Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 4

The Swarm

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 1996 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: This is the first instance in Voyager of the universal translator failing to recognise an alien language.

  • Quotes

    • Janeway: (as Voyager covertly travels through hostile space) When I was in high school, I snuck out of the house a couple of times late at night. I had to tiptoe past my parents' bedroom- it's kind of how I feel right now.
      Paris: You sneaked out of your house? Where were you going?
      Janeway: (smiling) I'll have to leave that to your imagination, Lieutenant.
      Paris: Can I take a few guesses?

    • The Doctor: You claim you're my friend, but you don't even call me by my name.
      Kes: That's because you don't have a name.
      The Doctor: NO NAME?! That's ridiculous...!

    • Kes: (about the Doctor) He's been studying opera, what's wrong with that?
      Zimmerman: It wasn't programmed to be a tenor, it was programmed to be a physician.

    • Janeway: (to the Doctor) If a crew member came down with a debilitating illness, you'd do everything in your power to make them well again. I think we owe you nothing less.

    • The Doctor: May I remind you that I am in a way, your patient, who's suffering from an unknown, obviously delibitating condition... you would think you'd be a little more sensitive to my needs.
      Torres: You are questioning my bedside manner?

    • Zimmerman: I have pointed out over and over, I am a diagnostic tool, not an engineer.

    • Zimmerman: Look at all this useless information floating around your buffer. Friendships with the crew. Relationships with... women? Do they find you attractive?
      The Doctor: I don't remember.
      Zimmerman: You've filled your memory with nonsense!
      The Doctor: It was only during my off hours...
      Zimmerman: You're supposed to be off during your off hours!

    • Zimmerman: (Shoves B'Elanna out of the way) If you don't mind I can do it faster.
      B'Elanna: (To the Doctor) I can see where you get your charming personality.
      Doctor: Not to mention my hairline.

    • Tuvok: Would it affect your decision if I pointed out that encroaching on the territory of an alien species is prohibited by Starfleet regulations?
      Janeway: No, it wouldn't.
      Tuvok: Captain, you have managed to surprise me.

    • Zimmerman: Well, there's nothing more I can do. Either re-initialise it, or live with the knowledge that eventually this EMH will end up with the intellectual capacity of a parsnip.

    • The Doctor: These women are arrogant, superior, condescending. I can't imagine anyone behaving that way.

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