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  • Only once.

    Only once had I ever cared for a show as I had cared for voyager. As I am writting this (in the year 2012!!) I am 16 and was born in 1995. meaning I was born the year the show began! Obviosly I was not old enough to watch nor comprehend the material the show had given but, as I grew up my mother told me of a large franchise for a splinded show called Star Trek: The Next Generation. At the time I though this was some lame show about astronomy, and had dismissed it as lame and uninteresting. Yet that EXACT same day I found myself on Netflix watchin Star trek and hadn't fallen in love with it as my mother had said she had when I was an infant. Despite my normal nature to "lose interest" I keep looking for a intersting Star Trek show, and thats how I found ST: VOY. I loved everything about it! for the female captian (and as I learn the only one who had a SHOW devoted to the travel of HER and HER ship & crew!), the ship itself I even loved! after episode 3 you could say I was hooked! FOR LIFE!!! another example of how the show can reach people of ll ages and age groupes!