Star Trek: Voyager

Season 6 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1999 on UPN
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Stardate: 53263.2
After being attacked and later revived, Tuvok develops new interests, displays emotion, and befriends Neelix.

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  • Riddles

    Riddles was a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of good character development for Neelix and Tuvok. The aliens in this episode were pretty interesting and I wish we could have learned more about them. Neelix is a great character as is Tuvok and it was great to see them develop a real friendship in this episode. I liked the ending of this episode and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!moreless
  • Try as hard as you like, but Neelix is just plain annoying.

    Another attempt ot create an odd couple episode around Neelix & Tuvok. Not quite a failure, but not quite a success either.

    There are good performances by most of the cast, in particular Tim Russ gets to show off, but alas, there is nothing you can do with Ethan Phillip's Neelix. No matter how much the crew say how valuable he is I just don't see it. He may be a competent cook (although the crew complain about his cooking), he may be a great trader (but he got sold not just a pup but a whole litter in "Alice"), but now we're to believe he's a psychotherapist.

    As the Doctor says "If anyone can provoke Mr Tuvok..."

    There are some nice pieces in this, but they all are away from the central dynamic we're supposed to care about. Our Alien X-files style obsessive is nicely observed, and has the right balance of ability and flakiness.

    On a final note, we're told that when a Vulcan loses control of his emotions he becomes violent & dangerous. Not Mr Tuvok. He becomes a pastry chef. Not convincing, is it?moreless
  • Tuvok's mind is injured as the result of an attack, and he is left with a childlike mind, and even worse, emotions.

    This episode is a chance for Tim Russ to step outside of the confines of his Vulcan alter ego. Tuvok is attacked by an alien and his mind is affected. He is scared and confused. He looks to Neelix for safety and comfort.

    Tim Russ does a good job of portraying the emotions that Tuvok might display if he were to have the mind of a child. He is completely opposite of the Tuvok that is a starfleet officer. This new Tuvok has no place on Voyager.

    It is interesting to watch Neelix in this episode. Neelix seems to latch onto Tuvok with something similar to desperation. Neelix has taken it upon himself to help Tuvok through this transition. Neelix can easily relate to Tuvok now. At this point, neither of them serve a real purpose on Voyager. Neelix has found someone with whom he can relate to. Someone that he can mentor. A friend.

    This episode is as much about Neelix as it is about Tuvok. By the end of the episode Neelix is clearly torn by his desire for his "new" friend, and the officer that he knows that Voyager needs.moreless
  • Neelix and Tuvok are returning from a diplomatic mission in a shuttlecraft. Tuvok picks up readings of a cloaked being within their shuttlecraft. He scans it with a tricorder and is attacked. Neelix helps Tuvok, thus saving his life.moreless

    Neelix and Tuvok are returning from a diplomatic mission in a shuttlecraft. Tuvok picks up readings of a cloaked being within their shuttlecraft. He scans it with a tricorder and is attacked. Neelix helps Tuvok, thus saving his life. Tuvok is rushed to sickbay, he is suffering from neuroleptic shock. The Doctor is able to stabilize Tuvok's lifesigns, but unable to restore his consciousness. Neelix is worried about Tuvok, and stays by his side while he is unconscious. Neelix is able to bring Tuvok back to life. Tuvok is still not his self. Maybe Tuvok needs a little time. I rate this episode a 9.3moreless
Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

The Doctor

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran

Robert Beltran

Commander Chakotay

Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips


Tim Russ

Tim Russ

Lt. Commander Tuvok

Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan

Seven Of Nine

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    • Neelix: You said things like 'Mister Neelix, please contain your exuberance.' And, 'Mister Neelix I have no desire for fun.' And you never smiled. You have a much better sense of humour now.
      Tuvok: I like to smile.
      Neelix: Me, too.
      Tuvok: I don't want to play Kal-toh anymore, or meditate, or work on logic problems.
      Neelix: You don't have to.
      Tuvok: What can we do instead?
      Neelix: Whatever you want.
      Tuvok: Teach me things that you like to do.
      (scene cuts to the mess hall)
      Tuvok: Here we are, a triple-chocolate wiki fruit sundae with warm fettran sauce.

    • (Neelix is playing a Vulcan chants in sickbay in an attempt to wake Tuvok)
      Neelix: You said I was supposed to stimulate his senses.
      The Doctor:I said stimulate them, Mister Neelix, not annihilate them.

    • Neelix: Okay, here goes. A lone Ensign finds himself stranded on a class L planetoid with no rations. His only possession, a calendar. When Starfleet finds him twelve months later, he's in perfect health. Why didn't he starve to death?
      Tuvok: It is a theoretical possibility that such planetoids contain hot water springs, which could sustain the man for several weeks.
      Neelix: But not for a whole year.
      Tuvok: I concur. Logic dictates that the Ensign in question would perish.
      Neelix: Aha, ha. I stumped you. As a matter of fact, he not only survived, but his belly was full. Why? Because he feasted on dates from the calendar.

    • The Doctor: If anyone can provoke Tuvok, Mr Neelix, it's you.

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    • The Doctor: The Vulcan brain: a puzzle wrapped inside an enigma, housed inside a cranium.

      This is a paraphrase of a comment made by Winston Churchill in reference to Russia: "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."