Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2001 on UPN

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  • Shattered


    Shattered was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode which focused on Chakotay time traveling through rifts aboard Voyager. It was a well written time travel story, great range of characters from Voyager's past and future and there was also a lot of action, drama, and suspense. I liked the ending with the Captain and Chakotay. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Voyager encounters an anomoly which causes different parts of the ship to be in different time spaces. Chakotay tries to fix the ship, by attempting to enlist Capt Janeway. But she thinks they're still in the Badlands, on a mission to capture Chakotay.

    I know some people hate it when you can predict exactly what's going to happen in an episode. But, to be fair, the point of this episode wasn't to surprise or shock you. It was to take you down memory lane.

    We're in the middle of the seventh and last season, I suppose the Voyager folks decided to make this episode to remind us of all the crazy things Voyager went through. And, boy, what a memory!

    First, the whole Maquis-Starfleet thing. Then there were references to the times when the Doctor didn't have a mobile emitter, the episode where the telepathic pitcher plant (or entity, actually) tried to eat them, where the race of telepaths tried to keep them asleep indefinitely, when Capt. Janeway was still engaged to Mark, and lots more. Not to mention the times with the Kazon and Seska when they tried to take over Voyager, the time when the Borg formed an alliance with Voyager, when the ship was invaded by "very large germs", the list goes on and on ...

    I just really enjoyed this episode because it reminded me of all the memories and all the storylines that Voyager's given me.

  • One of the best episodes of Voyager!

    Frankly, this is a great way to do a clip show without being a clip show!

    It would be rather easy to complain about the plot holes and the inconsistencies (exactly how do the future folks pass through the barries to exist as Icheb and Naomi do?).

    However, this episode is pure fun. I really can't complain, I just have a long wish list.

    How awesome it would have been to have seen Kess again. Or how fun it would have been to have a quick scene from one of the novelizations

    I loved this episode.
  • A real good episode on my part. It was a good way to review everything that has happened up to that point.

    This is a good type of episode in a series of any type of genre because it is a flashback through the history of the series. In this case, it is a flashback of Voyager and how it ended up to being what it was at that moment, or 7 years in their journey. It is also a good way to show the audience what has happened in case they missed the beginning. What happens in this episode is that Chakotay is hit by a energy bean from the warp core and it changed his form into a young boy and a old man. Eventually, he finds out later that the whole ship was fractured into different time frames and he has to repair the damage with members from each timeline.
  • Icheb is teaching Naomi Wildman genetics in the cargo bay. Chakotay asks Icheb to keep his beverage hiding place a secret. Chakotay has dinner with Janeway. Voyager gets rocked by a gravimetric force of a spatial rift.

    Icheb is teaching Naomi Wildman genetics in the cargo bay. Chakotay asks Icheb to keep his beverage hiding place a secret. Chakotay has dinner with Janeway. Voyager gets rocked by a gravimetric force of a spatial rift. Chakotay heads to Engineering when the ship gets hit by a plasma beam. In Engineering, The warp coil destabilizes. Torres saves it, but not before the beam hits Chakotay. Chakotay is beam directly to sickbay. In sickbay, Chakotay learns he is in a different time period. It seems as if the space time continuum has been shattered. Chakotay must save Voyager. I rate this episode a 9.8
  • A good episode.

    I thought that this was a solid show to say the least. I liked the writing for this one as well as the acting and the plot. It was also very entertaining to see the storied history of the show throughout a current storyline. Noramlly, these kinds of plots are rather old and done, but it managed to stay somewhat fresh and also very interesting. I must admit that the thing that brought the rating down a bit is the fact that Seven of Nine wasn't featured as much. Overall, I have to say that it was a solid episode. Thank you.
  • It's one of em old clip shows, And yet it isn't!

    Warning the following Review may contain spoilers, i suggest you watch the episode.

    Voyager encounters a strange rift in space, a discharge of energy hits the ship and inadvertantly strikes Chakotay while near an operations panel in main engineering, he is beamed to sickbay, where the Doctor gives him a treatment, when he wakes the Doctor explains that his body was in a state of temporal flux, having a chaotic state of fluctuations (having the kidneys of an old man and the spine of a kid etc things like that)

    When Chakotay leaves Sickbay and heads to the bridge, he finds it the way it was 7 years ago when Voyager was under way having disembarked from DS9
    Janeway regards Chakotay with cold suspicion and places him under arrest, while in the turbolift with two armed security personal, they suddenly dissapear in a flash when they hit some sort of invisible energy barrier, Chakotay happens to be unaffected, he later discovers other area's of the ship are in sync with different times in history, some in the past 7 years, some in the far distant future where Icheb and Naomi are commanding officers.

    Chakotay discovers back at sickbay that he is unaffected by these rifts and can enter one time period fracture and another without vanishing due to the serum the doctor treated him with, he later takes a sample back to the bridge and "kidnaps" Janeway threatening that it's poison then injecting her with it before heading through the force barrier, and then explaining the situation to her, however she is skeptical and suspicious of him, as he was the Maquis captain and this was her before knowing him.

    However she reluctantly agree, they later discover with the help of Seven of Nine (still a drone) that the Ship can be brought back into Temporal sync with a specific period by injecting the Doctors serum into the Bio-Neural gelpacks as they run through-out the ship like a nervous system, then initiating an energy surge which will successfully bring the ship back to the moment before it was struck with the energy discharge, but with area's of the ship featuring hostile obstacles, from the past with the Macrovirus, Borg and the Kazon in Engineering with the treacherous Seska, things will be more difficult than anticipated.

    I rate this episode highly, because it is like a clip show that doesn't suck.
  • 'There are some Barriers they don't cross' ;)

    For some odd reason, a chekotay episode always works for me, and a Time travel episode is always a great episode idea. Shattered is probably my favourite Voyager episode, to me it's the best Time Travel episode in Star Trek ever! But I still have a great appreciation for other time travel episodes. I always love how the show never forgets to give Jainway her old hair style whenever she's supposed to have it. I was glad to see Seven of Nine as a proper borg again, future Naomi, future Echeb, and of course, the kazon and sesca! A truely great episode, thank god they made a time travel episode in the last series before it ended :D