Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 Episode 22

Someone To Watch Over Me

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1999 on UPN

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  • A sweet, funny and well written Seven/Doctor episode

    It's episodes like these that show off the great acting and great relationships on the show, which is what makes Voyager so enjoyable and what keeps me coming back. The scene with the Doctor & Seven singing "You are my sunshine" together was sweet and there were also a lot of funny moments in this episode:
    -Seven observing Tom & B'Elanna's interactions
    -The Doctor's lesson for Seven in the holodeck
    -Seven attempting small talk: "you look beautiful too", "I was a drone", "Borg don't have families they have unimatrices" "our small talk is terminated"
    -Seven picking out a suitable partner, Harry being rejected
    -Seven breaking Lt. Chapman's arm
    And of course the usually moral and dignified alien ambassador indulging himself & Neelix's futile attempts to control him. Lt. Chapman's personality was also a great (mis)match with Seven's character. On another note, the Doctor's line about people not being able to look past Seven's exterior is also true for Seven of Nine as a character. Most members of the anti-Voyager squad tend to take cheap shots at Seven in an attempt to discredit the series. Their basic criticism is that Seven is just a 'hot blonde in a catsuit' used to boost ratings and have teenage boys drooling over. If they'd look past their assumptions based on her exterior they would realize that she is in fact an amazingly interesting & complex character. It is unfortunate that any attractive (usually feminine) female character is regarded as nothing but something to look at by a small portion of people (Troi, Leeta, Seven, T'Pol etc.) and are consequently open to all kinds of criticism. Although most female characters have to work a lot harder to gain the respect of certain male viewers, the overly-attractive ones have it even worse. Anyway a great episode 10/10.
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