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  • annoying voyager

    I just finish watching watching voyager and I'm glad that I didn't waste my years watching this crap when it first came out. Janeway annoying , ensing kim every show I wanted him to die. Neelix would have gone out an airlock if I was on the show. It was the same scenario every week. Who wrote this crap. 11 year old kids. Example, our sensors can't pick up any readings, well let's get closer, oops. Were caught in an ion storm. What do we do now. Oh my. At least picard was smart enough to send out a probe. The sensors couls pick up a fart in. Storage bays, but when there was an alien life form the sensors never worked. The best thing that save this show was seven of nine. She kept telling the captain off. If seven had not been introduce, this show would have been bigger crap. To bad there wasn't an offshoot of SEVEN OF NINE. Oh they couldn't do that they would have to bring in. A 14 year old to write the script.