Star Trek: Voyager

Season 1 Episode 4

Time And Again

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 1995 on UPN
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Stardate: Unknown
After being hit by the shockwave of a devastating planet-wide explosion, Voyager investigates. While on the surface, Janeway and Paris are accidentally "shifted" one day into the past.

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  • It's about Time

    This one has quite the concept! Like the previous episode, "Parallax", "Time and Time Again" has some fun playing around with cause and effect; but whereas "Parallax" uses a time distortion (or reflection), "Time" uses time travel. With Janeway and Paris one day behind the rest of the crew, each on opposite sides of an apocalyptic disaster, the episode cleverly weaves its A and B story together by intercutting between the past and the present at the same locations. (It's sort of like the second Lord of the Rings film where the story intercuts between Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli on the borders of Fangorn Forest and Merry and Pippin at the same location the night before). It's an interesting way to integrate the two parts and make every scene matter.

    Unfortunately, the premise, which requires Janeway and Paris to fit in with the aliens, dictates that the planet's culture be just like Earth. It's something other Trek incarnations do once in a while, but for with Voyager being on the other side of the galaxy, it seems out of place and certainly fails to highlight how far they are from home. Perhaps worse, the script attempts to turn Kes is into Guinan, a character with an intuitive sense that goes beyond the limits of space and time. Whoopie Goldberg knows how to pull it off, but Jennifer Lien isn't a good enough actress to make it work. (To make matters worse for Lien, her character's visit to the doctor gives Robert Picardo a chance to upstage her, and he takes full advantage of the opportunity).

    Still, the premise itself is strong, and "Time and Again" has enough interesting to bits to make it one of VOY's better first season episodes.

  • it was meh

    I see I'm alone here, but I found this story dull... the people on the planet were boring, the costumes were too distracting, Kes is crying and that little boy is irritating, so I kinda lost interest half way through
  • Time And Again

    Time And Again was a perfect episode of Star Trek Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a great story dealing with time travel yet again and there was a lot of character development. It was fun watching the crew try to find a way to rescue Captain Janeway and Lt. Paris. They had their own adventure on the planet a day before the disaster. I like these stories dealing with fractures in time and how its all relative etc... because it really makes you think. Kes is developing some new abilities it seems and it was great how The Doctor handled her concerns. Captain Janeway is one of the best female characters in TV history in my opinion. I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek Voyager!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • A great episode. Simply very good Science Fiction and story telling.

    A great episode. Simply very good Science Fiction and story telling.

    Voyager encounters a pre-warp planet recently devastated by a polaric disaster. This is a form of energy which is highly dangerous and some kind of accident has wiped out all organic life on the planet.

    Visiting the devastation, Janeway and Paris fall through time fissures into the planet's past just before the explosion. They try and track down the source. Meanwhile, the Voyager crew figures out a way to open up a fissure for them to return to their own time. Tricky part is to find out where Janeway and Paris are in the past so a nearby fissure can be opened. Hence, a race is on and suspense builds.

    Meanwhile, Janeway learns that something Voyager or its crew did was the original cause of the explosion. She violates the prime directive and reveals to some locals that she is from a starship, visiting from the near future, and a catastrophe is about to occur. Naturally, they don't believe her but they do get her close enough to where the disaster actually will start. The tension continues to build until Janeway and Paris are at ground zero and she sees the fissure being opened by her crew in the near future. This is the source of the disaster. She uses her phaser to shut the fissure down and prevent the disaster.

    This is simply great story telling mixing constantly rising stakes and suspense with some time travel tossed into the mix. It's flawless.moreless
  • Janeway and Paris travel back in time to just before a planet-wide disaster.

    It's unusual that such an amazing episode happened so early in the first season of *gasp* a 4th-generation spin-off. Time episodes are a never-miss in the Trek world, and this one is definitely a hit. In a season of mediocre-at-best episodes, Time and Again stands out as one to watch and re-watch, and is worthy to be named alongside such great Voyager time-travel episodes as Future's End and Shattered.

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