off in the Voyager universe.

    Resolutions is another great episode from one of the better seasons of Voyager. It really gives the characters of Janeway and Chakotay a chance to explore their relationship, one of the most unique command relationships between to officers on any of the shows. I was disappointed that the writers chose not to expand on the relationship Janeway and Chakotay developed during their several months alone on the planet in any further episodes. In fact, in my opinion, Chakotay’s character completely fades away after season 2 and the death of Seska.

    The best part of this episode comes on the planet when Janeway and Chakotay are forced to discuss the boundaries of what their relationship will be once they both accept the fact that they are in fact stranded on this planet for the rest of their lives. And the writers do a wonderful job of not telling us if they decided to consummate their relationship or remain plutonic. And no indication is given as to what their decision was once they get back to the bridge in the final scene, as both maintain the professionalism that has gotten Voyager safely to this point in their journey.

    The episode also serves as a good character piece of the rest of the cast as they get a chance to show their undying devotion to the captain and commander by pestered Tuvok until he turns the ship around and goes back for the duo. Led by Ensign Kim’s desire to save his captain, Tuvok eventually gives into the emotionalism of the crew and makes a tactically unsound decision to contact the Vidiians and get an antidote for the virus that has infected Janeway and Chakotay.

    This is one of the truly unique episodes in the series that could only have been pulled off in the Voyager universe.