Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 1996 on UPN

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  • The infamous salamander episode. Run, do not walk away from it. Hopefully, they'll pull it from the DVD and syndication and hope for collective amnesia.

    Voyager's second season saw extreme declines in their scripting and episodes. Fortunately, they'd correct this going into the third season and they'd go on for a total of seven seasons.

    This clunker of an episode sets up a new "physical law" where no one can travel past warp 10. All this time, we thought that star ship design and structure were the constraints.

    Paris and Torres are working for a way around this and Paris takes off on a successful journey. However soon after he returns, he begins mutating. Actually, evolving into a future human. Suffice it that his evolved appearance is downright ugly. When we evolve, can't we become more attractive rather than looking like "The Fly?"

    At any rate, for some strange reason, he kidnaps Janeway and takes her off on another "ultra warp" adventure with him. The crew eventually finds them on a planet where they have de-evolved (or is it still evolved) into a pair of salamanders. And, they've had babies together!!! They're returned to the ship where Janeway makes a comment about wanting to have babies but never expected them with Paris. Now, I'm quite certain, that leaving your genetic material on any pre-warp planet HAS to be some kind of a violation of the prime directive not to interfere with such planet's natural evolution. Who knows? Maybe that planet's evolution path won't create such ugly future descendants.
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