Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1997 on UPN
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Stardate: Unknown
While on an away mission to help a planet being bombarded with asteroids, Neelix comes up with a dangerous plan to re-establish communication with Voyager. However, he is pushed to the limit when Tuvok's negative attitude toward him becomes too much to bear.

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  • Rise

    Rise was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character development for both Neelix and Tuvok. The story was well written and the actors were at their best. There was action, drama and intrigue as well as humor and some serious moments. I loved it when Neelix spoke his mind to Tuvok and also the last scene of the episode where they battle for the last word. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Certainly not the epic cliffhanger two-part episode, but there has to be something between these, doesn't it? And this is the best kind of "something" we can wish for.

    A friendly race is decimated by a series of asteroids bombarding the planet. Voyager agreed to help, but they soon find the task harder than it seemed. To bring the mystery up a level, someone from the surface announced critical discovery regarding the asteroids.

    I still don't get why Kes parted with Neelix and I think it's a major flaw in the story. Kes dumped Neelix while beeing possessed by an alien, there seemed no reason at all why she wouldn't resume their relationship at the end of that episode. Well, I like Neelix a lot and I am happy he gets something in exchange for the wrong turn in his love life - that is, he manages to be more useful than just a cook and entertainer.

    Tuvok and Neelix seem like the ideal duo for a bit of comedy and character development. In fact, they are probably the most opposite characters aboard Voyager. Seeing them cooperate when they crash on the planet and try to use a broken orbital lift to return to Voyager was really nice. The paranoia aboard the lift created a very tense situation, and so did lack of air. Noone knew what was actually going on, until a few of the planet locals started to act suspiciously. Noone, even the audience, which is always a great thing.

    After a tough ride and a few twists, they manage to get back to Voyager, along with some vital information about the asteroids and unknown enemy attacking Voyager. Just in time to save the day. Neelix got some experience from a real mission and Tuvok showed us he isn't actually so unemotinal as he tries to be - for example, his need to say the last word in a conversation was really funny to watch.moreless
  • The “Voyager” crew is helping the Nezu. It seems asteroids are coming right for the Nezu homeworld. The “Voyager” crew is able to break up one of the asteroids. It is not enough to help. The fragments make it to the planet surface causing damage.moreless

    The “Voyager” crew is helping the Nezu. It seems asteroids are coming right for the Nezu homeworld. The “Voyager” crew is able to break up one of the asteroids. It is not enough to help. The fragments make it to the planet surface causing damage. Dr. Vatm, a Nezu astrophysicist claims that the asteroids fragments are artificial. Janeway not having many options due to the atmospheric interference, decides to send three shuttlecrafts to the surface to find Dr. Vatm. Tuvok and his away team manage to find Dr Vatm. There is a problem the shuttlecraft has been badly damaged.moreless
  • Better than some.

    I thought this was a very underrated episode of Star Trek Voyager. For one, it had some decent acting and the confrontation between Neelix and Tuvok was really an entertaining and interesting development. I think that for the most part, the episode was really good. I especially liked the storyline and the plots as well as the writing. The acting from the guest stars was just okay, but that didn't ruin things. My favorite aspect was when Neelix finally told Tuvok his true feelings about his thoughts and went crazy. I was actually surprised that it took 3 seasons for Neelix to get really mad. Thank you.moreless
  • Another Tuvok and Neelix bonding episode…

    Another Tuvok and Neelix bonding episode…

    For some reason, there are several Voyager episodes dealing with the "conflicts" between Tuvok and Neelix. These are usually very boring since they often magnify the negative aspects of both characters and double their irritation.

    At least the plot line of this episode offers up some dramatic intrigue in the form of planet-stealing aliens, a corrupt official helping the aliens, and finally the murder a local scientist who had uncovered the whole mess. Adding to the suspense is an elevator ride from the surface of a planet and into space. A rather nifty idea in itself even though it looks like something out of one of Paris' halo deck stories.

