Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 15

The Void

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2001 on UPN

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  • Captures the Star Trek ideals wonderfully!

    **Spoiler Alert**

    This episode shows what the Federation is all about. Sharing with various species and cultures in peaceful cooperation. It shows how diverse these cultures can be, in not only looks but in idiosyncrasies.
    I think some of the ideas offered in this episode are intriguing and brilliant! The void is a nasty trap and the thought of it exsisting is creepy. Imagine getting caught in one and then before you can figure out what went wrong, you are raided by passing ships also caught in the void!
    I also find the character, "Phantome" and how he begins to use musical tones for a language is inspired!
    I love how all this wonder is wrapped up in a nice warm "Federation" blanket.
    Gene Roddenberry would be proud of this episode!
  • An ultimately triumphant episode that leaves a trail of disappointing character conflicts along the way.

    Voyager is sucked into a desperate world where one must steal and raid other ships for survival.

    Janeway, alone among the crew and the aliens already in the void, stands strong for cooperative ideals, fairness, and the morality of the Federation.

    The script quickly shuffles Chakotay into his traditional role of expressing cynicism and doubts about the usefulness of Janeway's ideals. He's backed up by a few "logic dictates..." from Tuvok. However, after a quick speech about the principles of the Federation, they push over and Chakotay supports her unquestioningly for the rest of the episode.

    Many times throughout this episode, I was struck by how alone and authoritarian Janeway was. She espoused friendship and peace and good moral standards, and it was her way or the highway -- usually with a snide comment on the side.

    There are good arguments to be made for consistently following these moral principles, but I felt that the show failed to make them: instead it just contrasted Janeway's unfailing idealism with everyone else's willingness to take advantage of opportunities (even if the opportunities were somewhat questionable). Luckily, engineering problems were solved at the Speed of Plot, and things started working when they were needed.

    Still, the episode is remarkable for creating a facsimile of the Federation. I liked the little alliance, and I was sad to see the ships split up in the end, with everyone going their separate ways.
  • The Void


    The Void was a perfect episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was well written and the actors were perfect in their roles. The story was engaging and interesting because of the different alien species trapped in the void, the space battle scenes and the way some of them worked together to get out. Janeway sticks to her principles and really showed her skills. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • The USS Voyager enters a void wherein there are no planets or stars and must survive.

    I love this episode. it really showed the strong-will and bravery of Captain Janeway. and also showed her love and care for her crew. she never gave up hope and offered alliance with the other starships that were trapped in the void to help each other to escape and save their lives from being raided by other ships.

    At first, the other ships were hesitant but eventually, considering their life in the void, helped Voyager and theirselves to escape the harshful environment.

    In the end, the USS Voyager was able to leave the void, safe and sound, and returned to her righful track, journeying towards home.
  • Why I can't get enough.

    You do suppose that they are never going to run away, but life does feel like this in many ways. This is excellent episodic science fiction. The idea of being stuck, and being obliged to make compromises that extends one's ability to deal with life.

    7 of 9 does show her humanity too in a graceful way, by feeding this alien from her rations, though she is very robotic she has developed to a much more complex character than the Spark character ever was in Star trek. Also a new alien gets introduced in this episode, who is accepted to have evolved from the void, very cute!
  • Seven cooks a good meal with Neelix's help. The crew seems to enjoy Seven's cooking. Meanwhile, Voyager is sucked into a void in space. There is no easy way out. The meal quickly ends as the senior officers head towards the bridge.

    Seven cooks a good meal with Neelix's help. The crew seems to enjoy Seven's cooking. Meanwhile, Voyager is sucked into a void in space. There is no easy way out. The meal quickly ends as the senior officers head towards the bridge. An alien ship attacks Voyager. The aliens beam a lot of food and some deuterium. Later, another ship wants to help Voyager, but it will cost them more food. Janeway tries to fly Voyager out of the void with the same eddy that brought them in. The plan fails. Voyager needs some help will diplomacy work. I rate this episode a 9.5