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Star Trek: Voyager

Season 4 Episode 7

Scientific Method

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1997 on UPN
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Stardate: 51244.3
As more and more of the crew begin suffering from mysterious ailments with each passing hour, Seven of Nine assists the Doctor in learning who or what is causing them, and more importantly, how to stop them.

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  • Scientific Method

    Scientific Method was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager because it blended all the elements that make this show so fun to watch. I really enjoyed this episode as Captain Janeway started acting peculiar due to her headaches and Paris and Torres are confronted by the Captain due to their indiscretion with their relationship. It was awesome to see the Doctor work with Seven in order to find out what was really going on. I thought the story was well written, the actors were great and the the space scenes were beautiful. I like the progress and pace of this season. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • When slight health problems became more severe, the crew found out that when you have a headache so strong it feels like sharp blades drilling trough your head... well, they might actually be there doing just that.moreless

    A great episode with some very nice character development! It came pretty unexpected too. Janeway is getting very sick of her headache and starts to be pretty mean to everyone around. Chakotay becomes older by decades in a matter of hours and Neelix starts to show sign of his relatives from another species. What the heck is going on?

    Seven of Nine and the Doctor manage to scan for phase-shifted beings and find a whole alien crew aboard Voyager, conducting very strange experiments on everyone. Soon the aliens are revealed. They are a group of scientists trying to collect data for medical research. They do not seem to care about health or lives of their subjects, so Voyager tries to fight back.

    Nothing seem to work and Janeway is getting more and more angry and while a crewman dies because of one of the experiments, she jumps to the pilot's seat and launches the ship towards a binary star. The aliens, seeing she isn't bluffing, try to leave, only to be destroyed by the gravitational distortions. Voyager manages to pull trough and exits the binary star system on the other side, lucky to be intact.

    What I really liked in this one was Janeway's new cowboy attitude. Driven by fatique and anger, she seems much more human and realistic to me than her usual self, scolding everyone for not playing by the moral standarts.moreless
  • Janeway starts having bad headaches. Chakotay is drinking coffee in his quarters, when he begins to age rapidly. Neelix is in the mess hall and starts having seizures. The Doctor is concerned and examines a sample of Chakotay’s DNA.moreless

    Janeway starts having bad headaches. Chakotay is drinking coffee in his quarters, when he begins to age rapidly. Neelix is in the mess hall and starts having seizures. The Doctor is concerned and examines a sample of Chakotay’s DNA. The Doctor finds alien DNA marked with microscopic tags. He has Torres take a look at the samples. The Doctor attempts to alert Janeway and his program is shut down. Torres faints and falls unconscious. The Doctor thinks the aliens may still be aboard, so he adjusts Seven’s sensor nodes to match the phase variances of the aliens. It works.moreless
  • Aliens have invaded Voyager. Invisible ones no less, making for an intriguing storyline.

    Aliens have invaded Voyager. Invisible ones no less, making for an intriguing storyline.

    The crew of Voyager are experiencing some bizarre medical conditions. Both Chakotay and Neelix are having their DNA rewritten. Janeway is having horrible headaches. Paris and Torres are chasing each other all over ship like a couple of horny teenagers.

    Torres and the Doctor are about to figure things out when she falls unconscious and the Doctor's program is "deleted." Well, not totally deleted. He puts himself in a halodeck program and communicates with Seven to join him. He adjusts her optical implants to be able to see phase variances. As a result she finds a bunch of invisible aliens following the crew around and performing experiments on them. She eventually captures one.

    Janeway interrogates the prisoner who finds nothing wrong with secretly conducting medical experiments on unsuspecting aliens because the payoff in medical advancements can outweigh the intrusion. Janeway, suffering stress from the experiments conducted on her, is no mood to debate the issue. She simply wants it stopped and is willing to destroy Voyager (including the aliens) to put an end to it. Overall, this extreme resolution seems rushed even with Janeway's heightened stress levels. Defeating the aliens by gaining a technological upper hand is discussed but its failure is only talked about, never shown. As a result, Janeway's extreme options seem contrived.

    Clearly, this story is making a statement about the morality of conducting medical experiments and inflicting pain without consent. It kind of sidesteps the question of whether experiments conducted on aliens have any probative value. Yet, most viewing this episode would conclude that the ethics of these aliens is completely deplorable in any context.

    Finally, Paris and Torres confront the question whether their recent "bad behavior" was caused by the aliens and maybe they should back away from each other. They decide to continue their relationship so that if their feelings were caused by the aliens, then maybe those aliens did leave something behind of lasting value.moreless
  • Hold your head this way Carlotta... this is one of the best episodes of the entire show!!!

    This episode is one wild ride from start to end!

    starts off Paris and Torres are like a couple of teenagers, sneaking around, trying not to be caught. Asking tuvok to keep quiet, Janeway hears and unleashes hell, she hasn't slept in days (even the Dr's massages aren't working)

    but the crew start falling ill, whenever someone gets close to figuring it out they are taken out, its up to Seven of Nine to save the day, and what she discovers (with help from the Doctor) Janeway puts it ..a HOSTILE INVASION FORCE!

    its as if Voyager were one big petrie dish!

    the cliche's and one liners are great in this episode

    the ending is wild, Janeway can't take it anymore and decides to run an experiment of her own (her words) the viewers are there to see the end resultmoreless
Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

The Doctor

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran

Robert Beltran

Commander Chakotay

Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson

Lt. B'Elanna Torres

Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips


Tim Russ

Tim Russ

Lt. Commander Tuvok

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Trivia: According to The Doctor there are 257 rooms on Voyager, including the holodeck.

    • Goof: When Seven goes into the turbolift upon seeing the first intruder, she tells the computer to take her to Deck 5. However, upon leaving the lift, she heads for the Mess Hall, which is actually on Deck 2.

    • Nitpick: While working on one of Voyager's desktop computers, Chaoktay is reading the USS Excelsior log entries from "Flashback". "USS Excelsior" is clearly visible on the screen. This is an extremely unlikely moment for him to be studying a log that's totally unrelated to his present task.

    • Trivia: When Captain Janeway is interrogating the alien in the brig, the position of the workstation has moved from where it is during "The Gift". It used to be next to the hallway door; now it is in front of the holding cell.

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