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  • Brilliant Show

    To be fair. There are also a lot of things that I do not like about the show. But let me begin with the pros:




    Progress: With DS9 left to watch (I will not be watching "Enterprise") So far, voyager is better than The Original Series and TNG.

    Janeway: I love this character. Not only for her acting skills, but also the personality of the character. Definitely the best captain so far.

    Tuvok: A perfect choice for a security officer. Although his acting may not seem like much, it certainly struck a chord with me.

    Doctor: The perfect replacement for DATA. Better in someways. DATA was a childish character in comparison. Certain aspects of the Doctor seemed hard to digest (for example, he falls in love in one episode). Overall, especially as an actor, I preferred this one to DATA.

    Attention to details: There is a system of internal controls far superior to what existed in TNG. Meaning, these characters think before they act. They give a few words of reason, before they do something. I remember, many-a-times, grinding my teeth in frustration as I watched the incompetent actions of the crew in TNG. This one had far less of those situations.




    The useless cast:

    I'm 3 seasons in so far and I already find the following characters to be completely replaceable, starting with the worst


    -His girlfriend (notice how I didn't bother remembering her name here)

    -The Navigator Paris

    -Kim (this one's purpose on the ship is most questionable)

    -The engineering woman (this one is borderline. I must say, she looks better as a half alien than as a full human)

    These characters proved least effective at raising any emotions so far. In fact, except for the engineer woman, I find the rest, downright annoying.

    I can't think of any other CONS right now. Guess I'll edit this when I'm done watching the show.

    For shows in it's time, I'd give

    The Practice: 9.5

    Law & order: 8.0

    Compared to the previous series

    TNG: 7.0

    Original series: 6.0