Star Trek: Voyager

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1995 on UPN
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Stardate: Unknown
A spatial distortion ring puts the ship and crew at risk, as it begins to reconfigure the internal layout of Voyager.

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  • Come on let's twist again...

    This episode's premise of shifting locations (which . Rowling would whimsically use later in the 90s in her first Harry Potter book) is the perfect idea for a bottle show. The idea, however, needs something more to sustain interest for the duration of the episode, such as some action, a mystery, or... something. Unfortunately, "Twisted" (another holdover from the first season) lacks any X factor, with the crew figuring out what's going on early in the go, and the story meandering from there.

    Considering they all pair off to wander around like an episode of Scooby Doo, having the cause be more of a mystery would probably be better, with the crew not figuring out what was going on until the last act. In fact, while the old "malfunctioning holodeck" story was something the writers were trying to avoid by the time this episode was being written, if any episode cries out for this sort of device, it's this one. Having Janeway and company discover at the end that they been walking around in malfunctioning holographic replica of the ship (and interacting with holographic crew members), would explain everything in a much more believable way.

    Whatever the case, the episode as is comes off as largely forgettable, with some meaningless scenes thrown in after it was discovered to be running short. However, with the premise making it so unpredictable what's going to be behind the doors or around the corner as the crew moves from place to place, it can be fun to watch the first time. (Will it be the bridge? Engineering? Some half-naked crewman's quarters?) And if the episode doesn't get the milage it should out of the premise, at least it can take comfort in the fact that the first Harry Potter movie doesn't either. Instead of the book's idea of the stairs inexplicably leading to unexpected locations, the movie shows the stairs mechanically moving around, which is less interesting.

  • Kes' 2nd Bday

    I never got why there was so much focus on Kes, she was such a boring character, her telekinetic abilities really underused, I mean, all she ever did with them was to make coffee boil or something like that. Anyways she turns 2 years old in this episode which does not make Neelix pedophiliac like at all, since you know, Kes is 2 now.
  • Twist and Shout

    This is an interesting episode. They crew is lost on Voyager and no matter what they do they can't get things correct. As they plot develops we find out Voyager is caught in a rift that is warping the very fabric of space and there really isn't anything they can do about it. In the end it's up to the crew to trust Lt. Tuvoks logic and just ride the event out.moreless
  • Twisted

    Twisted was a great episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode thought it seemed a bit redundant as the Voyager crew keep encountering incorporeal beings, but perhaps that would be the case out in space. It was cool to see the crew celebrate Kes's birthday, and some of the related drama and intrigue. It was fun to watch the crew seemingly run around in circles. The realization of what happened was really cool and sci fi goodness! I look forward to watching the next episode of Star Trek: Voyager!!!!!moreless
  • Interesting if not pointless.

    In this stand alone episode, the Voyager's layout and geometry is inexplicably altered by a distortion of unknown composition. The crew finds that the layout of the ship is in constant flux, no doors leading where they should. It is interesting watching the crew attempt to both figure out what is going on, and to compensate for the random and illogical geometry of the ship. Although this is an interesting concept, it does leave one with an unsatisfying ending. True to the classification, ultimately "nothing happens". This is an interesting episode which doesn't really advance the character development, or the overall series.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: The crew keeps referring to the phenomenon as a distortion ring, but this is an obvious mistake. Either the senior crew forgets that is space and  a ring (an 2D figure) can be bypassed by going either over or under it, not only by going around it. To be completely surrounded by the distortion, it should be a sphere. After all, this is space, with three dimensions.

    • When Janeway wakes up in the holodeck for the first time, she perceives what the Doctor is saying to her as nonsense. However, his statement is actually reversed speech that says, "I can't analyze her neural pathways."

    • Nitpick: Tuvok encounters the spatial distortion while in command, but cannot alert the crew as the anomaly is interfering with the communications. Then, when he later meets up with Chakotay and Janeway, he talks with them about the anomaly as if they already know about it.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sandrine: If he won't play pool with you and he won't make love to me, then as far as I'm concerned, he can mop the floors!
      The Doctor: Do you see these hands? These are surgeon's hands, created by the most sophisticated computer-imaging technology available. They do not play games and they do not mop floors!
      Sandrine: Then you are fired! I will find a new bartender.
      The Doctor: I really wish you would!

    • Chakotay: Tell me something, Tuvok: what does your logic tell you about navigating a maze that is constantly changing shape?

    • Chakotay: Jealousy's about the fear of losing someone we love. There's no pain greater than that.

    • The Doctor: Ensign Kim. I was just, uh...
      Sandrine: Playing Doctor.

    • The Doctor: How many times do I have to tell you, madam? I'm a doctor, not a bartender!

    • Kim: B'Elanna, what are you doing here?
      B'Elanna: Just tell me something, Starfleet. Where is here?

  • NOTES (5)

    • Robert Picardo named this  as his least favorite from all of the Star Trek: Voyager episodes.

    • This episode is a bottle show, meant to be a budget-saving episode produced at a time when the series was running out of financial resources.

    • The quick pacing and piecemeal nature of this episode meant that five extra scenes had to be written into it, after the rest of the episode had been shot, in order to fill out the episode's duration. Another method utilized to add enough time onto the episode was looping of additional dialogue. According to the unauthorized reference book Delta Quadrant, the installment ran short by about eight minutes, and the small character scenes that were added included at least some of the flirtatious banter when Sandrine is attempting to chat up The Doctor.

    • The episode was also known as "Out".

    • This episode was written and produced as the penultimate episode of Voyager's first season.