Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 Episode 1

Unimatrix Zero (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2000 on UPN

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  • Unimatrix Zero (2)


    Unimatrix Zero (2) was a superb episode of Star Trek: Voyager and I really enjoyed watching this episode and start to season 7. The story was good, the acting was great, and the action scenes were fun to watch. I like seeing the Borg, their ships, and colony. It was fun to watch the Borg Queen try to make things go her way. It was interesting what Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok went through. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok have been assimilated by the Borg. Don't worry The Doctor has give them something that will allow their body to contain its individuality for awhile. Janeway's plan is to find the Central Plexus and download a virus into it.

    Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok have been assimilated by the Borg. Don't worry The Doctor has give them something that will allow their body to contain its individuality for awhile. Janeway's plan is to find the Central Plexus and download a virus into it. The virus will allow all the drones that can visit Unamatrix Zero the ability to retain their individuality long after they have woke up. Oh no, Tuvok is turning into a becoming a full member of the collective. He tries to stop Janeway. It may be too late. Who is going to save Janeway, Torres and Tuvok? I rate this episode a 10.0
  • Back in the days of The Next Generation, and First Contact the Borg were still scary and relentless enemies. This episode of Voyager makes that a thing of the past.

    This has got to be one of the worst episodes of Voyager ever. It started off well mind you with an excellent story idea but the cliffhanger reeked too much of Best Of Both worlds already.

    Sadly that is not the only failing this episode has.

    Last episode\\\'s ending was meant to shock people in the way Deep Space Nine shocked viewers occasionally. But where Deep Space Nine\\\'s shock events were usually felt troughout the whole series or at least a few episodes (such as Nog losing a limb) Voyager does not dare tread there.

    No less than 3 Voyager crew members were assimilated (Janeway, Tuvok and Torres) but none of them are given an ocular implant (never as a Borg without one) or arm replacement. That makes very little sense to me.

    One must also keep in mind that the drug that kept their minds free from the collective kept them concious during the assimilation process. And I find it hard to believe that anyone can \\\"sit\\\" trough something like that without flinching or any other behaviour that would alert the Borg.

    But that is not all. The Borg of course try to control the Voyager trio and they succeed with Tuvok.

    What the heck? Tuvok is always meditating and focusing on his mind. His Vulcan discipline is legendary. For him to first succumb to the Borg is complete nonsense.

    B\\\'Elanna would have made more sense as she already had trouble controlling her emotions. But for some reason Tuvok was chosen.

    Voyager of course notices that Tuvok\\\'s lifesign is becoming unstable and flies in to rescue the away team. The Borg of course fight back using Voyager\\\'s command codes taken from Tuvok.

    So they sent out 3 bridge officers in a situation where classified data could be taken from them without even rescinding their command codes. Very stupid if you ask me.

    Eventually the trio succeed in their mission and Voyager goes to retrieve them. And of course a Borg shere in control of the rebels has to be nearby.

    Both manage to critically damage a class 4 Tactical Cube. In the first part of this episode I was already irked by the fact that Voyager alone was able to take on this vessel.

    Not even the Defiant along with a whole fleet could take out a regular Cube until Picard saved the day. And the Defiant is one of the strongest Federation starships, able to easily take out Jem\\\'Hadar.

    Voyager on the other hand had great difficulties dealing with the Kazon (which were little more than space thugs) with relatively primitive vessels.

    And now I am supposed to believe that Voyager can survive two full out encounters with a Borg cube?

    Of course Voyager retrieves Janeway, Tuvok and Torres and all 3 recover in sickbay which leads to my final (and perhaps biggest) complaint: none of the events in this episodes have any lasting effect.

    None of the crew members have any apparant trouble in recovering from their assimilation. Picard had to recover from it (which was seen in the episode \\\"Brothers\\\". When Nog lost his leg he had to recover from it as well which was not an easy (It\\\'s Only A Paper Moon\\\".

    So why did the Voyager crew members escape that? At least one episode should have dealt with that. But Voyager is not really the Star Trek show to deal with negative consequenses of events that happened in prior episodes.

    Another lasting effect should be the rebellion but it is not mentioned in any subsequent episode of Voyager. It could have been such an interesting story line, this Borg rebellion but alas it is simply forgotten.

