Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 11

State Of Flux

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 1995 on UPN



  • Quotes

    • Tuvok: How may I be honest with you today?
      Chakotay: I'd just like to know from someone else who pulled the wool over my eyes. Was I particularly naive, was I not paying enough attention? What the hell was it that let all you spies get by me?
      Tuvok: Like all humans, you depend on feelings and instincts to guide you, and they invariably let you down. But particularly naive? No, Commander, and I've always considered your attention span to be adequate.
      Chakotay: Did you ever see anything about Seska that made you suspicious?
      Tuvok: No. She quite expertly pulled the wool over my eyes as well.
      Chakotay: Well, that makes me feel a little better. Thanks.
      Tuvok: Curious.
      Chakotay: What?
      Tuvok: That my failure, added to your own, should improve your feelings.
      Chakotay: Misery loves company, Tuvok.