Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 Episode 20

Think Tank

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 1999 on UPN

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  • Simply dreadful…

    There's a horrendously impossible plot here about a group of extremely smart aliens (the Think Tank) who go about solving complicated problems for others…for a fee, of course. And, the fee could be as simple as the recipe for soup. Of course, in this case, they want Janeway to turn Seven over to them.

    Couple that with some of cheesiest set designs and "alien make-up" of the entire series and you've got an episode which really asks you to suspend too much belief.

    Start with casting Jason Alexander (Kurros) as the only humanoid member of the Think Tank. He's a great comedian and that should be a tip off not to take anything seriously here. The other members of the Think Tank didn't require a trip to central casting. One looks like a mop floating in a big test tube. Another is just a moaning shadow in a window (somewhat reminiscent of something Ed Wood would do). The third is an "artificial intelligence" which looks like a cross between a floor lamp and a stereo speaker.

    The basic plot involves a group of bounty hunters called the Hazari. These guys were hired by someone to capture Voyager. Business must be pretty good because they got a lot of ships. Too many for Voyager to evade or outrun. Enter the Think Tank to calculate the best means for Janeway to escape, provided she gives up Seven. The reason they want Seven is never adequately explained. Needless to say, the Think Tank were the ones who hired the Hazari in the first place. Janeway learns of this and works with the Hazari to foil the plan of the Think Tank while letting Voyager go along its way with Seven. In a nutshell, Kurros, worried about any Janeway subterfuge, has Seven link with the floor lamp/stereo speaker which in turns allows Voyager to take over the Think Tank's ship remotely, lower its shields, and let the Hazari attack them while Voyager speeds past the whole mess.

    Jump through all those plot hoops, get past the cheesy sets and aliens, and you still end up wondering if anything meaningful was gained by watching this episode.