    Likewise is Voyager\\\'s part in this. The Borg do not once try to assimilate Voyager. In Season 4, the Voyager abduct a Borg, in Season 5 they steal a Transwarp coil and infiltrate the unicomplex and now their part in this rebellion.

    But the Borg just let them get away with this while assimilating them would have required a single cube which would be well worth the effort given the probability that they would once again interfere with the Borg.

    In short all that has happened in this episode is forgotten by the time the next one airs which really diminishes this episode and drags it down even further.

    There were some good parts, such as the space battle (which are always nice to see) but the bad by far outweighs the good.

    In closing, I can say that a load of glaring errors and lack of follow up in subsequent episodes makes this a poor episode indeed.
  • What do we get from this? I'm confused…

    What do we get from this? I'm confused…

    The cliffhanger left Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok as assimilated drones. As this story begins, they are assimilated but not part of the collective. The meet and battle their way forward so they can unleash their nasty nanovirus and theoretically protect those Borg mutants who are able to reside in Unimatrix Zero during regeneration. The virus was supposed to protect them from discovery and allow them to retain memories of Unimatrix Zero after regeneration.

    Yet, in this storyline, the virus seems to sever them from the collective meaning the Borg Queen can pinpoint the ships they are on by voices going silent. She then proceeds to destroy those ships (along with thousands of drones) in order to kill a few of the "severed" drones.

    The battle then seems to require the participation of the "severed" drones taking over their ships and helping Voyager. And, the Borg Queen has a plan to unleash a modified nanovirus in Unimatrix Zero which will destroy all the drones now "severed" from the collective. In what is supposed to be deceptive way, Janeway decides Unimatrix Zero must be destroyed and Voyager/Seven begin destroying it. They are successful and Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok are rescued and "de-Borged."

    What's confusing is whether the Borg Queen won't simply continue to hunt down the "silent" drones and execute their entire ships? So what has Janeway gained?
  • exiting as hell!

    This episode, like the first part, has a lot of plot holes. many of them have been discussed by a rewiewer earlier and in the in the trivia section. i agree with these, im espessially sad about (like i wrote on part one) that the borg seems to become dumber and dumber with time. from being a really cool and hard ass species in TNG and first contact, here they are, well...not that smart. why, oh why, havent they assimilated Voyager allredy? they have had 3 seasons to send one lousy shipt to take them by now.

    ok, ´nuff complaining! the flaws discussed here and in my last review really hurted the first part, but i must say that i dont think all that much about it in this part! it is so damn exiting! even now when i see this for the 3:d or 4:th time im on the edge of my seat. its well done, exiting, well written (except for the plot holes...)and well acted. i think this is top 5 on my Voyager rankinglist, and probably top 10-15 on my all time ST rankinglist.
  • This episode features a new view of BORG regeneration time. It shifts them to a virtual reality, which they refer to as Unimatrix Zero. While visiting Unimatrix Zero, we learn of an underground borg movement, which only exists in the virtual world.

    The crew developes a plan which results in freeing the minds of numerous borg drones. The individuals then mount a resistance within the collective. Janeway, Tuvoc, and Torres being assimilated and then depending upon the aid of these free drones to be returned to Voyager, begs the question - what happened to this resistance movement prior to Endgame? Although it is much to late, I would like to this senario revisited. The borg continue to visit regeneration chambers, and there continue to be new drones assimilated, so why wouldn't the drones seek a new virtual refuge? The episode as whole was great, and I wouldn't change a thing. I just ask for more.
  • Well, I did like this episode... and Part one of this two-parter, but....

    Personally, I think that if Seven had not needed her alcove by this episode, she wouldn't have been a security risk in the first place.

    She's been a security risk while regenerating before ... and was again in the finale... and she could have been weaned off regenerating long before this point. Season Four's 'Year of Hell' showed that aspect of it, in fact. Othwerise, Seven would not have had a roommate... not unless she'd had another way of regenerating then...

    Personally I think that Seven didn't want to regain her humanity, even at this late date. But then, upon knowing her true relationship with Axum, she's getting to see what she could really become...
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