    Voyager is assisting a planet being bombarded with asteroids. With one of the officials, Neelix and Tuvok take a shuttle down to the surface but end up crashing (which seems to be an all too common fate for Voyager shuttles). There they meet a local scientist who won't cooperate with them at all but seems to have discovered something funny about the asteroids hitting the planet. It does turn out that the asteroids are artificial and are being guiding in by someone.

    The only way off the planet for Tuvok/Neelix and their new friends is a space elevator. Neelix convinces Tuvok that he can repair the elevator and get them through the ionosphere so they can contact Voyager. A subplot will eventually emerge that Neelix's experience with these elevators is limited to working with scale models. Nevertheless, Neelix does get the darned thing off the ground.

    During the assent of the elevator, things start to go wrong and get pretty preposterous. The scientist is killed but dies claiming there is something on the roof of the elevator. Neelix badgers Tuvok that they need to find whatever is out there on the roof. Neelix bases this on his instinct. Tuvok relents (despite his better Vulcan judgment) and goes out on the roof where he does find a hidden device. This device contains technical data on the planet-stealing alien's starship.

    The traitor who had killed the scientist follows Tuvok up on the roof and kicks him off into space. However, Tuvok is shortly seen clinging to the side of the elevator waiting for the commercials to end and Neelix to rescue him by opening the main door. They continue their journey up in the elevator and contact Voyager. The technical data in the device is used to chase away the planet-stealing aliens. It all sounds very exciting but has more plot holes in it than the Earth's diminishing Ozone blanket...

    First, why would the scientist hide his key research on the roof of the elevator? Secondly, during the assent there is a problem with the air in the elevator and when Tuvok decides to go out he does so because he is better able to breathe the rarified air. Nevertheless, he's soon followed outside and shortly thereafter the main door is open so everyone gets to breathe the rarified (presumably thin) air. Thirdly, wouldn't Tuvok, being somewhat telepathic, have been the one to suspect that the claim of something important being on the roof of the elevator, was real? Finally, after spending nearly an hour with Tuvok and Neelix together with an occasional scene back on board Voyager, does the viewer feel any closer to either of the two characters or feel that they've finally bonded together? The answer of course is no.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Nitpick: Tuvok is chosen to onto the maglev carriage's roof to check for problems because he can breathe a more rarefied atmosphere at that high altitude. However, a lack of oxygen is only one of the problems he should be facing. The maglev carriage is stated as being over 30 km above the planet's surface, so the temperature would be well below zero (on Earth, that altitude would have a temperature of -60 deg Fahrenheit or lower). Add in the wind chill, and Tuvok should be having extreme difficulty in using his tricorder because of numb fingers, and get a severe case of frostbite on his exposed skin (such as his fingers, ears, nose, etc) within one minute.

    • Nitpick: When Tuvok climbs onto the roof of the maglev, the wind is blowing strongly toward the right. Tuvok leans toward the right to counter this, when he should be leaning to the left.

    • Nitpick: During the ascend of the tether, the crew experienced problems with the lack of oxygen. The situation should've gotten even worse, when Neelix opened the door to save Tuvok (and letting most of the oxygen escape).

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Neelix: I've been assigned to Lieutenant Tuvok's team, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to please him.
      The Doctor: Vulcans are notoriously difficult to impress. Mr. Tuvok seldom acknowledges my brilliance.

    • Tuvok: It is illogical to dwell on situations beyond your control. It will only serve to heighten your anxiety, which, if I may say so, is heightened enough.
      Sklar: Oh. Well, thank you for the reassurance.

    • Lillias: Where are you going? You don't even know what you're looking for.
      Tuvok: I am looking for Mr. Neelix's instinct. Perhaps it is marked.

    • Neelix: You always have to get in that last word, don't you?
      Tuvok: I am simply responding to your erroneous statement.
      Neelix: Something tells me you just hate to lose an argument.
      Tuvok: Losing is irrelevant.
      Neelix: See what I mean?
      Tuvok: No. I do not.

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