Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 Episode 20

Think Tank

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 1999 on UPN

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  • Jason Alexander’s motley crew of geniuses offer to help Voyager solve an incredibly obvious plot twist in exchange for some technology, one of Neelix’ recipes and Seven of Nine!

    This episode is one of the better episodes of the season despite the fact that the Voyager crew is grossly underutilized to instead give Jason Alexander as Mr. Kurros a hefty amount of screen time. This can be expected with a guest star of his fame and ego.

    I must take issue with the fact that Voyager came into contact with a “Think Tank” whose only goal is the collection of knowledge apparently, and no matter the Think Tank’s true intent, Janeway didn’t even consider the possibility of contracting the group to find them a way back to Federation space! Even at the end when Voyager evidently had the Think Tank at their mercy, they just left to resume course back to Earth! That doesn’t make sense to me because they could’ve demanded that they get home before paying their tab and then just stiffed the Think Tank crew if they didn’t want to give Seven up. Janeway was a little more concerned with seeing the Think Tank crew get what she thought they deserved rather than serving Voyager’s best interest: particularly anything but vengeance.

    “Think Tank” also provides a perfect example of how generally underutilized Chakotay is. Toward the beginning, Astrometrics comes up with data on the Hazari in that sector and Chakotay tells the crewmen in astrometrics to send their data to the Captain because she wanted to work on the problem on her own. This to me begs the question, “What about Chakotay’s leadership and battle experience in the Maquis?”. Why would Janeway feel compelled to tackle the problem all by herself instead of, oh, I don’t know… including the second in command in command decisions?! This kind of treatment toward Chakotay just serves to reinforce my belief that the Voyager crew disrespects their Number One. Frankly, I don’t care what the true reason is for treating the character so poorly. Whether it’s the result of Beltran’s bad-mouthing, the studio calling for more sex appeal or anything else. There’s no excuse for it.

    Despite the issues that I had with the episode, it was enjoyable to watch and it was well acted. The characters and situation were well developed though I accurately guessed the third act plot twist at the beginning of the episode. I can't give it any kudos for that kind of predictability in what was otherwise an interesting story. I wouldn’t say it was anywhere close to being one of the best episodes in all of Star Trek, but it was an entertaining episode.
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