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Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 Episode 25

Worst Case Scenario

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 14, 1997 on UPN
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Episode Summary

A holo-novel is discovered in the computer banks, in which Chakotay raises a Maquis mutiny on Voyager. Then, when Paris and Tuvok discover that the program has been altered, they and the Voyager crew must race to stay one step ahead of a holographic Seska.

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  • Worst Case Scenario

    Worst Case Scenario was a perfect and awesome episode of Star Trek: Voyager. I enjoyed watching this episode because it went from being a fun indulgence to serious sci fi action as Tuvok and Paris become trapped by a dormant sub-routine in a holoprogram. I thought the story was well written and the characters had some really great development. I liked when Captain Janeway told them she couldn't wait to see if her character would come through and save the day. Episodes like this where the characters poke fun at themselves a little bit are always endearing. Captain Janeway proved to be a great leader yet again. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Simply a great, well-told story… Suspense rises constantly and evenly throughout the episode both holding interest and propelling the story.

    Simply a great, well-told story…

    Suspense rises constantly and evenly throughout the episode both holding interest and propelling the story. Torres is approached by Chakotay to be a part of a mutiny against Janeway. It seems a lot of Maquis and Starfleet aren't happy with the way she's running things.

    Janeway leaves the ship with Tom Paris and the mutiny begins. Just as the unaligned crew is being given the option of joining the mutiny or being put of the ship, the holodeck program ends. There is no real mutiny.

    It seems Torres has only found a compelling holonovel and is enjoying it. She shares the secret with Tom who also tries out the story, again playing the crew member approached by Chakotay to join the mutiny just before Janeway leaves the ship.

    Pretty soon, a large number of the crew is enjoying the novel but find it is an unfinished work. Janeway learns about it. Tuvok confesses he wrote it as a potential training program not as a holonovel.

    Janeway believes the novel should be finished for moral purposes. Tuvok refuses but Tom takes up the charge. Tuvok isn't happy with Tom's proposed changed. They agree to collaborate. But, as soon as Tuvok opens the narration file, a different program, one written by Seska, starts unfolding. This program takes the transporters off line, rigs the holodeck to explode, and takes off the holodeck safety protocols. Her expressed desire, to kill Tuvok and whoever else is on the holodeck at the time (which happens to be Tom).

    Meanwhile, the Voyager crew is powerless to shut the program done. Janeway, noting the narration file is open, starts making minor program changes to help out Tuvok and Tom. Seska's program though proves pretty intuitive and counters her moves. Eventually, Janeway "out programs" Seska and rescues Tuvok and Tom.

    The compelling thing about this story is the way it unfolds. We don't know right way we're seeing a holodeck program. This is revealed to us at just the right time. Then, we learn it's not a completed story. It's somewhat of a strain listening to Tuvok and Tom arguing about storytelling, characters, and etc. which makes Tuvok agreeing to collaborate seem contrived. Still it works. Also, the shift to the Seska program is totally unexpected and suddenly the stakes rise to an entirely different level Overall, very enjoyable with just the right pacing.moreless
  • Entertaining stuff.

    While I was watching this episode, I have to admit that I was very much entertained. The plot was very interesting and it was really unique regarding holodeck storylines. Tuvok makes a program where Chakotay leads an uprising of Marquis members taking over Voyager. I think that the episode was very good and it had a very nice storyline, good writing, good acting, and some great twists. It surprised me when Tuvok couldn't control the program and when he and another were trapped inside of the program. Overall, this was a good episode that had good moments and was really interesting. Thank you.moreless
  • Torres discovers a holosuit program in which the Maquis stage a mutiny, Seska returns for one last attempt to get even with Tuvok

    I really enjoyed watching the members of Voyager play out a mutiny. Tuvok and Paris attempt to create an ending, but they are caught on the holodeck by Seska, who found the program before jumping ship. This is a great excuse to bring back a character who we thought was dead, and therefore I thought her return was impossible. Leave it to the writters or Star Trek to prove me wrong. I also enjoyed the plot twists, I always love holodeck episodes, anything can happen. The best part of the episode was of course Paris holding a phaser up to Paris... hilarious!moreless
  • Janeway and Paris leave the ship on an away mission. Chakotay is left in command. Chakotay initiates a Marquis takeover of the ship. With Torres’s help he is able to successfully take over the ship.moreless

