Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 1

The 37's

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 28, 1995 on UPN

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  • A fantastic start to season 2.

    After my disappointment with season 1, this opening episode for season 2 was a nice touch. Voyager comes across an old Ford "flying" in space, which leads the crew to a planet not so far away. There they find humans in cryo-stasis units, apparently from 1937, one of them being Amelia Earhart. Why are they there, and who brought them there? There is a originality to the storyline and overall an enjoyable exciting episode.
    The CGI has been greatly approved, as both seen by the pickup truck in space and the landing of Voyager. That landing really was something new and exciting for the crew - and opens up a lot of possibilities in future episodes.

    There were however few downsides. [spoiler] To start with it felt like the story was simply too big for a single episode and might have played better to stretch it to two. Finding the human civilization on the planet but never showing the audience more than 3 of the thousands of people supposedly there was a bit cheap. It was also difficult to believe that Amelia didn't decide to go with the Voyager crew. A woman that always wanted to fly and was far ahead of her time, all of a sudden decided to just stay on this planet instead of exploring the galaxy. We are never told either how that pickup truck came to be in space, or why they didn't pick up on this huge civilization on the planet (some whispers about censor disruptions but not very clear). Furthermore they seem to abandon all investigation into which alien culture brought the humans to this planet 400 years ago. The moral tale here of the Captain having to give people a choice to stay behind is a good one, and something that needed be addressed. I think it might have been more believable if few people from the Maquis would have stayed behind, but at least it was made clear that people had the choice.

    Like I said - good start, and hopefully we will see more like this in this season.