Star Trek: Voyager

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 1998 on UPN
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Stardate: 51658.4
While re-fitting Voyager's systems with newly traded weapons, Seven of Nine claims to have been assaulted by Kovin, the weapons dealer.

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  • Let's give Seven a little more credit.

    I'm inclined to believe Seven's account of what occurred. She describes in detail the ordeal she experienced with the alien, and he seems too argumentative to the point of "methinks you protest too much". The fact that Kovin draws a weapon on those investigating the case, beams aboard a getaway ship, and then turns and opens fire on Voyager with intent to destroy them seems to be like he has something to hide and he needs to destroy the opposition. And let's not forget that Kovin exaggerated his interpretation of what occurred when Seven initially struck him. He seems sneaky, manipulative, and deceitful, and too easily blames others for whatever bad has happened to him. I regret that the conclusion was so open ended so that we truly do not know what occurred.

  • Repressed Memories? Please! Seven of Nine's Entire Character Goes on Trial!

    Bryan Fuller is one of my favorite writers. I was extremely disappointed he was responsible for this embarrassment.

    Seven of Nine is ALREADY on the outs with Janeway because of a decision she made earlier which actually saved the crew from the Hirogen. Now, we're expected to believe she is a liar who concocts false memories killing an innocent man? Please!

    The arguments you are going to read here by folks who loved the episode and defend it by saying it was a timely version of "repressed memories" being created by a therapist don't get why this is poor writing. The so-called innocent man flees and even though Janeway communicates that he is no longer a suspect he attacks Voyager and then blows himself up. To me, the actions of a guilty man who got caught.

    Seven of Nine is not a liar and the very idea of making her into one appalls me! Why would she choose to remember that nanoprobes were taken from her and injected into someone else? Why was she fearful of being examined when coming back from the away mission? None of this is explained!moreless
  • Another Blaming the Victim Story-line

    So this was basically a date rape story where the guy acts like he's innocent and persecuted and becomes some sort of accused rapist martyr in the end. The ending made me so angry with the writers... this is NOT in line with Star Trek morals. I thought this would be an empowering episode about how after all that questioning of Seven they finally realized that she wasn't some irrational female making shit up, but was telling the truth.

    There was motive: nano probes would make a great weapon for the guy's sales, and Seven of Nine was an individual without the power of the borg behind her to witness and or stop the bodily harm she endured.

    Seven accused the guy of stunning her with a gun on purpose, restraining her, removing the eye mechanism from it's socket and replacing it, taking nano probes from her arm, and injecting the probes into another person.

    The only evidence that cleared this guy was that the nano probes found in his work area were regenerated and that a photon blast to her hand could have indeed induced a regenerated sample of nano probes. This is illogical because that still doesn't mean that the regenerated nano probes found on the work bench weren't from another person who was undergoing experimentation. Furthermore no one went on a hunt for the other person she remembered was assisting the guy with the experiment, nor was there a search for the other person being injected with the probes.

    All of the memories that she had were specific, and her reaction to this guy touching her was obviously that of someone with post traumatic stress disorder. Seven had not encountered this kind of problem with anyone else.

    The whole episode smacks of sensationalism, victim blaming, lack of a thorough investigation that even a 5th grader could could see was lacking (even when playing Clue you look at all possible perpetrators), and in the end siding with the male (as if HE were the victim), and totally disregarding testimony from a woman without fully examining all possibilities.

    As someone who has been the victim of assaults, I see the story line and wonder why someone would think that a person would create a story in order to see someone persecuted when they don't stand to gain anything from the accusation but a victim blaming accusation fest.

  • Retrospect

    Retrospect was a good episode of Star Trek: Voyager though not one of my personal favorites. I did enjoy watching this episode as it had a decent story and its always fun to watch the characters in action, especially Seven. This episode didn't really have much to do with any larger plot lines and it may have had some minor character development, but nothing ground breaking or necessary. I definitely look forward to watching the next episode!!!moreless
  • You think we would have gotten over this idea a long time ago, Seven thinks she has been violated an innocent man gets accused-the entire plot including the doctors use of a futuristic equilivant of hyponsis is terrible and idotic -what were they thinkingmoreless

    this is possibly the worse episode of the seriers hence why im writing this review. first seven think she's been violated and borg tech stolen then they have and investigation and a chase the standard long series of dialog about things and in the end it turns out seven was projecting her emotions about the borg onto the hapless idot who dies unfortuanly it all makes no sense first why was seven would project and remeber and also why she started to also the memories were realy specific showing precice procedures it should have been more of she didn't know what they were doing also him turing out innocent is a poor attemtp at a plot twist the entire thing nets the crew zero of anything and they came to this planet to get weapons instead the nice new cannon doesn't make an apearence ever again even though they bought it and were installing it if you don't watch this episode your missing NOTHING it detracts form the rest of the seriesmoreless
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