    Janeway and Paris leave the ship on an away mission. Chakotay is left in command. Chakotay initiates a Marquis takeover of the ship. With Torres’s help he is able to successfully take over the ship. He informs the crew that there is going to be some changes. Federation rules no longer apply. Don’t worry this is a holodeck novel, Torres has found. She tells Paris and he sees for himself. They bring their findings to Janeway. Who wrote this program? We find out in an officer’s meeting. It is Tuvok. Janeway suggests playing the holodeck novel out.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: Voyager's shuttles possess an independent transporter system. This begs the the question as to why the crew do not use the shuttle's transporter while Voyager's is off-line?

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Paris: (interrupting B'Elanna's "Mutiny Alpha" holoprogram) B'Elanna, what's going on, here?
      B'Elanna: Computer, freeze program. Are you in the habit of just walking in to people's private holodeck time?!
      Paris: Well, it's not as if I caught you dancing the rumba with a naked Bolian.

    • Seska: (over the comm) Seska to Tuvok. I know you can hear me.
      Paris: Oh, terrific.
      Seska: I just wanted to remind you that wherever you go, I'll find you.

    • (Paris and Tuvok head to the holodeck to work on the holonovel, and encounter The Doctor)
      The Doctor: Ah, there you are. I have several brilliant ideas for upcoming chapters of your holonovel, as well as a list of revisions and dialogue changes that I believe will improve the earlier installments.
      Paris: I don't believe this.
      The Doctor: No thanks are necessary. In addition, I'm prepared to offer my expertise in the creation of holographic mise-en-scene.
      Tuvok: Computer, override the EMH program's autonomous controls and transfer him back to Sickbay.
      The Doctor: Now, wait just a min-- (He is cut off in mid-sentence as his program is transferred back to Sickbay)

    • (the senior staff are talking about the mutiny holonovel)
      Janeway: Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, I want each of you to talk to your staff, and find out who our anonymous author is.
      Tuvok: That won't be necessary, Captain. I am the author of the program in question.
      Paris: You, Tuvok?
      Janeway: I never knew you had literary aspirations.
      Neelix: Not to mention talent. What a story!
      Tuvok: I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding. The program is not a holonovel. It is a tactical training scenario. (to Janeway) When you first invited the Maquis to join our crew, I believed that mutiny was a very real possibility. With that in mind, I began to write a training program for junior security officers, to prepare them for such an eventuality.
      Paris: But you never finished it.
      Tuvok: No. As the two crews began to work together I concluded that the threat of an insurrection was increasingly unlikely. I realized the program itself might exacerbate the very conflict I sought to avoid. Therefore I deleted the scenario, or so I believed.

    • Tuvok: Computer, reinitiate the holographic program entitled Insurrection Alpha, security clearance Tuvok 4774.
      Computer: The program has been reinstated.
      Paris: The first thing we're going to change is that title.

    • Chakotay: (about the next holonovel) I don't care what kind of story it is, as long as I'm not the bad guy this time.

    • B'Elanna: (to Tuvok and Paris) Listen, I don't know which one of you is writing this thing. All I'm saying is that there is room in every good story for a little bit of passion.
      Paris: You know, maybe you're on to something. I could add a steamy love scene between the Starfleet conn officer and the Maquis engineer.
      B'Elanna: (very sarcastically) Oh, that's realistic.

    • (to Tuvok and Paris)
      Seska: The holodeck is now sealed. Your friends will find it very difficult to get you out of here. And the safety protocols are off, which means, if I shoot you - and I am going to shoot you - you'll die. But not just yet. You've got ten seconds to run.

    • B'Elanna: Artistic differences?
      Tuvok: I would hardly call Mr. Paris's ideas artistic.
      Paris: Apparently my instincts don't comply with Vulcan dictates of poetics.

    • Holo Chakotay: (speaking about Tuvok) I don't know about you, but when I think about spending 70 years on the ship with that guy it gives me a headache.

    • (while Paris and Tuvok are leaving sickbay after being attacked by the Doctor)
      Paris: Ah, just great. Maybe we can go to the mess hall now and let the holographic Neelix burn my arm with a frying pan.

    • Janeway: With all due respect Mr. Tuvok, loosen up.

  • NOTES (1)