Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 6

The Cloud

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 1995 on UPN

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  • The new series takes a decided tumble with this convoluted mess of an episode…

    The new series takes a decided tumble with this convoluted mess of an episode…

    Hard to believe but after a great opening and three great shows, they serve up this rather horrid story. It's simply impossible to tell what they were trying to do.

    On a plot level, Voyager encounters a nebula which might allow them to collect energy. However, it turns out to be a "space creature" of some kind and they've damaged it. It's bleeding. They have to go back and fix it. Voyager itself has maneuver around in order to be its band aid. It's painfully ridiculous.

    In between the bad plot elements, character development seems to be going by. But, it's terribly inconsistent. Janeway begins by wanting to be more accessible to her crew. Then she wants Chakotay to help her find an animal guide. This is part of Chakotay's Native American belief but it seems very contrived and they end up dropping the whole thing. Neelix starts acting out and yells at Janeway to let him off the ship. Despite Janeway's wanting to be more accessible, she tells him he is dismissed which is Starfleet speak for "get out." Meanwhile, Paris wakes Kim up so they can go to a halodeck bar and hang out with some marginal people. By the time the episode winds up, you can't help but wonder how many faces these characters really wear and which ones we can expect to see/like in the future.
  • A whole episode about uploading to the Cloud! Okay, maybe not.

    This episode dances all over the place, with an A story that takes forever to get going and B and C stories that wander aimlessly.

    The main story features the titular cloud, a Nebula-like thing, which Voyager investigates. After beginning as a mystery, it turns into a medical drama of sorts, but it's a weak story all around filled with more technobabble than substance. To fill out the episode, Paris creates a pool hall and Chakotay teaches Janeway how to find her spirit animal. It's all about as memorable as one of the redshirts from the Original Series, though it is rather funny to see the Doctor give a description of Dr. Zimmerman and jokingly throw out the idea of programming a family, both the subject of future episodes. Truth be told, however, the episode's story lacks much of a story. It does not, however, lack extras, probably because the episode's director, David Livingston, is also Voyager's supervising producer, the guy in charge of how many are allowed for each episode!

  • the plot is cloudish

    weak weak plot, this should be unacceptable in the Star Trek universe, but we see it more often than we'd like to admit...

    maybe it was on purpose so that they could focus on character development, which they did, but there' no better way to get to know a character than by their actions in an engaging storyline

  • Janeway takes the ship into a nebula to replenish the ship's power supply. Members of the crew introduce each other to their recreational activities.

    Having such a thin storyline to work with, telewriters (is that even a word?) Michael Piller and Tom Szollosi figured they might as well use the time to look into how the crew are adapting to being stranded on the other side of the galaxy. Most of it is just filler dialogue ("My, Captain, is that a new shade of lipstick you're wearing?") but there are some humorous as well as interesting bits, the best of which being our first introduction to the Chez Sandrine bar, which would later become the place to be whenever they wanted to avoid building a new set. You may also notice that Neelix acts slightly out of character in this episode. So all in all, if you're trying to get the good side of star trek, skip this episode, or just skip straight to chapter four.
  • The “Voyager” encounters a nebula cloud. Captain Janeway orders the ship inside to explore the nebula. So far in the “Voyager” reaches a force field of some type and comes to a full stop.

    The “Voyager” encounters a nebula cloud. Captain Janeway orders the ship inside to explore the nebula. So far in the “Voyager” reaches a force field of some type and comes to a full stop. When the “Voyager” breaks through and reaches the center of the nebula. The ship is attacked by blue globs which drain the energy from the ship. Janeway orders the ship to reverse course. The reach the same barrier they encounter when they entered. The ship punches its way out. The doctor investigates samples of the blue glob and insists the nebula is a living being.
  • When they are not so busy on board, Voyager is usually at its best.

    I enjoy these sort of episodes, where relationships on board are explored and we get to know the crew. There is so much that could be written, just of normal stuff going on in their day to day job on board Voyager. There shouldn't be any need to constantly be in danger to keep viewers interested.

    Sadly though they mix in with this another identity, and hard to believe that of the first few episodes they have now entered two "nebula" of sort. What is explored here is the confusing state they are all in. Kathryn is struggling with her mixed feeling of leadership. Does being inaccessible almost stand offish serve her here so far away from home. Tom and Harry are wondering similar things, not sure if they should be too friendly with their captain. The friendship of Kathryn and Chakotay is starting to form via their discussion about his animal guide.

    Neelix is a bit more confusing though, as he seems to swing between happy and unhappy within minutes. Lovely episode that allowed itself to look at the crew. Hope there will be many of those.
  • The Cloud


    The Cloud was a superb episode of Star Trek Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of character growth and development and the characters truly make this show great. Captain Janeway is a force to be respected and I really like howEnsign Harry Kim invited the Captain to join him and the other at the end of the episode. The main story about the Nebula was interesting and enjoyed the crew trying to solve the mystery of what was going on and what to do about it. Neelix provided some great comic relief and he is a great character. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek Voyager!!!!!!!